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    Combat Over
    You've routed the remaining enemy, so I'll end combat here.

    Taking a few hits, the remaining archer hit the deck, moving toward the middle of the ship and ducking down to give himself some cover. Perhaps the battle had promoted him to Captain, and he didn't want to squander the opportunity; Perhaps he was just a coward.

    The pirate continued to bark orders to steer the ship away, which was slowly swallowed by the fog as it sailed on.

    After a moment of relative calm, Porse's voice came up from the hold. "Uhh... who's up there?"

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    Searching among the dead, Wil and Hergunna both found keepers.
    We're going to pretend Carolina didn't push your armor into the sea, if that's okay with you.

    Encounter 1 Treasure & XP Summary submitted for approval

    Wil Rando: L5 Power Jewel
    Hergunna: L5 Enduring Beast Armor
    Note: These items are owed from last adventure. Everyone will get their treasure next encounter.


    First Encounter
    - 1 Pirate 1st Mate (Reskinned Amreth Gaunt), L6 Elite Skirmisher (Leader) 500XP - 1 Captain Smargat, L8 Elite Skirmisher 350XP
    - 3 Pirate Archers (Reskinned Chevkos's Crossbowman*), L6* Artillery 225XP
    - 1 Pirate Quartermaster (Reskinned Waterdeep Street Thug), L7 Soldier 300XP
    - 1 Human Javelin Dancer, L6 Skirmisher 250XP
    - 3 Pirate Thugs, L8 Minion 88XP
    *Customized to make encounter 2-attack power an at-will. Was L4.
    Total EXP: 2339 XP x 2 = 4678 XP
    Each Player: earned 935 XP

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    that amount of xp bumps Kruk up to 5th level. I'll make changes to Kruk's sheet and statblock

    updated stats

    Kruk- Male Dwarf Fighter Level 5

    *Adverse Condition: None
    *Initiative: +2
    *Passive Insight 14
    *Passive Perception 14
    *Senses low light vision
    *HP 55
    *Bloodied 30 Surge Value 15; Surges Per-Day 12 10
    *AC 23 Fortitude 21 Reflex 15 Will 15 Speed 5
    *Save +5 vs. poison
    +armor bonuses: resist 5 fire & resist 5 necrotic
    *action Points: USED
    *Second Wind: USED
    basic attack:+1 Thundering Battleaxe: To Hit: +10: Damage 1d10+5: additional 1d6 for a crit
    *1 healing potion: reward from To Catch a Crimelord
    *At will:
    Brash Strike
    Resolute Shield
    Covering Attack
    Bull Charge
    Boot Power
    Comeback Strike USED
    Unstopable: USED
    Bedeviling Assault
    Thundering Weapon power USED
    Cloak Power USED
    Boot Power

    Future Loot Info

    Kruk would like either an armor upgrade or heavy Shield or a weapon upgrade for a Battleaxe

    More Kruk Info

    Kruk - Dwarf Guardian Fighter 4

    Initiative: +2, Passive perception: 14, Passive Insight: 14

    AC: 23, For: 21, Ref: 15, Will: 15

    HP: 55, Surges: 12 Surge Value 13

    Common, Dwaren

    Basic Attacks:
    Melee: 1 Battleaxe of Thundering +10 Vs AC 1d10+5 (crit: additional 1d6 thunder damage)
    Ranged: Throwing Axe +9 Vs AC 1d6+4

    Brash Attack, Resolute Shield, Magic Weapon
    Covering Attack , Bull Charge, Boot Power
    Comback Strike, Bedeviling Assault, Unstoppable, Cloak Power, Boot Power, Armor Power, Weapon Power

    Battleaxe of Thundering +1

    Kruk's Sheet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenchuu View Post
    We're going to pretend Carolina didn't push your armor into the sea, if that's okay with you.
    Hmmph. I guess I can overlook the continuity error... this time.

    "We're okay," Hergunna calls back down to Porse. "The only pirates left on the ship won't be getting up again."

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    Porse cautiously climbs the ladder, looking around, making certain of Hergunna's claim. "Uhh... you did... well," the mate said observing. "Made a fine mess of things, but I suppose that's to be expected. Oy! Deck hands! Up here and start cleaning up this mess!"

