Adventure: Lord Byron's High-Seas High-Stakes (DM: Tenchuu, Judge: H.M.Gimlord)
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    Adventure: Lord Byron's High-Seas High-Stakes (DM: Tenchuu, Judge: H.M.Gimlord)

    Lord Byron's
    High-Seas High-Stakes

    An Adventure for Levels 4 - 5


    Wil Rando (Half-Elf Bard)
    Hergunna (Human Druid)
    Kane (Bugbear Barbarian)
    Kruk Dwarf Fighter)
    Carolina (Halfling Rogue)

    Rules and other fine print

    OK. Borrowed most of this from H.M.Gimlord, because he does it right, and why re-invent the wheel.

    Player Info:
    I encourage you to include mini stat blocks in your posts, or at least a link to your character sheet in your signature. Mini-stat blocks allow you to keep track of your own healing surges, power usages, acquired items, etc... without having to ask the DM all the time. It's not the end of the world if you forget, but please be sure to include it when you are posting an action block. It also make it easier for me to check basic stats.

    Example mini-stats (shamelessly stolen from HM)

    Arkavas - deva artivicer 4

    Initiative: +2, Passive perception: 20, Passive Insight: 15

    AC: 21, For: 16, Ref: 18, Will: 17

    HP: 41, Surges: 4 AP: 1

    Common, Goblin, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Supernal

    Basic Attacks:
    Melee: +11 vs AC, 1d12+6
    Ranged: +4 vs AC, 1d8

    Thundering Armor, Magic Weapon
    Scouring Weapon, Force Infusion
    Caustic Rampart

    Staff of Ruin +1, Vengefull Fullblate +1, Repeating Crossbow, Amulet of Protection +1

    Healing Infusions 2:
    Choose From:
    Curative Admixture,
    Resistive Formula,

    Passive checks: I will roll passive checks from time to time.

    If these checks result in information (i.e.: there are arrow holes in the walls of this corridor, that dragon has one eye open, etc...), I will reveal the information in a spoiler specifically addressed to one or more characters. If you are not one of the intended characters, please do not read these spoilers. The character, however, is welcome to, in character, reveal the contents of the spoiler to the others. I'm not going to police this or anything, but the story goes more like a story, when it's done this way. Please feel free to get into your character with the information you have (or dont have).

    If the passive check results in a turn of events (i.e.: a trap springing, a monster gaining surprise, failure to realize that the guy was lying all the time) the passive roll will be posted at the time that the event happens.

    Combat: Malenkirk Rules! Malenkirk rules, for the most part. Some of the bad guys have been customized for this adventure.

    DM Posts during combat will include:

    Status of all players, monsters, NPCs etc... indicating Name, Location, HP/MaxHP, State, Healing Surges Left, Action Points left (i.e.:: Arkavas I6 -1/41 Dying HS 0 AP 1)

    Map in the form of a grid, hopefully with coordinates

    Enemy Mini Stat Blocks
    including HP, AC, Fort, Refl, Will, Immunities, Resistance, and Basic Attack. If there are more specialized powers, I will post them at the time of their use.

    Time's Up!: I will give players 48 hours to post, at the end of which time I reserve the right to RP the player's character on his behalf. I will use the most appropriate actions and At-Will powers only.

    (this is rule created by Velmont, used by HM, strict adherence to which ensures a good game pace)

    Exceptions: If you will be out for a long time and unable to post, please let the party know and assign responsibility to either myself or another, willing player for RPing your character, or I can write in a scenario that takes you out of the picture until your return (The former is preferred).

    What are Malenkirk Rules?

    Named after their inventor Mal Malenkirk

    In a nutshell:

    • Players roll initiative individually, bad guys roll one initiative roll
    • Players with higher init than bad guys go first
    • then all the bad guys go
    • Then all the players go. From this point, we alternate players vs bad guys
    • Good guy turns happen in first post - first acted order.
    • Illegal post-overs will be resolved in that round
    • Legal post-overs stand even if each didn't know the other was posting.

    Treasure: Keep a wish list on your character sheet up to date with what you would like, and Ill try to accommodate within reason. Items will be given relative to player level. Parcel Gold/Items will be evenly divided at the end.

    Die Rolling: Roll your dice on Invisible Castle. If invisible castle is down (and it is down a lot), try Dice Room using your character name and the name of this adventure ("Lord Byron's High-Seas High-Stakes") as the room name. In either case highlight the die roll in your post and use the 'Insert Link' button to post a link to your die rolls.

