Vengeance in Freeport is a follow up module to the infamous Freeport Trilogy. It is produced by Ronin arts and written and by the legendary Bret Boyd. The adventure exists in PDF format only and is nice and compact being only twenty eight pages long. The book has no art just some well done maps of the areas important to the module. The layout is very well done and it looks like the Green Ronís layout for their Freeport book. Looking through the credits one will find many familiar names from Green Ronin making this a collaborative effort between the companies and staff.

Warning: the review will have adventure spoilers. The adventure is written for PCs level 7-9.

Vengeance takes place right were the Freeport Trilogy leaves of. However, it is not needed to have played through those adventures. It really isnít needed that this takes place in Freeport. Both of those things will help and that is what my group did when we played this module. But the basic idea and the shops and NPCs here can exist in most cities. This is a very good adventure to have after the player characters successively defeat a villain in a good campaign arc. That is basically what happens over through the Freeport trilogy and it would be very easy to replace that reasoning with whatever it was the PCs just did and who they defeated.

The action starts a short week after Sealord Milton Drac and his serpent men allies were defeated at the Lighthouse. Drac was an evil bastard and instructed some other allies to construct magical bombs to leave around Freeport should he fail. The adventure starts of with the group on the way to Mauriceís and a bomb goes off there. I liked this bit of detail because if one reads the Pirates Guide to Freeport the Maurice description does say it had been damaged so these events are in the Pirates Guideís History. The module and the Pirates guide though assume that this is the only bomb that gets detonated. My own group had issues with deciding what to do and six of the eight bombs were detonated over four days leaving many places in ruble.

At Mauriceís the group will hopefully be helping with the wounded and saving peopleís lives. My group did this with no need of prodding and was able to rescue many patrons. It made for a good scene using skills and spells the group might not normally get a chance to do. There they will be found by Sister Gwendolyn, a member of the Captainís Council, who hires them to investigate this heinous act. The remains of the bomb leads the group to a Pottery shop. There is a good encounter there and with investigation and role playing the party can find what they need and also help out. There are two potential clues here. One will lead to orcs and then other to a Wizard.

This is were my own party kind of froze. The wizards is of high level and they known that because of the bombs. Heís the guide that made them and they were a little too worried about facing him. The clue that leads to the orcs was a little weak and they frankly had little interest in going up against a bunch of orcs. Perhaps then at this point some stronger clues or a way to make it seem like the next encounter s will not be impossible tough.

The group does not need to investigate both. Depending on were they go and how many orcs they kill will make the final battle a little easier because those orcs are coming back if not dead to cause more problems. From either of those two locations they go to a warehouse that houses the bombs that has not been used yet. There is some good, tough battles here. There is also a nice summon monster trap that my own players were really not expecting when they accidentally set it off.

The adventure is supposed to end with a race through the city as the PCs are trying to stop the next two bombs that are being placed. With my groups actions we did not get to this scene though it looked like it would have been fun.

Vengeance in Freeport is another solid Freeport adventure. I like that it takes place practically right after the climax of the Trilogy leaving the PCs little time to rest and figure out what is going on now. The adventure is short and easy to run. There is no dungeon crawl aspect which is nice making it a pure city adventure. This is a good adventure for anyone that wants chaos in a city especially those fortunate enough to be playing in Freeport.