So, how do devils and demons fit into L4W’s cosmology?

I’ve had an idea about devils for a while now, which is to combine the Christian devil with the Greek Prometheus. In the beginning, the mortal races had no real intelligence, barely being smarter than animals. They worshiped the gods and obeyed their laws because they couldn’t imagine doing anything else. One of Joven’s angels saw that mortals are suffering from their lack of free will, so he hopped on down and basically gave mortals the ability to a) make mistakes, and b) learn from them. Gods were upset and punished the angel by banishing him to what would become hell. However, the gods saw that what he did was for the best. After all, it’s much more of an ego boost when someone chooses to worship you. Now the angel has become bitter and twisted over his “betrayal” by both the gods (for the banishment) and the mortal races (for still worshiping the gods), and desires revenge.

Believe me, I will clean that origin story up if it becomes official. But that gives the basic idea. Also, for the angel’s name, I’ve been trying to come up with an awesome mix of Prometheus and Mephistopheles, but nothing’s clicked. So maybe something vague, like “The Adversary”, since his real name has been stricken from the divine record.

Something to note: the Adversary is not on the same level as the Twelve Gods. He is weaker than the weakest of them. He couldn’t even take on Hecate. He’s just an immensely powerful fallen angel. This is to keep our pantheon Unaligned. Also, the Adversary’s hell isn’t where bad people go when they die. Lauto has a tight grip on that. The Adversary’s hell is just where the devils (the angel’s loyal followers) hang out.

So, what about demons? Don’t really have an idea here. They’ve been associated with Oni a lot, and occasionally equated to them. Are the Oni demons? Are all demons Oni? I have to say, I sort of liked it when the Oni were just “the Oni”, rather than being the Tsugo word for “demon”. I’ve been describing them as demonic fairly frequently, but I didn’t mean to imply they have variable resistance. On the other hand, demons are chaos-y, and the Oni are working to destabilize the very ordered Kingdom of Jade, so it’s not a bad match. But then are the Oni chaos made “flesh”, or just a bunch of evil dudes looking to take down the Kingdom?

Finally, the Blood War. Devils versus demons. The eternal struggle between despotic tyranny and destructive anarchy that should one side ever win would spell the end of existence. Should L4W have it? In my opinion, no. Devils and demons can duke it out, sure, but I don’t think it really fits the mythos we’ve been working with.

Your thoughts?