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    Originally posted by Brudewollen

    Speaking of fools, what would you consider Patchface? Probably a bard, who after his ordeal at sea, somehow obtained some levels as a Divination specialists (to go with his madness)! That's assuming you'd even bother to give him classes like that and not treat him as more of a plot device.
    He's definately a strange one. I think his backstory was that he was brought back into the Seven Kingdoms from one of the Free Cities because it was believed he was of Valyiran blood. Then his ship sunk and he lost his mind. Did I remember that right? If so, he might be his own sort of thing.

    Back to the Swashbuckler thing. I think that rule book is useful for SoFaI for the following:

    Thean Paladins, Rangers and Bards are magic free versions of each class. The Paladins would make great Seven Kingoms Knights and the Rangers are pefect for Night Watch. They also have an alchemist class that would work for the Pyromancers mentioned in King's Landing. They have an archeologist PreCl that would work for a maester (along with the alchemist class).

    In addition there are a number of PrClasses that described various fighting types that could wrok very well. The duelists types would make good sellswords from the Free Cities and/or Braavosi waterdancers. The horseclans type PreCla works well for Dothraki. And there are various axe fighter or bearserker classes that could be used for wildlings.

    There is also a magic supplement that could be very useful. The fire mages work well for followers of R'lleh. (sp?) There is a animal bonded shapeshifter class that are essentailly wargs. And a "inventor" class that alos could work well for maester.

    That being said, if it you check out the Midnight game from Fantasy Flight games, there are number of details in the setting that see inspired by Game of Thrones' macro plot.

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    Dragon #307

    According to today's news on the front page, Dragon #307 (the May issue) will feature some articles on doing ASoIaF with D&D.

    Thankfully, that'll give me enough time to finish the third book, and not spoil myself too badly.

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    that Rocks!

    Now if the do the Black Company and Thomas Covenant I don't know if I could contain myself. My life would then be complete.

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    Bumping, since Dragon #307 arrived in my mailbox today... Haven't gotten through all the Westeros articles, but they seem like they'll be fun to read regardless of whether or not I use them as-is...

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    Guardians of Order has the license for adapting this series to RPGs, and plans to provide both Tri-Stat and d20 rules:
    http://guardiansorder.com/company/press/ (see 3/28/2003 press release)

    And BTW, Green Ronin has the Black Company license:
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