    Dice room clear the visible roll history pretty quickly now, so you probably want to use IC. For me, Dice room is way easier to roll all the enemy dice in, so I will continue to use it. If anyone has an issue with not being able to validate all my rolls, I can switch, but I'd prefer not to!

    Out of Character Content:
    Post out of character content (i.e.: complaints, tactics, mechanics, etc...) in a spoiler with the letters 'OOC' in the title.

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    Pre-Adventure Loose Ends

    Please make any final purchases now, and add a note in OOC block about what your bought.

    Hergunna, I think you still need to level up to 4 (or at least document it on Wikia). Don't forget!
    The group of adventurers proceeded form the bar down to the docks. Toward the end of the dock, in a small slip near a shady area of the waterfront, the Wind's Wil stood. The ship was tied down to the dock with a plank leading up to the deck. A group of about a dozen sailors adjusted the rigging and loaded provisions.

    A salty old sailor stood at the top of the ramp supervising the work. His hair was unkempt, long, and wild. The dark hair was starting to turn gray at the roots, and he sported an equally wild beard. The man's ragged clothes matched the rest of his look.

    "Hurry up you slugs!" The old sailor bellowed. "We don't have all day! Move it!"

    As the adventurers neared the ramp, the old sailor spotted them, and recognition flashed over his face. "Oy! You must be the muscle the good Lord Byron has sent. Come aboard, come aboard." Turning his attention back to his men, he barked, "Out of the way you scallywags!"

    "Welcome aboard the Wind's Will. Captain Levenbrech. We're bound for Allaria, so I hope you have your sea legs, for it'll be a long journey friends!" the captain said in a billowing laugh.

    "This here is my first mate, Porse. And that up monkey up there is my second mate, Trig."

    The second mate was halfway to the ship's mast, adjusting the rigging. The man looked young, as though he couldn't be more than 30. He gave an excited wave, nearing loosing his grip in the process.

    "Watch yourself Trig! I've no use for broken bone sailors!" The captain scolded.

    The first mate was middle aged, shaved bald, and covered with tattoos, many of which had grown distorted with sun and age. He bundled rope, scowling at the new arrivals. "They better not eat too much, Captain. Especially the big one," Porse said with a nod to Kane. "But I do like my woman small. As long as they keep their mouths shut."

    Wind's Will

    The ship is loosely based on this design:
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    "SmmmmmMMMMMMMFFFF....Haaaaaaahh, the smell of sea salt" Kruks states as he steps onto the boat. "Well met!" he salutes in dwaven fashion to the crew of the ship. "It's been a while since I've been on a ship" he says excitedly as he steps onto the ship, which is already rocking to-and-fro from the waves hitting the bottom of the ship. This proves too much for Kruk as his face turns slightly green. This is imediately follow by puke spewing form his mouth like a volcanic eruption onto the deck of the ship, as Kruk had no chance of making it to the ship railing in time, much to the dismay of the ship crew. After emptying the contents of his stomach, which consisted of the stew and ale, and continuing through a repeated bout of dry heaves, Kruk then turns to the rest of his comrades, with puke shrapple all over his beard, and says with a grin "Well comrades, now that that is over, I'm ready for the trip! And I thought I have a cast iron stomach! HA HAAAHHHA HHAAAA!"


    Kruk- Male Dwarf Fighter Level 4

    *Adverse Condition: None
    *Initiative: +2
    *Passive Insight 14
    *Passive Perception 14
    *Senses low light vision
    *HP 55
    *Bloodied 24 Surge Value 12; Surges Per-Day 12 11
    *AC 23 Fortitude 21 Reflex 15 Will 15 Speed 5
    *Save +5 vs. poison
    +armor bonuses: resist 5 fire & resist 5 necrotic
    *action Points: USED
    *Second Wind: 1
    basic attack:+1 Thundering Battleaxe: To Hit: +10: Damage 1d10+5: additional 1d6 for a crit
    *At will:
    Brash Strike
    Resolute Shield
    Passing Attack
    Bull Charge
    Boot Power
    Comeback Strike USED
    Thundering Weapon power USED
    Cloak Power
    Boot Power

