4E [D&D 4e] IG's "Those Left Behind, Chapter 4" Character Records
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    [D&D 4e] IG's "Those Left Behind, Chapter 4" Character Records

    Attach character records here, please. A PDF from the Character Builder would be great, otherwise just post a legible statblock. It is imperative that you include your character background along with your sheet.

    Please, do not post anything other than your character sheet in this thread.

    Chapter 4 OOC

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    Shaimon Hu'u, Human Beastmaster Ranger / Multiclass Druid

    PDF attached.


    Shaimon's tribe, the Tchant'cos Mer
    The Northern Barbarian Wastes are known for their harsh climates and harsher living. The tribes survive on weeding the weak from the strong. Ritual combat chooses each tribe's leaders, and annual challenges between the tribes establish the region's power structure. It's a tradition spanning back as far as they remember, and assuring that only the hardiest stock leads and produces the next generation.

    At least, that's the story.

    Certainly the power structure of the region is established by strength, but the Tchant'cos Mer, ruling tribe for generations, uses a strength for which their brethren have yet to find a counter: commerce.

    Once they were no more than a nomadic scouting people scoffed at for not having the power to conquer and hold their own land. But while they couldn't stalk down a bear with only a hunting knife, they were especially good at laying traps. And eventually they laid those traps along the only trails out of the northern peninsula and into the more resource-rich southern lands.

    Now only Tchant'cos Mer tribesman can safely traverse the trade routes south, and with their increased power and influence, soon all trade routes in the northern peninsula fell under their control, as well. It's become impossible for the brute tribes who previously lead to survive without the help of their 'lesser' kin.

    So the ritual combat and annual challenges continue, and there's even an uncertainty to where many tribes will fall in the hierarchy. But the Tchan'cos Mer champion is always from the family with the greatest trade influence in his own tribe, and no one in the other tribes dares topple a Tchan'cos Mer champion.

    Notable NPCs
    Marius Reddlehare: barkeep at The Blue Oak Inn, Thorndale

    Marshal Ternsval: missing townsperson, Thorndale
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    Block Shayuri

    Made some changes to the DDI file to reflect new options made available since this project started. Should be a final draft unless someone has a last-minute suggestion or error correction.

    I added the Battle Staff +2 to fill in for the

    Staff of the Walking Dead, Level 9 (4,200 gp)
    Enhancement: +2 bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls
    Critical: +1d6 necrotic damage per plus
    Power (Daily): Free action. Use this power when using a power with the necrotic keyword. After you resolve the power, all enemies within 3 squares of you are weakened (save ends).
    Power (Daily): Standard action. Summon a standard undead creature of 1/2 the caster's level or lower. Summoned creature uses summoner's actions to perform actions, and uses the caster's attack bonus (modified by implement) instead of its own. Other powers, damage, and effects are as per Monster Manual entry.

    It's the same cost and level, and has the same enhancement bonus. One question about the Staff of the Walking Dead...should its Daily power perhaps be a 'summon undead' thing? Or was that just a power the pixie had that it was using the staff as an implement for?

    The character builder file is included as a template so you can have a complete look at her build. Tentatively, I think she'll be pretty effective. Her damage bonus with lightning and thunder powers is +18...and that's almost all of them. She has got some other keywords too though...cold, radiant, and even psychic. Average damage with at wills is 20 or more. Average damage with encounter/dailies is closer to 30. Defenses are weak, but she has several interrupt powers that can get her out of a jam. She hasn't got many rituals, but will be decent at them once I buy some. The ceremony she summoned Shazi with was a ritual scroll, so...there.

    Shazi himself is pretty cool and should make a good forward scout with his invisibility and flying.

    Talashai Thingol

    Talashia, level 11
    Human, Sorcerer, Lightning Fury
    Spell Source: Storm Magic
    Background: Birth - Omen (+2 to Arcana)

    Str 9, Con 14, Dex 19, Int 11, Wis 12, Cha 21.

    Str 8, Con 13, Dex 16, Int 10, Wis 11, Cha 16.

