Proposal: Allow gnoll claws to grant brawler style bonus.

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    Proposal: Allow gnoll claws to grant brawler style bonus.

    The feat, claw fighter, allows gnoll characters to use their natural claws as weapons. As of the release of Martial Power 2 however, the gnoll claws are not included in the list of weapons that allow brawler fighters to benefit from the brawler style bonuses. I propose that that the claw fighter claws (hereinafter referred to as; the claws) be amended to count as having a hand free for the purposes of the brawler style bonuses.

    As of 3/17/10, the claw fighter feat says the following:
    Quote Originally Posted by D&D Compendium
    Benefit: When you make a weapon attack, you can use your claw, which is a weapon in the light blade weapon group. This weapon has the off-hand weapon property and a +3 proficiency bonus, and it deals 1d6 damage. While you aren’t holding anything, you are considered have this weapon in each hand. You can enchant and disenchant your claws. When you disenchant your claws, they do not turn to dust.
    As of 3/17/10, the Brawler style says the following:
    Quote Originally Posted by D&D Compendium
    While you wield a weapon in your primary hand and your off hand is free (see the sidebar), you gain a +1 bonus to AC and a +2 bonus to Fortitude.

    In addition, you gain a +2 proficiency bonus with unarmed attacks and a +2 bonus to grab attacks and attacks to move a creature grabbed by you. These bonuses increase to +4 at 11th level and +6 at 21st level.

    When attacking with a spiked gauntlet, you do not gain the Brawler Style proficiency bonus with unarmed attacks, even if the Brawler Style proficiency bonus is higher than the proficiency bonus of the spiked gauntlet. However, you retain the bonus to grab attacks and to attacks to move a creature grabbed by you.
    The proposed change would essentially allow the claws to function like spiked gauntlets in the above fighter style. The claws would allow the character to gain the +1 bonus to AC and the +2 bonus to Fortitude. The character would gain the +2 bonus to grab attacks and attacks to move a creature that is grabbed, but NOT be granted the +2 proficiency bonus to grab with unarmed attacks since the claws already include a proficiency bonus. The claws would also benefit from certain feats like Brawler Guard which grants a shield bonus to certain defenses and Brutal Brawler which upgrades the damage dice.

    I would like this change to be made for the following reasons:
    1. The claws share characteristics with the spiked gauntlet, including the damage and off-hand property. The claws have a +3 proficiency bonus and deal 1d6 damage. Spiked gauntlets have a +2 proficiency bonus and also deal 1d6 damage.
    2. Although the claw has an additional +1 proficiency bonus over the spiked gauntled, a character also must acquire the Claw Fighter feat to even use the weapon. This is akin to acquiring a superior weapon feat, so therefore the claw is similar to a superior weapon and all that it entails.
    3. The rules as written do not explicitly state the claws do not count as having a hand free, and the claws were likely created before the rules in the Martial Power 2 were finalized. It is probable they were not taken into consideration.
    4. Flavor-wise, I believe the claw makes sense for the brawler to count as having hands free, since the fighter is literally fighting bare-handed.
    5. Lastly, I believe that the claw fighter is very much in the spirit of the brawler fighter. A gnoll slashing, gripping and rending with his or her own bare claws captures in my imagination the flavor of the brawler.

    I will conclude by saying that I believe the changes I have proposed would not adversely affect game balance both because of the extra feat that this character requires and because the claws would not be overpowered compared to other weapons.


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    Looks okay to me. YES.
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    As per my e-mail to you also, I'm fine with it, I think it's just something they overlooked and the concept isn't OP'd

    YES also.

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    I think this is fine as well. YES.

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    Not a judge so I can't vote, and I agree that it looks like a good change, just wanted to chime in here with this,

    I don't beleive they overlooked it on the Brawler listing I think it doesn't belong there.

    This change needs to be listed on the Claw Fighter feat but that wasn't possible, as Claw fighter came earlier. I hope when they decide to errata it they don't put reference to claw fighter on the brawler style, instead put reference to brawler in the claw fighter feat it's better organization.

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    Yes from me on this as well. I have no problems with this, I agree it's more a snag based on claw fighter coming before brawler style.
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