So... I had the misfortune to find the PFRPG Right here, and a copy of the Bestiary, which means it has taken up more than a little of my thinking away from other topics. That and my prior enjoyment of the setting, Golarion, used in the APs and adventure books... well, yeah.

I like it because it feels like I'm in a folk tale. If that's what interests you, I'd like to try running a game for you.

You, like so many creatures in this world, are fairly low-powered. Well, you're strong and brave and all that, and perhaps wise in the ways of the world, or magic, or both; enough that you've won the odd scuffle or three; but so many things out there are just as strong as you are that it's so often a toss up. Tooth and nail every day. Not to say that a group of determined souls couldn't take on an Efreet with enough spears, (were they not creatures out of fireside stories), but for the most part you and the odd pack of wolves circling your camp are roughly even.

It's a cold night, in fact, and the steam from your campfire is thick as smoke in this air. The grass on either side of the road is frozen, and as the wolves circle among the trees you can hear it crunch beneath their paws.

The scholar you were travelling with stumbled off the log he'd been sitting on at the first howl, but gathered his wits quickly, and now waves a torch back and forth to ward off the wolves. Blasted beasts! What do they want with us? Isn't there game in these woods enough for them? He held the brand without shaking hands, though beneath his thick layers of robes he may have shuddered. He looked up to you. Well? What do you normally do when this happens?