    AC: 21 Fort: 21 Reflex: 23 Will: 26
    HP: 76 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 19

    History +10, Arcana +15, Intimidate +15, Bluff +17, Insight +11

    Acrobatics +9, Diplomacy +10, Dungeoneering +6, Endurance +7, Heal +6, Nature +6, Perception +8, Religion +5, Stealth +9, Streetwise +10, Thievery +9, Athletics +4

    Human: Ritual Caster
    Level 1: Action Surge
    Level 2: Improved Initiative
    Level 4: Skill Focus (Arcana)
    Level 6: Implement Expertise (Light Blade)
    Level 8: Tempest Magic
    Level 10: Dual Implement Spellcaster
    Level 11: Arcane Familiar

    Bonus At-Will Power: Blazing Starfall
    Sorcerer at-will 1: Storm Walk
    Sorcerer at-will 1: Lightning Strike
    Sorcerer encounter 1: Pinning Bolt
    Sorcerer daily 1: Howling Tempest
    Sorcerer utility 2: Sorcerous Sirocco
    Sorcerer encounter 3: Swirling Stars
    Sorcerer daily 5: Slaad's Gambit
    Sorcerer utility 6: Swift Escape
    Sorcerer encounter 7: Spark Form
    Sorcerer daily 9: Howling Hurricane
    Sorcerer utility 10: Narrow Escape

    Backpack (empty), Bedroll, Flint and Steel, Belt Pouch (empty) (2), Waterskin, Journeybreads (10), Amulet of Protection +3, Boots of Striding (heroic tier), Cannith Goggles (heroic tier), Sun Globe (heroic tier), Jagged Dagger +3, Shadowdance Cloth Armor (Basic Clothing) +2, Ritual Book, Battle Staff +2
    Disenchant Magic Item, Enchant Magic Item, Brew Potion

    Talashia was born to a poor peasant family living in a small village in the Forest of Endless Dawn. While she was pregnant with Talashia, her mother was caught out in a storm and struck by lightning. Though injured by the experience, she survived to give birth to her daughter amidst another great storm. The baby had stark white hair that never grew darker, and pale blue-grey eyes.

    As she grew up Talashia had no interest in politics like her firebrand older brother Caerwyn. She was fascinated by the world around her; the trees and water and living things. She was especially drawn to inclement weather and showed no sign of fear at thunder and lightning. In turn, storms seemed drawn to her as well, and the village saw many more than usual while she was growing up.

    Talashia's magic began to manifest when she was still fairly young; around ten years of age. Cold orbs of light would hover and dart around her, and winds blew in her presence when all around it was calm. She herself was delighted by these phenomena, but others in the village began growing fearful. More than once Caerwyn found himself having to get Talashia out of trouble. However, as he began to roam more, the task of raising Talashia amidst worries for her safety became harder and harder. After one close call too many, Talashia decided to venture away from the village and seek instruction in how to use her ever-growing magical gifts.

    It was in her studies that Talashia first learned of the rites leading to the assumption of an Elemental Savant. From the start it became a way she could not only enhance her control over the elements, but even perhaps offer her a road to transcend her own mortality. Elementals, after all, were ageless.

    She began making arrangements to become a Savant, one of which was getting in touch with a scribe in Ironfell who was willing to pen her a dangerous and legally questionable scroll of Planar Binding so she could perform the calling ritual necessary. When she lost track of that scribe, she left the school to track him down...she went to Ironfell, unaware of what, and who, was waiting for her there.
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    Block Leif


    Uulark Simental

    Uulark's sheet

    Uulark Simental, Longtooth Shifter, Cleric L11
    Paragon Path=Divine Oracle
    Alignment: Unaligned
    Deity: Sehanine

    S 17 +3 (+2 Longtooth Shifter +1L4+1L11)
    D 11 +0 (+1 L11)
    C 13 +1 (+1 L11)
    I 12 +1 (+1 L11)
    W 21 +5 (+2 Longtooth Shifter +1L4+1L8+1L11)
    C 18 +4 (+1L8+1L11)

    AC: 28 =10 +5(1/2 lvl) +1(Int.) +8(Armor) +3(Shield) +1(Feat Bonus)
    FORT: 22 =10 +5(1/2 lvl) +3(Str.) +3(Shield Feat Power)+1(item bonus)
    REF: 17 =10 +5(1/2 lvl) +1(Int.)+1(item bonus)
    WILL: 25 =10+5(1/2 lvl)+2(Cleric bonus)+5(Wis)+2(Feat)+1(item bonus)

