Adventure: Lord Byron's High-Seas High-Stakes (DM: Tenchuu, Judge: H.M.Gimlord) - Page 21
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    Oops. I updated the status block correctly, but I left some of the mistakes in the mechanics. I was rushing to get it done, already late for work, and then I was like, "What, dazed! Aww crap..."

    Also, my bad on the threshold. Defenses updated.
    I assume you meant to move adjacent to the Big snake, so that's A23 where I put you.
    You are slowed, from last round, but you never rolled your save. So you can retcon for that. Slowing attack missed you this round, so if you make the save, you're good to go.
    Kruk didn't become bloodied until the last attack against him dealt damage, so it did not trigger your interrupt as stated.

    After Carolina misses, she feels warmth on her neck, and realizes that she is now blooding.

    As Kruk made his attack, the Snake instinctively lashed out with its tail, a sharp barb at the end slamming into Kruk. The strike both shocked and burned him. It backed away after the attack, to give itself some distance.

    The Scaleshaper, barely standing, deftly backs away from its attackers. With a glance back at the giant snake, he held out both arms in opposite directions. It flung mental attacks at both of the melee fighters; the one versus Kane missed, but Kruk was hit. The dwarf's head rung with pain, and his legs felt extremely heavy.

    Lieth, the giant serpent, slithered away from Kruk, putting distance between it and the fighter who had done so much damage to it. Rearing up, it spit out two quick spark attacks, targeting both of the melee specialists. The ranged attack against the dwarf was on target, blooding Kruk, and covering him with an electric field that continued to bite. Dissatisfied with missing Kane, the creature redoubled its effort and firing one big spark at Kane. The attack hit, covering Kane with an electric field which pinned him in place.

    "Witnessssss the power of the Unending Mire! Ssstand down, and we may yet let you die a quick death!" The Adept jeered, slinking back a few steps, chanting an incantation, and casting a boon on the large serpent. With an angry snear, it fired a bolt a fire at the immobilized Barbarian.

    Wil, sensing the attack, cried out, "Kane! Duck!"

    Feet stuck in place by the lightning attack, Kane belt his back backwards, and the fire bolt just barely missed his head, singing his facial hair.
    (OOC: Think Neo in the Matrix)

    "Grrrr, I'll have you yet, Oaf!"


    The ongoing damage you took at the start of your last turn put you into a bloodied state.

    Immediate Interrupt: Reactive Sting vs Kruk
    Attack: 1d20+11=30
    Damage: 2d6+6=14 damage + 1d6=2 Poison/Lightning (16 Total)
    Effect: Shift to -A25:A26

    Minor: Shift to F26
    Standard: Frightful Vision vs Kruk and Kane (Will)
    Attack Kruk: 1d20+10=15
    Damage: 1d8+5=8
    Attack Kane: 1d20+10=11 Miss
    Effect: Kruk slowed
    Move: D31

    Move: to A27:B28
    Standard: Lightning Lash vs Kane and Kruk (Reflex)
    Attack Kane: 1d20+11=18 (-2 for Mark, so miss)
    Attack Kruk: 1d20+11=21
    Damage Kruk: 2d8+4=12 +5 ongoing lightning damage
    AP: Stinging Bolt vs Kane (reflex)
    Attack Kane: 1d20+13=22 (-2 for Mark, still hits)
    Damage: 2d12+4=7 Lightning Damage
    Effect: Takes 5 ongoing lightning and Immobilized. Save ends Both

    Giant Lizard
    Move: to E25:F26 (avoiding Kane OA)
    Standard: Bite Hergunna
    Attack: 1d20+7=12 Miss

    Pact-Bound Adept
    Recharge Healing Burst: 1d6=2 (Fail)
    Move: Minor: Shift to -B29
    Minor: Dragon's Grace on Lieth (Gains resist 10 Lightning)
    Standard: Flaming Staff vs Kane (Reflex)
    Attack: 1d20+13=19
    Immediate Interrupt Wil: Virtue of Prescience, Kane gets +2 bonus to Reflex, Attack Misses.


