Thursday, 1 April, 2010
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    Thursday, 1 April, 2010

    Just a note to say that all the news items for Thursday 1 April were April Fool news items.

    Official Dungeon Tiles for iPad

    [imager][/imager]With the impending launch of the new iPad, official Dungeon Tiles are set to make the transition into the hi-tech world. Scott LeMouse, the Branding Director, said this:
    We're very excited about the new plans for digital dungeon tiles. And iPad offers a great deal more flexibility than the traditional static tile, and by laying multiple iPads down next to each other the combinations are almost endless. Of course, if you only have one iPad you'll be limited to single room encounters of no more than 4 squares by 6, but we're confident that most gamers will own several of the devices.
    He went on to say:
    We've been planning this for a long time. While designing our official adventures (H1, H2, etc.), we developed a wealth of experience in designing encounter areas that could not possibly be replicated using our own dungeon tile products; from now on we'll be designing areas which cannot possibly be replicated by any static tile-based product, ensuring that our new interactive digital tiles are an intrinsic and necessary part of any gamer's collection.
    No More Books?

    You may remember when, in the not-so-distant past, WotC stopped selling electronic (PDF) versions of its products in an effort to combat piracy. It seems that the company has devised a way to beat the pirates once and for all!
    Well, the current problem is that some pirates are simply scanning our books and then putting them online. So we've decided to deal with that issue - by not selling any more books. That way, the pirates will have nothing to copy!

    Of course, this does create a minor issue for our actual customers, but we've addressed that. All a customer needs to do is to travel here to Seattle and read our copy of the book. Of course, we can't allow them to copy anything or write anything down, so they'll proably need to pop back whenever they have a rules question.
    Solitary Canine Productions Sues the Internet

    Solitary Canine Productions, producers of the popular Unit Roster Construction Engine for various tabletop wargames, has launched a lawsuit against the internet for "unauthorised use of our company name and the name of our products". The lawsuit insists that no company or individual be permitted to mention Solitary Canine Productions or the Unit Roster Construction Engine without prior written consent.
    It's a big problem - people wandering around mentioning our products willy-nilly. It's simply not on! This way we can ensure that nobody ever hears the name of our company or product again!
    Also named in the lawsuit are retailers who have displayed and/or sold Solitary Canine Productions' products.

    DTRPG & RPGNOW Not Having A Sale

    Early reports have indicated that leading online PDF retailer DTRPG (and RPGNow) is planning a day in July when it will NOT be having a sale. This comes as something as a shock to most customers who are used to the Christmas Sale, Thanksgiving Sale, GM's Day Sale, Halloween Sale, July 4th Sale, Day With A "Y" In It Sale, Day It's Not Raining Sale, and many more. DTRPG president Steven Riker commented:
    Yes, it's true. You've caught us. I can confirm that on July 12th 2010 from 4.15-4.30 PM we will actually NOT be having a sale. However, we will be making up for it by having two simultaneous sales at any given time constantly throughout the rest of the year. We're cautiously optimistic that selling products for a fair price for 15 minutes this year will not drive away customers.
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    Boo for April Fools articles. The Dungeon Tiles for iPad concept is brilliant and deserves to be a real thing!

    -The Gneech

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    That LeMouse guy is a jerk. He killed D&D for me

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    LOL I really don't want an iPad, however one of my players now has an iPhone. Can we get Dungeon tiles on the iPhone? I know we will only be able to do 2x1 rooms, but that is still e-AWESOME!

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    I can see the enormous potential of this software. However none of our players are going to get an iPad (sounds too much like a feminine hygiene item). However one guy does have an iPhone, so do WotC intend to port this to the iPhone? I realise that 2x1 rooms maybe a little limited but it would still be e-AWESOME!

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