Hayabusa's Dawn of Defiance: Chapter I: The Traitor's Gambit - Page 108
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    As Mack heads towards his quarters, he can see that there are a few pretty women aboard the Resurgence. He is also able to find his new quarters with ease, a few decks directly below the ship's bridge at the fore of the ship. This must also be where the other members of the team are staying.

    At the quartermaster's office, Mack is able to get pretty much all of his requests for sale. The quartermaster is kind of strict on it, since the majority of their munitions are low in inventory.

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    Waiting for Sloor to work his magic, Mack helps as best he can.

    He gets his blaster rifle upgraded for better accuracy, they get a good deal on a Computer Interface Visor, and he sells his targeting scope. He selects a bandolier and some grenades.

    When it is all done, he has spent 3000cr, but got back 50cr for his targeting scope. He also pays off his debt owed to their benefactor. Checking the balance on his cred stick, there is 1657.5cr.

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    Mack Granger CS

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