    Wil Rando: H23 40/40 HS 10/10 AP 0 MW 2/2
    Hergunna: G24 46/46 HS 9/9 AP 0, prone
    Kane: H25 37/53 THP 0/5 HS 10/10 AP 0, slowed, 5 ongoing lightning & Immobilized (save to ends both),
    Kruk: A23 19/61 THP 0/13 HS 12/12 AP 0 SW used, slowed, 5 ongoing lightning, Bloodied
    Carolina: E21 20/39 HS 7/7 AP 1,

    Lieth, Lightning Naga: A27:B28 59/162 AP 0/2, Marked (Kruk), bloodied
    Giant Lizard: E25:F26 64/69,
    Pact-Bound Adept -B29: 57/58,
    Wyrmwarped Scaleshaper: D31 7/73, bloodied

    Giant Lizard: H26:I27 0/69 DEAD



    Lieth, Lightning Naga
    Large immortal magical beast (reptile) Level 7 Solo Artillery
    Initiative +6 Senses Perception +6; darkvision
    Shocking Convulsions aura 5; any enemy within the aura that has ongoing lightning damage is slowed and cannot take opportunity attacks.
    HP 162; Bloodied 81
    AC 19; Fortitude 18, Reflex 20, Will 20
    Resist 10 Lightning
    Saving Throws +5
    Speed 6
    Action Points 2
    Tail Sting (standard, at-will) Lightning, Poison
    Reach 2; +11 vs AC; 2d6+6 damage plus 1d6 lightning and poison damage.
    Reactive Sting (immediate reaction, when an enemy hits lieth with a melee attack)
    Lieth makes a tail sting attack against the triggering enemy and shifts 1 square.
    Spark Shot (standard, at-will) Lightning
    Ranged 20; +11 vs Reflex; 2d8+4 lightning damage; see also bloodied spark.
    Lightning Lash (standard, at-will)
    Lieth makes two spark shot attacks.
    Lightning Volley (standard, recharges when first bloodied)
    Lieth makes a spark shot attack against each enemy within range..
    Stinging Bolt (standard, recharge 5,6) Lightning
    Ranged 10; +13 vs Reflex; 2d12+4 lightning damage, and the target is immobilized and takes ongoing 5 lightning damage (save ends both). Miss: Half damage, and the target is slowed (save ends).
    Blooded Spark (while bloodied) Lightning
    When Lieth hits with spark shot, the target of the attack also takes ongoing 5 lightning damage (save ends).

    Giant Lizard, Draft

    Large natural beast Level 4 Brute
    HP 69; Bloodied 34
    AC 16; Fortitude 18, Reflex 16, Will 13
    Speed 7 (swamp walk), climb 2
    Bite (standard, at-will)
    +7 vs AC; 2d6+4 damage.

    Pact-Bound Adept
    Small natural humanoid (reptile) Level 6 Artillery (Leader)
    HP 58; Bloodied 29
    AC 19; Fortitude 16, Reflex 18, Will 19 (If does not shift during turn, -1 AC and Reflex)
    Resist 5 fire
    Speed 6, fly 4 (clumsy)
    Quarterstaff (standard, at-will) Weapon
    +11 vs AC; 1d8 damage.
    Flaming Staff (standard, at-will) Fire, Weapon
    Requires quarterstaff ; ranged 10; +13 vs Reflex; 1d6+5 fire damage, and the target takes ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends).
    Fierce Rebuke (immediate reaction, when an enemy moves adjacent to the pact-bound adept, recharge 5,6) Fear
    The adept attacks the triggering enemy; +13 vs Will; the target is pushed 3 squares and weakened (save ends).
    Dragon's Grace (minor, recharge 5,6)
    Ranged 10; one ally gains resist 10 against a damage type of the adept’s choice until the end of the encounter..
    Healing Burst (standard, recharge 5,6) Healing
    Area burst 2 within 10; allies in the area regain 20 hit points..
    Shifty (minor; at-will)
    The adept shifts 1 square.
    Shifty Boots (minor; encounter)
    The scaleshaper shifts 2 squares.
    Vagabond’s Die (minor; Daily)
    Ranged 10; The adept rolls a D6 and targeted enemy suffers random effects.
    Trap Sense
    The adept gains a +2 bonus to all defenses against traps.
    Equipment: quarterstaff, Boots of the Fencing Master, Vagabond’s Die

