I hope everybody had a great Easter. Back to the regular news (with apologies to those who have been submitting scoops since last Thursday - still, I hope some of you found yeserday's iPhone/iPod RPG app list useful!)

D&D 4th Edition News
  • Review of The Hidden Current by Blackbyrne Publishing Blackbyrne Publishing has released its first adventure called The Hidden Current - but does this adventure pdf live up to its hefty price tag?
  • House of Hubris Alea Publishing Group presents the second adventure in the Champions of Hubris 4E Paragon Tier Campaign Path. In The House of Hubris, characters seek out a fabled ring within the ruins of Kingserve Manor. In a loose alliance with their former nemesis, the Gutter Mage, adventurers stumble upon an act of betrayal so vile it cursed the late lord of Kingserve Manor, his family, and all those who dare enter the ruins.
  • Review of Kobold Quarterly 13‏ [also Pathfinder News] Sneaksy and out of the warren before the rest of the world sees it, there's a review of KQ#13!

Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 News
  • The Nine Towers (Adventure) "Nine ancient Teleportation Towers link the swamps surrounding Kith'takharos. Abandoned by the lost reptilian race of Harlass Orn, the towers remained undiscovered by outsiders...until now."
  • Blind characters in d20 Blind martial artists are popular in fiction and movies -- the RPG Examiner explains the challenges in playing one in RPGs.
  • The Monkey's Paw Necromancers of the Northwest's Joshua Zaback brings the monkey's paw, a potent magic item with a powerful curse, out of the realm of folklore and into the realm of D&D. Be careful what you wish for...
  • Wayward Children of the Abyss, Part 4 of 5‏ Out of the depths and into your Pathfinder game, it's the Z'kaelii by Todd Stewart-- part 4 of 5 in the Wayward Children of the Abyss.
  • Interview with designers of Tales of the Old Margreve Take a trip into the Old Margreve Forest with the designers of the first four adventures of this Open Design project for Pathfinder RPG--but beware the spoilers!
  • Trapper's Bane Turn the next foraging expedition into something more exciting with the Trapper's Bane for Pathfinder.
Other News
  • KenzerCo releases A&8s: Trouble on the Sequoyah Star This Aces & Eights adventure, set on a steam locomotive barreling down the tracks towards destiny, is now available from Kenzer and Company. You can learn more information, view a video preview and even download bonus NPCs in their online store. Pre-orders shipped on Tuesday March 30th; new orders will start shipping next Tuesday April 6th.
  • World of Sinnybarr Patronage Project‏ Rite Publishing has announced its newest patronage project to bring back "the Greatest RPG ever made." [sic]
  • Hexographer breaks Hex Paradigm Features and terrain can now optionally not be tied tothe bounds of a hex. Plus many more enhancements to the hex-mapping software.
  • Interview with W.J. Walton The RPG Examiner interviews William J. Walton about his gaming background, RPG advocacy, and what's next for The Escapist web site.
  • Torskal, the Centaur God of Just Vengeance The Workshop of the Clockwork Gnome, a system neutral site devoted to providing new and expanded material for Ptolus: Monte Cook's City by the Spire, takes a new turn to explore the nature of divinity in Praemal. This time they explore the worship of Torskal, the Centaur God of Just Vengeance. As one of 15 centaur progenitor deities, Torskal is a member of the Crimson Circle, a pantheon of brothers and sisters devoted to protecting their centaur children. Though he has no temple in Ptolus, the power of his priests are still deeply respected by those of any race who favor swift justice. His power is not subtle nor do his priests blend in with the hundreds of other gods present in the City by the Spire. If his ire is raised, Torskal always makes his presence known. Even to those who do not worship him.
  • City of Spells: Alter Self In a city ruled by the adventuring guild magical shape changing is the height of fashion, and True Seeing the ultimate social taboo.
  • 'War Unleashed' Terrain Maps Ahead of the release of War Unleashed, gamers can get their hands on the first downloadable Terrain Maps used in the game. A battle report of a demonstration game is also available so you can see how the game plays.
  • Grave Plots: The Map Necromancers of the Northwest's Joshua Zaback examines the tried-and-true plot hook of the treasure map in this week's Grave Plots.
  • Untold the game - Untold possibilities Wandering Men Studios launches their new RPG, Untold. Untold is an RPG unlike any youíve ever played Ė itís a CBRPG, a Card-Based Role-Playing Game; there are no books, no character sheets; the rules are on the cards and all you need is a deck and a die. Check out their website for a free online Primer or download the rules for free; plus tons of free campaign setting information.