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    Quote Originally Posted by fireinthedust View Post
    Grufflehead: heh. Just thinking whether this would be possible to RP in PBP
    Well, it'll certainly be different! I'm reckoning that any 'speech' - as it is only going to be immediately understandable by anyone who has learned the sign language - will go in spoiler blocks, and will probably be a little more basic than normal talking. But I reckon I've had 2 years with at least a couple of the PCs, and International Sign Language allows for some fairly complex concepts to be expressed, so I don't envisage it being too problematic to say we've developed it to a reasonably high degree. One advantage with the granularity of languaged in PF/3.5

    It will focus me more on being descriptive about other aspects of the character's action and interaction with the world. As I said in a previous post, there's often a tendency to post a line of speech as a PCs 'turn' - not going to be able to do that

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    Quote Originally Posted by GandalfMithrandir View Post

    Concerning my Ability to post: I am a high schooler,
    Wait, what?! But your picture shows you're an Old Man! I suppose that, during 300 lives of men you were too busy to go to school? Or were you Istari homeschooled?

    sblock=Un-named Assassin
    No way! You are having a name, good sir. I had an experience with a PC Warforged artificer with no name. No! Or I'll give you a name, many names, and none of them dignified! (Willis, Lance, Julian, Bonobo, Captain Planet, Mister Majestic... basically cat names...)

    @Unicorns: I'm rolling up stats for vicious barbarian baby unicorns right now. Hundreds of them. All epic level, just for that. And their Epic overlord will be a Gungan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fireinthedust View Post
    Traits: Let's start with what we have. I'm new to this, and I'm not looking to make things more complicated. I want, for example, to know whether or not you folks will incinerate a BBEG in one shot before I throw over bonus stuff.
    For me, I took traits that gave me a +1 bonus to a few skills and allowed me to add two skills as class skills, both very fitting to my character concept. Take a look-see.

    Also, do keep in mind that if you are not comfortable with running PC's with high levels of power, don't let us roll randomly - go stat buy. You can never go wrong with stat buy for characters. With a standard 25 pt buy, characters all pretty much end up looking very similar but at least they're not uber.

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    Also, would it be possible to get a list of the current characters and a general idea of what they do? (Example: Melee, Archer, Healer, that kind of stuff)

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    Quote Originally Posted by herobizkit
    Also, would it be possible to get a list of the current characters and a general idea of what they do? (Example: Melee, Archer, Healer, that kind of stuff)
    Keepiru is a healer, but also carries around a sap he'll use for most combats. I like disabling opponents with non-lethal damage because it is much easier to get information out of a live person/creature/barbarianunicorn. The starknife can be thrown a very short distance, so I'll have to make the shot worth it. He's got a good movement rate thanks to the travel domain so I'll be moving around the battlefield a lot. I think they call those skirmishers in 4e, but not sure since I only ever played 1 session of it. He's got a lot of skills spread around but not a lot of points in any one skill.

    Very nice intro Grufflehead, I like the alternate way to present a backstory!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SelcSilverhand View Post
    I like the alternate way to present a backstory!
    Inspired by your own wonderful background, I have to say.

    I took a dash of this (FitD saying he liked folklore and stories), a pinch of that (Sindri and Ragnor's offer to have learnt the sign language to communicate with Renya), mixed in a little of the other (Sir Angus is going to do something heroic at some stage, I can tell), and then topped it off with a sprinkling of your own story.

    That hag certainly gets around

    As far as party role for Renya (sorry for not posting stats, I spent so long writing the background it was late at night), I'm open to changing her to complement the party. As written currently, she's gone down the Whirlwind Attack line with a Glaive, and also has Stand Still. She won't keep up with either Sir Angus or our friendly 'troll' for damage output, but she can control areas quite well (I was going to take Trip but I spotted someone else had it) - even better if Enlarged and I did see that on somebody's spell list. Neither AC nor HP are brilliant, but she can function quite well as a 'defender' type fighter, keeping attacks off someone else, which might come in useful in our current situation.

    However, I am conscious of the fact that between the 2 aforementioned characters, plus our Inquisitor (and our sorcerous chum too I guess) the party are heavy on melee already. So, when I get home I will investigate making some changes to see how she might work as a missile user. My biggest problem with that is I just don't see a dwarf with a bow, and as we all know, bows *are* the only missile weapon worth a handful of boiled snow in D20 based games...
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    *looks down and sighs*

    OK, I will name him: Julius. We're reading Julius Caesar (Shakespeare) in English right now, so I'll go with Julius.

    Archer primarily, and lockpicker, trapfinder/buster

    And yes. With all the time I had to save-the-world-from-Sauron, stop-Saruman, help-the-ents, I had no time for school, so I'm catching up now.

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    If you are happy to take on the missile user role then I'll leave you to it. Might want to think about taking Precise Shot though - with your attack bonus the -4 for firing into melee is going to be a serious hindrance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grufflehead View Post
    OK, I thought I'd try something a little different for my backstory. <snip>
    Certainly different but nicely entertaining. I kept waiting for that crone to do something suitably unpleasant. There's more to that story, I just know it... lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Herobizkit View Post
    Also, would it be possible to get a list of the current characters and a general idea of what they do? (Example: Melee, Archer, Healer, that kind of stuff)
    The Sindri/Jack combo is Melee. Sindri can also provide some arcane buffs and, of course, summons.