    "Is you friend alive?"

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    Kruk adjusts his armor and takes out a wetstone to sharpen the blade of his axe. "Ya, Kane should be up and ready to go real soon...getting better by the minute...HEY HEY!... a new mark on my shield! Must've come from that flail swing from the captain. Aye, we know who got the better of who in this battle though...heh heh heh...Check out this mark over here. It came from ..." He then goes into a long history of other marks on his shield from other adventures. When he looks up when finished he notices everyone is doing other things.

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    After a few minutes, the bugbear begins to stir, slowly at first, but gradually Kane's eyes open and he spits out the blood that had built up in his mouth. His eye is swolen shut, one of his large bottom teeth has a new chip in it, and his fur is matted with blood, much of it his own, but more his enemies. Kane stands up, on wobbly legs at first and picks up his axes, placing them back in his belt loops.

    "Oh Stinkbeard, you fight good. Kane think he in big trouble there." he says. After he regains his strength, the bugbear looks to Porse and offers to "get rid" of the bodies. Assuming he says yes, Kane will move to toss them over the side of the ship into the sea, after removing their valuables of course.

    After the work is done, Kane will walk to Carolina, he says "Where you go in fight? Kane not see you, but see little blade come and stab and then disappear. You is magicks then? Like Magicman! Hey, maybe you Magickslady? That is good name maybe for you" Kane says, at the end of the conversation speaking more to himself than the halfling.


    Just an FYI, Kane's only 300 xp from 6th.
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    "Hmm, maybe keep trying?" Carolina says to Kane, good-naturedly. "Something will come to you; you'll know when it does." For the life of her she didn't know why the bugbear needed a nickname for everyone, but if it kept him busy...

    Carolina, too, is only about 500xp away from 5th level, which amazes me because I just made 4th prior to this adventure. Not that I'm arguing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by industrygothica View Post
    Carolina, too, is only about 500xp away from 5th level, which amazes me because I just made 4th prior to this adventure. Not that I'm arguing...


    yeah! and you went from 2nd to 4th, skipping level 3. Carolina is on the
    fast track.

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    Wil plucks at his bowstring. A few notes come out and he begins to rhyme a bit about their recent exploits:
    Some pirate knaves came aboard out boat,
    But Carolina proved that pirates don't float.
    Wil's arrows and songs caught them in the eyes,
    While Hergunna's wolf bit before it died
    The captain's flail didn't beat Kruk the Dwarf,
    And after Kane's victory we'll make the wharf.

    The bard shakes his head Needs some work before I can share that one He inspects the looted treasure and picks out a gem that seems like the others to an untrained eye. Ah, this article has arcane properties. I can use it well to bring more trouble to our foes. Wil continues to stroll along his comrades with a whistling verse to soothe their pain.

    Thanks for the Power Gem, after a milestone I can use a 1st or 3rd level Encounter power twice (so Rhyme of the Blood-Seeking Blade for Kane AND Kruk! or does it work for Majestic Word?)
    Wil is 500xp short of 5th level, so we are all going to do well soon. Is this a short or extended rest? Well, anyone can use Song of Rest to heal I will use 1 and heal up to 37hp


    Triggers: Virtue of Prescience (if ally within 5 is hit by less than 2), Rhyme of the Blood-Seeking Blade (if ally misses with melee by less than 6)
    Init: +4 Speed: 5 Perception:19 Insight: 17
    AC: 19 NAD:14/16/19
    HP: 37/40 Surges: 7/8 Surge Value: 10 AP: 1
    Languages: Allarian, Imperia, Draconic
    Str:8 Dex:14 Wis:14 Con:13 Int:10 Cha:21

    At Will - Jinx Shot, Cutting Words
    Encounter - Second Wind, Shout of Triumph[/s], Twin Strike[/s], Grappling Spirits[/s], Hunter's Quarry[/s], Majestic Word[/s], Words of Friendship, Moment of Escape[/s], Rhyme of the Blood-Seeking Blade[/s], Virtue of Prescience[/s]
    Daily - Arrow of Warning, Inevitable Shot, Songbow of Vanishment
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