Game Night, Chapter Nineteen (Into The Throat Of Danger)
  • Our heroes have flung themselves off the edge of the world and are freefalling toward their destiny. What shall they find? Read on!
Pathfinder News
  • Wayward Children of the Abyss, part 3 New for the Pathfinder RPG, Kobold Quarterly presents part 3 of 5 in the Wayward Children of the Abyss-- the Smoldering Host of the Risen.
  • The Skybound Trading Company‏ A coalition of adventurer merchant princes in Questhaven Campaign Setting who use a variety of specially trained dire animals and magical beasts equipped with harnesses that allow the creatures to airwalk.
  • 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming 1 Year Anniversary Sale 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming is celebrating its 1 Year Anniversary with sales March 22 through March 31.

Other News
  • New Call to Arms and Adventure Releases‏ Three new Call to Arms products for Fantasy Craft.
    • Call to Arms: The Bloodsworn is blessed with preternatural awarenessand uncanny toughness, and stands at eternal vigil to defend the weakand helpless. With a select few he shares a supernatural bond, a union that binds them in body and soul.
    • Call to Arms: The Force of Nature is a product of the most basicforces of life itself, a champion whose intimate connection with thephysical world can be channeled to unleash primeval powers withdevastating effect.
    • Call to Arms: The Mist Dancer excels at the larcenous arts. No shacklecan hold him, no door can stop him, and no riches are beyond hisreach. His methods are as elusive as they are effective, and for this he commands the highest rates in the land - rates his clients are all too happy to pay.
    • Purchase them individually or together in this discounted bundle.
    • A Keg for Dragon is Reality Blurs' first release in the Old School Fantasy line - and the first in their series of officially licensed Fantasy Craft products.
  • Interview with Oscar Rios of Miskatonic River Press‏ The RPG Examiner interviews Oscar Rios, staff writer, associate editor and Vice President of Miskatonic River Press about his plans for the I-CON sci-fi convention.
  • "No sex for gamers" according to "Undateable" book‏ The RPG Examiner takes on a marketing juggernaut's assertion that male gamers can't get a date.
  • Interview with Brandon G. Osorio of Dark Refuge Games As part of his continuing coverage of the I-CON sci-fi convention, the RPG Examiner interviews Brandon Osorio, author and game designer for Dark Refuge Games.
  • Pangenre RPG Core Rules The Pangenre RPG Core Rules are the centerpiece of the Pangenre RPG System, a multi-genre role-playing game you can to use to build your own fictional campaigns. "The Pangenre RPG Core Rules are campaign-neutral and do not include scenario or campaign materials. Pangenre, LLC plans on releasing such materials in the future. The focus of this Core rule book is on modern scenarios, but we have included information for archaic and futuristic skills and equipment to give you added freedom in developing or adapting your games (as well as to give you a sampler of what will be in our supplements)."