    Wyrmwarped Scaleshaper
    Small aberrant humanoid (reptile) Level 6 Controller (Leader)
    HP 73; Bloodied 36
    AC 21; Fortitude 19, Reflex 20, Will 18 (If does not shift during turn, -1 AC and Reflex)
    Speed 6, fly 4 (clumsy)
    Claws (standard, at-will)
    +11 vs AC; 2d6+3 damage.
    Frightful Vision (standard, at-will) Fear, Psychic
    Ranged 10; the scaleshaper attacks two different targets; +10 vs Will; 1d8+5 psychic damage, and the target is slowed (save ends).
    Unnatural Speed (standard, at-will)
    Ranged 10; targets two allies within range, or the scaleshaper and one ally within range; the target gains +4 speed and can shift 2 squares as a minor action until the end of its next turn..
    Warped Strength (standard, at-will)
    Ranged 10; targets two allies within range, or the scaleshaper and one ally within range; the target gains a +2 bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls with its melee attacks until the end of its next turn..
    Shifty (minor; at-will)
    The scaleshaper shifts 1 square.
    Shifty Boots (minor; encounter)
    The scaleshaper shifts 2 squares.
    Equipment: Boots of the Fencing Master, Amulet of Physical Resolve+2

    Lieth/Giant Snake Interrupt

    So long as Kruk is the only one attacking it, it really doesn't matter, but keep in mind any melee hit trigger the interrupt, which results in a free shift, which it will use to move away from the attacks if possible.
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    Plan is to give Kane Majestic Word, Kruk Moment of Escape, and attack the adept

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    Block dimsdale

    Kruk, tries to negate the effect of being slowed. "Aggggghhhh....I thought these boots took care of this sort of thing! Hmmmf...must have tied them up wrong"

    ooc: immediate action: boot power save vs. slowed: 1d20 = 3 nope

    ooc: delay attack until after Wil.
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    Kane manages to escape the effect of the spell that slows his movements, but cannot throw off the lightning coursing through his veins.


    *Save from end of last turn - vs slow (1d20=20)
    **Immediate Reaction to the immobilizing effect: Shrug it Off - vs immobilize (1d20=5) failed

    More stuff to happen after Wil goes

    Kane Male Bugbear Barbarian 4
    Initiative: +6, Passive Perception: 12, Passive Insight: 12, Senses: Low-light
    AC:21, Fort:19, Reflex:18, Will:14
    HP:37/53, Bloodied:26, Surge Value:13, Surges left:10/10
    Action Points: 0
    Howl of Fury
    Whirling Rend

    Furious Assault
    [s]Hunter's Quarry (Ranger MC)
    Whirling Lunge
    Whirling Frenzy
    [s]Brutal Slam[
    Shrug it Off

    [s]Swift Panther Rage
    Rage of the Crimson Hurricane
    [s]Vanguard Weapon

    Important Stuff:
    +1d8 damage when charging (only using the Vanguard weapon though). Cool stuff happens when he bloodies or kills a bad guy


    Full sheet: L4W:CS:Kane - L4W Wiki

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    Carolina takes a breath and re-surveys the battlefield.

    OOC: Second wind.

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    Keep hitting them, Kane! shouts Wil as he surveys the chaos. He spies the other leader at the back and calls out You call that TACTICS, get behind your snake, coward. The staff-carrying snake-man moves in confusion. Kruk seems slowed nearby so Wil encourages him, Move up and get them!

    Minor: Majestic Word on Kane (Heal HS+7 and shift one)
    Standard: Cutting Words on Pact Adept 1d20+8=25 vs will for 1d8+6=10 psychic damage and pull him 2 squares to -A27
    Move: Moment of Escape to slide Kruk 4 squares (or less)

    Dimsdale, do you have a multiple target attack power left? At least you can threaten the adept by being adjacent.


    Triggers: Arrow of Warning (if bloodied ally in melee is attacked)
    Init: +4 Speed: 5 Perception:19 Insight: 17
    AC: 19 NAD:14/16/19
    HP: 40/40 Surges: 8/8 Surge Value: 10 AP: 0
    Languages: Allarian, Imperia, Draconic
    Str:8 Dex:14 Wis:14 Con:13 Int:10 Cha:21

    At Will - Jinx Shot, Cutting Words
    Encounter - Second Wind, Shout of Triumph, Twin Strike, Grappling Spirits, Hunter's Quarry, Majestic Word (1 use)[/s], Words of Friendship, Moment of Escape, Rhyme of the Blood-Seeking Blade, Virtue of Prescience
    Daily - Arrow of Warning, Inevitable Shot, Songbow of Vanishment