    HP: 85 -10(b. pudding)
    12+13(Con)+5(L2)+5(L2 Feat Hero Tier)+5(L3)+5(L4)+5(L5)+5(L6)+5(L7)+5(L8) +5(L9)+5(L10)+5 (L11)+5(L2 Feat Paragon Tier)
    Bloodied: 42
    Healing Surges per Day: 7+1 = 8
    Surge Value: 21

    -Religion [+11=+5(one-half level) +1(Int.) +5(Trained)]
    -Heal [+15=+5(one-half level) +5(Wis.) +5(Trained)]
    -Insight [+15=+5(one-half level) +5(Wis.) +5(Trained)]
    -Dungeoneering [+15=+5(one-half level) +5(Wis.) +5(Trained)]

    -L1- Sehanines Reversal Encounter, Divine, No Action, Ranged 5, Trigger: Uulark rolls a Nat. 20 on a saving throw. Choose and enemy within range; that creature gains the condition you just saved against.
    -L2-Toughness Gain 5 extra hit points per tier
    -L4-Skill Training (Dungeoneering)
    -L6-Shield Proficiency (Light)
    -L8-Shield Mastery - + shield bonus to Fort when wielding a shield if proficient w/ shld
    -L10-Iron Will - +2 Will Defense
    -L11-Armor Specialization (Chainmail)

    Powers, Shifter Racial Feature
    -Longtooth Shifting Minor Action, Encounter, Healing, Personal (I must be bloodied), Until the end of the encounter, I gain +2 bonus to damage rolls and while I am bloodied I gain Regeneraton = 4(L11 Paragon).

    Powers, Class Features
    -Divine Fortune Free Action, Encounter, Personal, I gain +1 to next attack or saving throw before ENT.
    -Turn Undead Implement, Encounter, Std. Action, Wis vs. Will, Close Burst2, Hit: 1d10+5(Wis mod.) damage And push target 3+4(Charisma mod.) squares + target immobilized until the end of my next turn. Miss: half-damage and target not pushed or immobilized.
    -Ritual Caster Can learn and master rituals of my level or lower.
    -Healing Word Minor Action, Encounter (twice), Close Burst5, Target: me or one ally, Target can spend a healing surge and regain an extra 1d6 hp.

    Divine Oracle, Paragon Path Features
    -Foresight, L11 PP feat. (I and each of my allies w/in 5 squares can't be surprised, and I roll twice when checking initiative and use whichever roll I want.)
    -Prophetic Action, L11 PP feat. (When I spend an Action Point to take an extra action, I also gain an extra move action to be used in a later round in the encounter.)
    -Prophecy of Doom (Divinie Oracle Att 11, Encounter) Standard Action, Ranged5, Target 1 creature: Uulark or an ally who hits the target with an attack can choose to make the hit a critical hit. Power lasts until the end of my next turn or until somone uses it to make a critcal hit.)

    Powers, At-Will
    -1Lance of Faith Divine, Implement, Radiant, Std. Action, Wis. vs. Reflex, Ranged5, Target: one creature Hit: 1d8+5(Wis. mod.) and one ally I can see gains +2 power bonus to his next attack against target.
    -1Sacred Flame Divine, Implement, Radiant, Std. Action, Wis. vs. Reflex, Ranged5, Target: one creature - Hit: 1d6+5(Wis. mod.) damage, and one ally I can see chooses either to gain temporary hp = 3+1/2 my level or to make a saving throw.

    Powers, Encounter
    -1Cause Fear Divine, Feat, Implement, Std. Action, Wis. vs. Will, Ranged10, Target: one creature Hit: target moves its speed + 4(Cha. Mod.) squares away from me, avoiding unsafe squares and difficult terrain if it can. This provokes attacks of opportunity.
    USED (B'FLY SWARM)-3Command Charm, Divine, Implement, Std. Action, Wis. vs. Will Ranged10, Target: One creature Hit: target dazed until the end of my next turn, and I choose whether to a) knock target prone, or b) slide target 3+4(Cha. Mod.) squares.
    -7Break the Spirit Charm, Divine, Implement, Radiant, Std. Action, Wis. vs. Will, Ranged10, Target one creature Hit: 2d8+5(Wis. mod.) damage, and target takes a penalty to attack rolls equal to my Cha. mod. (+4) until the end of my next turn.

