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Thread: Litorians

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    I received this product for the purposes of this review. For the record while I own the Arcane Evolved I am not super familiar with it and this book is made for that game. It could be used for any D20 game with a little work though. I didn't have my book handy to check some details.

    This product is 42 pages long. The first 3 pages in cover, credits and map of a tribal camp.

    Chapter 1 Introduction (3 pages)
    A IC introduction.

    Chapter 2 Environment (5 pages)
    This talks about where Litorians like to make tribal camps and what it means. How they see and feel about the land etc. It also has a new feat, monster stats.

    Chapter 3 Classes (7 pages)
    Champion of Honor variation class.
    Rhinocerous Totem Warrior Variation class.
    Litorian Paragon racial levels.
    Ritual Hunter 10 level PrC

    Chapter 4 Feats (3 pages)
    There is 19 new feats most of them for Litorians only though a few seem open to anyone. They add in ritual feats, which are feats you can only take after having done a ritual.

    Chapter 5 Ritual (4 pages)
    I loved the ritual section it really made the Litorian stand apart and feel truly different than most races.

    Chapter 6 NPCs (13 pages)
    There is 5 NPC's with background and full stats. Each one is present in 3 stages of their live, low level, mid levels and high level, with information about each stage.

    It finishes with 1 page for OGL, 1 page full color art and back cover.

    Closing thoughts, I liked the extra detail it went into to flesh out the Litorians. If you are a fan of the race this adds a bit to them and makes them more interesting I think. The book is well written and I didn't notice many errors in the book. The art is fair to pretty good artist are Hugo Solis, Richard Biggs Jr, and Jason Rainville. This is not a stand alone product it is meant as a addition to the Litorians from Arcane Evolved. As far as I know no information is repeated here. For those that use Arcane Evolved book I rate this a 4 star product, for those that use Litorians or want to included a cat race in their games then I rate it a 3 star. Though either way you would need Arcane Evolved to get full use of this product.

    ***note I am unsure why but on paizo it is listed at 14.99 and on drivethru it is listed as 24.99 right now.

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    Thanks for taking the time to do a review of the product

    If you click through and go to the actual site you will see its $24.99 reduced to $14.99 ($24.99 is the price of a print copy on

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