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    OK, here's what I have stats-wise (using the 'common' stat array). Edited to reflect making her human

    She's surprisingly strong for one so slim, but she is very dogged and determined once she sets her mind on something.

      Name: Renya                        Age: 22
     Class: Monk 2/Fighter 4          Height: 5'7"
      Race: Human                     Weight: 135#
      Size: M                           Hair: Red
    Gender: Female                      Eyes: Green
     Align: LN                          Skin: Pale
    Str: 16/+3         Level: 6           XP: 15000 
    Dex: 15/+2           BAB: +5          HP: 56
    Con: 15/+2           CMB: +8         ACP: -5
    Int: 16/+3           CMD: 20 (24)     DR: -
    Wis: 18/+4         Speed: 20 (30)     SR: -
    Cha: 10/            Init: +2    Spell DC: N/A
                    Total  Base   Mod  Misc   Special
    Fort:              9     7     2           +4 vs some effects (Endurance)
     Ref:              6     4     2           
    Will:              8     4     4           +1 vs fear 
            AC:   Total  Base  Armor  Shld   Dex  Size   Def   Nat  Dodge  CExp   Touch   Flatfooted   Special
      Armoured:     22          +9      0     +2   0      0     0     +1   (+2)     13        20        +4 vs AoO
    Unarmoured:     17           0      0     +2   0      0     0     +1   (+2)     17        14        +4 (WIS),  +4 vs AoO
    Weapon:                 Attack    Damage      Critical     Special
    Glaive                    +8      1D10+4       20/x3       10' reach
    Unarmed Strike            +8      1D6+3        20/x2       lethal/non-lethal
    Common, Skald, Sign Language*
    Racial Abilities:
    +1 skill point per level   
    Class Abilities:
    +WIS bonus to AC and CMD when unarmoured
    Flurry of blows
    May do lethal or non-lethal damage with unarmed attacks
    Stunning Fist 1/day DC 15
    Evasion when unarmoured
    Armour Training I (+1 max DEX, -1 ACP)
    1 - Endurance
    1 - Improved Unarmed Strike (MB)
    1 - Dodge (MB)
    1 - Combat Expertise (HB)
    2 - Combat Reflexes (MB)
    3 - Diehard
    3 - Mobility (FB)
    4 - Stand Still (FB)
    5 - Spring Attack
    6 - Whirlwind Attack (FB)
    Skill Points: 34  (4+3/Lvl x2 + 2+3/Lvl x4 +6)
    Skills                       Total   Rank     CS   Ability  Misc
    Acrobatics*                     4      3       3       2     -4      
    Climb*                          4      1       3       4     -4 (+2)
    Craft (Carpenter)*              7      1       3       3      
    Disable Device          
    Escape Artist*                  2      1       3       2     -4      
    Handle Animal*                  9      6       3       0                      
    Heal                           10(12)  6               4    (+2)      
    Intimidate *                
    Knowledge (Arcana)      
    Knowledge (Dungeoneering)*      
    Knowledge (Engineering)*        
    Knowledge (Geography)     
    Knowledge (History)*            7      1       3       3      
    Knowledge (Local)   
    Knowledge (Nature)   
    Knowledge (Nobility) 
    Knowledge (Planes)
    Knowledge (Religion)*           
    Linguistics                     4      1               3
    Perception*                    13      6       3       4     
    Profession (Teamstress)*        8      1       3       4
    Ride*                           6      1       3       2
    Sense Motive*                  13      6       3       4                           
    Sleight of Hand   
    Stealth*                        2      1       3       2     -4  
    Survival*                      13      6       3       4          
    Swim*                           4      1       3       4     -4
    Use Magic Device
    *Class skills
    PP:        GP: 100     SP:       CP:   
    Equipment                            Cost    Weight
    Full Plate                           1500      50
    Glaive                                  8      10
    Waterskin                               1       4
    Backpack                                2       2
    Hooded Lantern                          7       2 
    Oil (1 flask)                           1       1 
    Flint and steel                         1      -- 
    Rope (hemp) 200'                       40      20 
    Belt Pouch (2)                          2       1 
    Explorer's outfit                      10       8
    10 torches                             .1      10
    Bedroll                                .1       5
    Blanket                                .5       3
    Whistle                                 1      --
    Healer's Kit                           50       1
    Climber's Kit                          80       5
    Knife                                   2       1
    Carpentry tools                         5       5
    Chalk                                0.01       0 
    Charcoal                             0.01       0  
    Paper (20 sheets)                       8       0 
    Parchment (10 sheets)                   2       0 
    Sewing Needle                         0.5       0  
    Ball of thread                        0.5       0  
    Vial of Holy Water                     25       0 
    Salt (1 pound)                          5       1  
    Trail rations (6 days)                  3       6
    Sack (2)                              0.2       1
                                   Total Weight:  146lb
                                 Carried weight:   65lb
                Light  Medium   Heavy 
    Max Weight:  76     153      230
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