    Powers, Daily
    -1Cascade of Light Divine, Implement, Radiant, Std. Action, Wis. vs. Will, Ranged10, Target: One creature Hit: 3d8+5(Wis. mod.) radiant damage and target gains vulnerability5 to all my attacks. Miss: Half damage and target gains no vulnerability.
    USED-5Spiritual Weapon [spear] Conjuration, Divine, Implement, Std. Action, Wis. vs. AC, Ranged10, Target: one creature Hit: 1d10+5(Wis. mod.), Sustain: minor [I can move the weapon up to 10 squares as a move action, the weapon lasts until the end of my next turn, when sustained, my allies gain combat advantage against the target and continue to do so as long as it is sustained by me.]
    -9Flame Strike Divine, Fire, Implement, Std. Action, Wis. vs. Reflex, Area Burst within 10 squares, Hit: 2d10+5(Wis. mod.) damage and ongoing 5+5(Wis. mod.) damage (save ends)

    Powers, Utility
    -2Shield of Faith Daily, Divine, Std. Action, Close Burst5, Target: Me and each ally in burst Targets gain +2 power bonus to AC until the end of the encounter.
    -6Cure Serious Wounds Daily, Divine, Healing, Std. Action, Target: one creature Target regains hit points as if it had spent 2 healing surges.
    -10Shielding Word Encounter, Divine, Immediate Interrupt, Ranged5 (Trigger: An ally in range is hit by an attack) Effect: The ally gains a +4 Power bonus to AC until the end of my next turn.

    Equipment, Magic
    -Chainmail, +2 Delvers Armor [Daily pwr, free action gain +2 to ST I just rolled, use
    new result] [armor is L8 item]
    -Light Shield +2 [+3 total to AC]
    -Spear, +2 Vicious [att.= +6 (prof., str, magic), dam=1d8+5 (str, magic)] [+2d12 damage on a crit]
    [spear is L7 item]
    -Holy Symbol of Hope, +2 [Daily power, immediate Reaction, when I or an ally w/in5 is hit by
    an effect that a save can end, gain a +5 power bonus to saving throws against the effect]
    [holy symbol is L8 item]
    -Amulet of Health, +1 [enhances Fort, Ref, and Will, and gives Uulark Resist 5 poison]
    [amulet is L3 item]

    Equipment, Mundane
    -Standard Adventurers Kit
    -Belt Pouch
    -Holy Symbol (ordinary as well as the magic one)
    -Everburning Torches (3)
    -Journey Bread
    -Ritual Book (Gentle Repose, Brew Potion, Consult Mystic Sages)


    Uulark is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 195 pounds of mostly muscle, but he is a bit soft in the middle. And he's somewhat sensitive about this, too. He is a Shifter, and he looks, most of the time, like he missed his most recent rabies shot, with ruffled hair/fur and naturally dark nails/claws that look perpetually dirty, no matter how clean they really are. He is very feral and animalistic, even for a Shifter. Nevertheless, his easy, ever-present smile, and his ubiquitous sense of humor improve the way he is perceived by others. He is not universally liked, but he is always trying (at least) to make people smile.

    When Uulark was growing up, things never seemed to go his way. He always bet on the wrong horse, or his home just happened to be in the path of the big storm, or whatever. So one night, as he walked along in the moonlight, a moonbeam struck him and knocked him to his knees. Uulark heard an angelic voice telling him that it was time for his luck to change, so he answered this Call, and from thence forward, he devoted himself to the service to and worship of Sehanine the Always-Changing, but Ever-Constant Moon Maiden. Soon, Uulark found that her teachings about following your own goals, and her mutable, ever-changing nature appealed to him as none other did. Plus shifters just like the moon. Once he dedicated his life to Sehanine, Uulark began to see better luck almost immediately. Although his outlook on life is better now, and he has a new series of successes to celebrate, Uulark remains humble. He says, "I hope that I may find favor in the eyes of the Moon Maiden, and I am forever grateful to my Gracious Patron, Sehanine, for the many blessings she has heaped upon me."