    More Kruk Info

    Kruk - Dwarf Guardian Fighter 4

    Initiative: +2, Passive perception: 14, Passive Insight: 14

    AC: 23, For: 21, Ref: 15, Will: 15

    HP: 55, Surges: 12 Surge Value 13

    Common, Dwaren

    Basic Attacks:
    Melee: 1 Battleaxe of Thundering +10 Vs AC 1d10+5 (crit: additional 1d6 thunder damage)
    Ranged: Throwing Axe +9 Vs AC 1d6+4

    Brash Attack, Resolute Shield, Magic Weapon
    Passing Attack , Bull Charge, Boot Power
    Comback Strike, Unstoppable, Cloak Power, Boot Power, Armor Power, Weapon Power

    Battleaxe of Thundering +1

    Kruk's Sheet

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    "Oh, maybe it better if you fall over side of ship. You stink ..hmmm....maybe I call you Stinkbeard...yeah that good name. Ok, so musicman, stinkbeard... Hergunna and Carolina....Kane come up with special friend name for you too. " the bugbear says as he nimbly jumps onto the ship, "You need help with rope Mr. No hair man?" Kane asks jovially to the first mate.

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    Wil steps dextrously onto the boat and looks about with a slight frown. Hmmm, I thought it would be "bigger". he mutters before beaming at the captain. Captain, a pleasure to be aboard. I am Wil Rando... and if the Wind's Will wills, Wil will travel well! The bard chuckles and tests his feet on the deck, seeming to be satisfied with the rocking motion.

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    Carolina steps aboard the ship with feigned disinterest, discreetly eyeballing the deck for any nooks or crannies that might offer benefit to one of her stature.

    Quote Originally Posted by Porse
    "....But I do like my woman small. As long as they keep their mouths shut."
    The halfling offers a quick nod as she lets her eyes pass over the tattooed brute. "And I me daggers sharp," she retorts dismissively. Kruk's retching quickly steals her attention, and if the first mate had any reaction at all she didn't notice... or at least pretended not to.

    Thanks for allowing me to participate in this game, I'm looking forward to it! I've got ministats saved on my other PC; I'll get them up when I next post from that computer.

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    "Nathan! Come swab the damn deck!" Porse yelled, redirecting a teen crewman. Looking to Kane, he said, "I can manage a spot of rope. Why don't you make yourself useful and help load the rest of the provisions. You're likely to eat most of them, by the looks of you, so the least you can do is haul them on board."

    The captain waved a dismissing hand to Porse. "Don't mind him. He's no silver tongue, that's for sure. He don't know how to say it, but he says it true: I expect you to pull your weight around here. You're the muscle, and that gives you some latitude, but I'm the Captain, Aye?"

    The crew finished the preparations and cast off within the hour. Most of the crew, save the 2nd mate and the young boy Nathan, were older: all in their late 30s to late 40s. Constant exposure to the sun and salt did not help their look either. And with no ladies on the ship, Hergunna found herself in the unusual position of being ogled and cat-called; though, Carolina drew most of the crew's attention.

    * * *

    Once the ship was out of the harbor and on it's way, the second mate Trig approached the Adventurer group.

    "Hi! I'm Trig. I'm real glad to have you all on board. It's so exciting! I can't wait to hear all of your amazing stories; this is going to be the best trip ever," he said with the enthusiasm of a small child. Apparently, he had dreams of being an adventurer which he never grew out of. "Here, let me show you around below deck."
    "So, this is where you'll be sleeping," Trig said, pointing to some triple bunked hammocks. "Well, everyone but you Kane. I'm afraid theirs not one big enough. Maybe you can... we'll have to work on that."

    * * *
    As the sun began to set, the captain invited the five adventurers to dinner. They sat around a cramped table outside the captain's quarters, eating with Levenbrech and his two mates. The cook brought small steaks and potatoes, along with mugs of sour ale.

    "A toast to our new companions. May your services be not required, but your company be well cherished," the captain said, raising his mug.

    "Here, Here!," Trig added. Porse lifted his mug with an exasperated snort, flashed his teeth in a fake smile, and took a quick drink.

    "Enjoy this food, while you can. From here on out, it gets pretty terrible," the captain added.

    "So, have you fought pirates before?" The young officer asked eagerly.

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    I might be out of action for a bit. Original post

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    Wil seems gleeful and boisterous at the table. He regales Trig of any stories he knows. At dinner... We faced off against a dragon in its very lair. Kane charged in alone and challenged it. Mervin rescued the lady fair and Hergunna brought a wolf out of the air to aid us. It died with my arrows piercing it's every limb.

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    Working on updating Hergunna's sheet today. I should be making an IC post at some point this evening.

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