D&D 4th Edition News
Pathfinder News
  • Strategists & Tacticians 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming releases Strategists & Tacticians: The Guide to Clever Warriors by Ryan Costello, Jr. Strategists & Tacticians introduces character options for all base classes in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, a new class - the Apprentice, a variant Bard class, dozens of new feats and spells and new combat maneuvers. Whether you play a wizard or a warrior, there is something for you in this new release.
  • 101 Series Subscription Think you have enough crunch to choose from? Think again! The 101 Series Subscription gives you yes, you guessed it a succession of books from Rite Publishing to help you realize your vision of your character. Products like the best selling Feats 101 and 101 Magical Weapon Properties.
  • You Are In The Army Now...Forever‏ Mark Gedak and Rite Publishing bring you the Shaftmen, skeletal archers, who could were spread throughout the ranks of undead but acted in unity and with intelligence. Shaftmen, is a name given to them by the commoners who fled the onslaught of the invading army. Historians and sages have tried to rename these forces, but unfortunately the more vulgar name endures.

Other News
  • The Monster MashUp Contest‏ Nevermet Press is hosting its first crowdsourcing contest: a Monster MashUp! Answer the question "What's this monster's story?" in 300-words or less, and you can win a set of custom brass-inlaid dice from Spain, a copy of Open Game Table (Vol.1), and couple of great RPG eBooks. Entries can be submitted only until April 26th, so hurry.
  • Book Review of Play Between Worlds‏ The RPG Examiner reviews a book that defends EverQuest's "roll-players."
  • The Poachers Necromancers of the Northwest's Justin Holloway presents an encounter involving two bandits with unusual weapons who make their living preying on unwary adventurers.
  • Metagame Episode 3 - Finding Religion Combining your spirituality with D&D is always a good thing right? Right???