    Uulark is also very devoted to his friends Caerwyn, Talashia, Rogash, Friadoc, and Shaimon, even though it would seem to outsiders like more of a love-hate thing with Uulark and Caerwyn, and Uulark and Talashia, at times.
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    Rogash Ungart 4e

    Okay, I think he's ready for action.

    Rogash's appearance is somewhat unusual in keeping with his nature. He is tall and slender as dwarves go. His sharp eyes are emerald green. His beard is coal black and bushy with a tendency to stick out as well as down. He wears his dark hair in elaborate braids the ends wrapped in purple cloth held by gold wire. This is a style adopted by he and his fellows in an elite military unit. He wears a purple surcoat over his Leather armor. A waraxe hangs at his side with a stout oaken handle and gleaming head that he calls 'Gatecrasher' in subtle insult to his home of Irongate. He carries a crossbow and quiver of bolts across his back. On the back of his right hand is a gray tattoo of a wavy hafted spear with a broad head. He tends to be loud, boisterous and outspoken. He is friendly and enjoys a good tavern, but finds friendship illusive.


    Rogash Petrov's son of Clan Ungart was born some 56 years ago in a small Iron Hills clanhold. His father died in a mining accident when he was only 14. He was a difficult and rebellious lad who had trouble fitting in to life as a miner. Despite his efforts he had some difficulty making friends and maintaining relationships except with other troubled youths. His behavior was such that he eventually was given a choice by the clan elders--exile or the military. But for the plea of his mother he would have likely chosen exile. She thought perhaps the military could instill a sense of discipline in him that she had not been able to. While an able enough warrior, Rogash tended to clash with his officers and question the logic of their orders. While his military career was on its way to an early end, one sharp and unconventional officer saw something in young Rogash. This officer, Captain Stonebender, recruited Rogash and other young agile and intelligent warriors for a special unit. Stonebender called his men the Shadowspear. Talents developed in his misspent youth, stealth, speed, sharp eyes and the ability to pass locks and traps served Rogash well in the Shadowspear. This unit specialized in penetrating quickly to the heart of an enemy camp be it a fortress, dungeon or base. The men of the Shadowspear were expected to be bold and think for themselves, which fit Rogash well. They were a successful unit garnering many accolades. During the troubles with the Formians a few years ago the Shadowspear worked deep in enemy territory. The men returned with filled with dark and bitter images. Captain Stonebender was slain during the war and after his men had returned his body and the bodies of many of their comrades home for burial the unit was disbanded. When opportunity came Rogash left the military rather than endure life in a regular unit. He moved to the city of Irongate which has been his home ever since. He finds work as a guard or security consultant. He often drinks too much. Sometimes he will fall back on Roguish skills and liberate money or goods from greedy corrupt men in the city. He spends this money lavishly on the downtrodden and buying drinks for friends. While he is proud of his old unit and often drinks a toast to the memory of Captain Stonebender he never talks of the battles with the Formians. If he does not find a cause he can believe in or a place to belong he will eventually find himself in prison or drink his life away. For now he's found a reason to live in seeking vengeance for the execution of a companion and the corruption of the local ruler and one thief in particular.
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    Block Friadoc

    Place holder
    BG and what not to come over, soon.
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    Caerwyn Thingol

    "I've always believed that all you need is one man to make a difference. To stand up when others are told to sit down. To speak loudly for those who have no voice. And to fight the good fight"


    Caerwyn was born into a poor peasant family living in a small village in the Forest of Endless Dawn. At a young age, Caerwyn was expected to put in an honest day's work, often even more than that, and this constant work led him to develop into a strong young man. He was constantly on watch for his sister, Talashia, who was an oddity in the village and drew a lot of negative attention. Caerwyn also began to develop a strong distaste, no that would be too light of a word, no a hatred of the aristocracy that collected their "taxes" on his family's hard work, while they lounged about in relative opulence next to the Thingol's residence. The young man was headstrong and driven, but his looking out of Talashia kept him from any overt actions for fear of repercussions that she may be blamed for. He fell in with a young group of like-minded individuals, who shared his beliefs. One of them had even spent some time Ravenhurst militia before his family relocated to the village. He taught them some basic fighting skills and Caerwyn took a liking to the large, two-handed blades, perhaps it was the time he had spent in the fields with a scythe that allowed him to pick up the blade so easily.

