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    [Adventure] A Boy and His Dog (DM: stonegod; Judge: r1)

    A Boy and His Dog (Completed)

    - Vikmak Stonecarver, goliath runpriest (Walking Dad)
    - Sapo Toa, bullywug monk (Voda Vosa)
    - Elkrysn, drow sorcerer (Goldendice)
    - Johanna Wolfkiller, human barbarian|warden (pathfinderq1)
    - Lhavarr Sporrano, half-elf ardent|bard (EvolutionKB)
    - Torqua Debu, human sorcerer (Goldhammer)

    Game Stats

    - Major: Rescue Bryan
    - Minor: Find Bryan's Sewer
    - Minor: Free Bryan

    - Find the Right Sewer: 100 (All)
    - Fight in the Muck: 250 (All)
    - Something Odd is Going on Here: 233 (All)
    - Defend Bryan!: 275 (All)
    - Destroy It!: 133 (All)
    - The Stone Breaks: 400 (All but Elkrysn)
    - Quests: 350 (All)
    - Time XP: 582 (Elkrysn), 749 (Lhavarr), 916 (Sapo), 1147 (Johanna, Torqua), 1601 (Vimak)

    - Vikmak Stonecarver: 3342
    - Sapo Toa: 2675
    - Elkrysn: 2323
    - Johanna Wolfkiller: 2888
    - Lhavarr Sporrano: 2490
    - Torqua Debu: 2888

    - A ruby with a divine rune of protection (worth 840gp)
    - A rough wooden figure of a sitting man with a forked tongue (Cobra Strike Ki Focus +1)
    - A worn set of chain armor, but sturdy (Defensive Chainmail +1)
    - A dagger whose blade easily reflect's light (Wild Flare Dagger +1)
    - A hefty greatspear of Northron make (Whirlwind Greatspear +1)
    - A plain dagger that warms to the touch (Dragonscale Dagger +1)
    - Time Gold: 441 (Elkrysn), 567 (Lhavarr), 693 (Sapo), 979 (Johanna, Torqua), 1925 (Vimak)

    DM Points
    - 11 DM credits rewarded 9/30
    - [post=]6 DM credits[/post] to be rewarded soonish

    Welcome to the game! Action can begin now. Please put a summary of your character with a link to the character thread in your first posts and any combat post like so:
    Tondrek—Male Half-orc Artificer 6
    Initiative: +7, Low-Light, Passive Perception: 19, Passive Insight: 14
    AC: 22, Fort: 19, Reflex: 19, Will: 17 — Speed: 6, 8 when charging
    HP: 53/53, Bloodied: 26, Surge: 13, Surges left: 9/10; Half-orc Resilience
    Action Points: 1, Second Wind: Not Used
    Powers -
    Magic Weapon
    Static Shock

    Scouring Weapon
    Repulsion Strike

    Icebound Sigil
    Flameheart Defender

    Healing Infusion x2
    Swift Mender
    Furious Assault

    Regeneration Infusion
    Battle Staff +1 (daily)
    Targeting Crossbow +2 (daily)
    Point Blank Repeating Crossbow +1 (encounter)
    Skald's Leather Armor +2 (daily)
    Onyx Dog (daily)
    2 Clockwork Bombs
    2 Woundpatches
    2 Alchemist's Acids

    Doggie—Construct 4
    Initiative +7; Low-light, Passive Perception 17
    AC: 16, Fort: 15, Reflex: 14, Will: 13 — Speed: 8
    HP: 22/9; Bloodied 4

    Full character sheet
    Feel free to make your own rolls, linking to Invisible Castle or some other place for the result. For some rolls, I'll take 10 for you most of the time. Please post your speech and thoughts in your character's color, using italics for the latter. I prefer players who post about once a day, and I will NPC or write out characters who are inactive for short or long periods of time. OOC text should be in grey, like this or in sblocks.

    Have fun!
    To Find Some Mud

    The group gathers in front of the Hanged Man, the wounded dog barking at them for them to follow.
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