    Full Character Sheet

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    "Hergunna...can you kill lizardman there? Kane fight big lizard if you do" the bugbear says


    I'd prefer to try and finish the Scaleshaper this turn if possible. Hergunna's got a decent shot of hitting it for 7 damage. If she can't kill it I was thinking to try Kane's Hurl Weapon feat (might as well get some use of it)

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    Block dimsdale

    As Kruk continues to look at his boots, he finds that he can now move closer to the snake, thanks to encouragement of Wil. Kruk pauses before taking another swing at Lieth, while also drawing the attention of the adept. This action against the adept doesn't work out as he swings wildly against the Lieth. "Aggghhh...Concentrate on one thing at a time Kruk!" he shouts, upset at his last attack.


    -5 ongoing damage bring kruk hp to 14

    save vs ongoing damage: 1d20 = 11
    save vs slowed: 1d20 = 14

    Shift 3 squares to a26 thanks to Hergunna

    minor: unstopable: temp healing 2d6+3 = 12

    kruk hp now 26

    attack: comback strike vs lieth AC: 1d20+10 = 18 miss ugh

    minor: use cloak power: gain resist 5 of anytype damage until start of Kruk's next turn

    mark both adept and Lieth

    Tenchuu, Kruk has a +5 resist to poison. Was that counted in the tail whip attack that connected with Kruk last round? I wasn't sure so I thought I'd ask.

    ooc: Note: Any successful melee attack against Lieth Kruk gets a free basic melee attack. This is true for the rest of the encounter as long as Kruk is next to the big snake.

    updated stats

    Kruk- Male Dwarf Fighter Level 5

    *Adverse Condition: BLOODIED
    *Initiative: +2
    *Passive Insight 14
    *Passive Perception 14
    *Senses low light vision
    *HP 55 14 + 12 temp = 26
    *Bloodied 30 Surge Value 15; Surges Per-Day 12 10
    *AC 23 Fortitude 21 Reflex 15 Will 15 Speed 5
    *Save +5 vs. poison
    +armor bonuses: resist 5 fire & resist 5 necrotic
    *action Points: USED
    *Second Wind: USED
    basic attack:+1 Thundering Battleaxe: To Hit: +10: Damage 1d10+5: additional 1d6 for a crit
    *1 healing potion: reward from To Catch a Crimelord
    *At will:
    Brash Strike
    Resolute Shield
    Covering Attack
    Bull Charge USED
    Boot Power
    Comeback Strike
    Unstopable: USED
    Bedeviling Assault USED
    Thundering Weapon power
    Cloak Power USED
    Boot Power USED
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    The movement wasn't an action, so you have another move/minor on your turn, if you want to Second Wind or anything

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    Block ryryguy

    Hergunna is listed as prone in status, but I believe that's left over from last time - she did stand last round.

    to all
    Hergunna does have a blast 5 encounter power left, if possible try to keep clear so she can use it possibly on the naga and the last kobold. (If they stop positioning themselves 6 squares apart that is, grrr..)

    If not, no big deal... it won't do a lot of damage if it hits, but it does reduce their defenses which would be nice.

    Hergunna nods at Kane. "I'll try." She steps away from the lizard and flicks a thorn whip at the wounded kobold. It wraps around the reptile's neck. Hergunna pulls and the creature falls to the ground, dead.

    Move: Shift to H24
    Standard: Thorn Whip vs. Scaleshaper (1d20+7=23, 1d8+5=10) Hoorah, a timely hit for once! That finishes him.
    (Do I get temp HP from Wil or is that already used?)

    Hergunna stat block
    Hergunna- Female Human Druid 4
    Human Form
    Passive Perception: 21, Passive Insight: 21
    AC:19, Fort:15, Reflex:17, Will:18 -- Speed:7
    HP:46/46, Bloodied:23, Surge Value:11 (13 in beast form), Surges left:9/9
    Initiative +5
    Action Points: 0, Daily Item Uses: 1, Second Wind: Not Used
    Thorn Whip, Call of the Beast, Chill Wind, Savage Rend, Wild Shape

    Thorn Spray, Resist Energy, Predator's Flurry, Hunter's Quarry

    Summon Pack Wolf

    Death Fang Totem, Enduring Beast Hide Armor, Bracers of Respite

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