    Caerwyn and his fellows began to travel to neighbouring areas, working to disrupt the nobles' holdings there, taking back taxed wealth and redistributing to its rightful owners (at least in his mind). During this time he also picked up a trick or two about binding wounds on the move as they did not have access to any formal healer. For many months they continued on like this, his "work", as Caerwyn called it, taking him away from both his home and responsibilities for longer periods of time. After a particularly explosive confrontation with his equally headstrong father, Caerwyn took off and didn't return for well over a month. Upon his return, the warrior nearly flew into a rage at finding out Talashia had departed without his knowledge and that the villagers hadn't tried to stop her. He grew more and more frustrated with those who wouldn't help themselves.

    Caerwyn left not long after, vowing not to return until he found Talashia, which as fate would have it, did happen. However, along the way, he continued to make a name for himself amongst the common folk, who saw him as a hero, but he was reviled by the nobility or others in power. He was wanted on banditry and inciting revolutionary thoughts and actions, however this did not deter the warrior. He had a cause, one stronger than the laws of man, and he believed that no man was above another, that no man should be beholden to another, and that he was an agent to aid those weaker than their oppressors.

    The warrior is known for his dramatic "rages" where he loses control and his anger that builds up over his cause explodes, and woe to those who stand against him. His allies and friends know Caerwyn as one quick to laugh, and quick with a joke. The short paladin battles with a ferocity that belies his small stature, much like the animal the wolverine, he won't quit while there's blood still pumping.


    CB Summary

    ====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ======
    Caerwyn Thingol, level 11
    Human, Barbarian|Paladin, Gray Guard
    Hybrid Talent: Paladin Armor Proficiency
    Hybrid Paladin: Hybrid Paladin Reflex
    Background: Disbeliever (Bluff class skill)

    Str 20, Con 15, Dex 14, Int 9, Wis 11, Cha 18.

    Str 15, Con 14, Dex 13, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 15.

    AC: 28 Fort: 25 Reflex: 22 Will: 23
    HP: 100 Surges: 11 Surge Value: 25

    Insight +10, Intimidate +14, Bluff +14, Athletics +13, Perception +10, Streetwise +14

    Acrobatics +5, Arcana +4, Diplomacy +9, Dungeoneering +5, Endurance +5, Heal +5, History +4, Nature +5, Religion +4, Stealth +5, Thievery +5

    Human: Hybrid Talent
    Level 1: Mighty Challenge
    Level 2: Action Surge
    Level 4: Toughness
    Level 6: Weapon Expertise (Heavy Blade)
    Level 8: Weapon Proficiency (Fullblade)
    Level 10: Radiant Rage (retrained to Paragon Defenses at Level 11)
    Level 11: Resurgent Attack

    Bonus At-Will Power: Howling Strike
    Hybrid at-will 1: Challenging Strike
    Hybrid at-will 1: Enfeebling Strike
    Hybrid encounter 1: Avalanche Strike
    Hybrid daily 1: Blood of the Mighty
    Hybrid utility 2: Virtue
    Hybrid encounter 3: Strength from Valor
    Hybrid daily 5: Thunder Hawk Rage
    Hybrid utility 6: Shrug It Off
    Hybrid encounter 7: Curtain of Steel
    Hybrid daily 9: Stoneroot Rage
    Hybrid utility 10: Vengeful Vigilance

    Imposter's Gith Plate Armor +3, Potion of Regeneration (heroic tier), Amulet of Life +2, Rampaging Slayer's Gloves (heroic tier), Iron Armbands of Power (heroic tier), Jagged Fullblade +3, Talent Shard (level 8), Hunter's Flint (heroic tier), Sun Globe (heroic tier), Eternal Chalk (heroic tier)
    ====== Copy to Clipboard and Press the Import Button on the Summary Tab ======

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    Wrong thread!
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    Er...this is the Rogue's Gallery. Might wanna repost this over in the IC thread. (^_^)

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