Adventure: Lord Byron's High-Seas High-Stakes (DM: Tenchuu, Judge: H.M.Gimlord) - Page 29

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenchuu View Post
    "These lizards are no doubt from the Unending Mire," the dock master said, again spiting on the ground; apparently, it was a custom of sorts. "An ancient black dragon rules the lands south, with all kinds of reptile followers. We are under regular attack from their accursed kind."

    Kruk takes an another long pull from his mug of boatdock swill. "Ahhhh..." After wiping the foam form his beard he states "Black dragon?...Ha HA! We (pointing to Carolina) killed one of those." The rest of the party have heard this before and are obviously annoyed with Kruk bringing it up yet again. "What did I say?..." Kruk states in a defensive mannor after reading the body language of his comrades.

    updated lvl 6 stats

    Kruk- Male Dwarf Fighter Level 5

    *Adverse Condition:
    *Initiative: +3
    *Passive Insight 15
    *Passive Perception 15
    *Senses low light vision
    *HP 67
    *Bloodied 32 Surge Value 11; Surges Per-Day 12 6
    *AC 24 Fortitude 22 Reflex 16 Will 18 Speed 5
    *Save +5 vs. poison
    *action Points:
    *Second Wind:
    basic attack:+1 Thundering Battleaxe: To Hit: +12: Damage 1d10+5: additional 1d6 for a crit
    *1 healing potion: reward from To Catch a Crimelord
    *1 Regeneration potion: reward from Lord Byron's High Seas High Stakes
    *At will:
    Brash Strike
    Resolute Shield
    Covering Attack
    Bull Charge
    Boot Power
    Comeback Strike
    Bedeviling Assault
    Thundering Weapon power
    Cloak Power
    Boot Power

    *+2 to attack rolls for Opprotunity Attacks and target stops after a hit
    *Armor Property: Resist 5 necrotic and resist 5 fire per round
    *Shield Proptery: When flanking an enemy with an ally, that ally gets a +1 shield bonus to AC and Reflex

    Characters: Kruk (Lvl 11), Max (Lvl 11), Lerrick (Lvl 6)


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    "Hmmm...we need catchy name, it too long for Mr. Lord Byron to say Kane, Kruk, Carolina, Hergunn, Wil, and ... uh what your name again? oh yeah and Charina.'s Kruks and Carolina's kill black dragons, and we's (pointing to Wil, Hergunna, and himself) kills white dragons, uh hey Charina you's kill any dragons? Ok, lets say you do. Ok so maybe we call us the Dragonkillers, or Killerdragons... or you know something. Maybe Wil has good name, he good at music, kind of like making music to make a name" Kane says, as per usual rambling on.

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    -''Yeah, well, I'm gonna call you Chatty Bear...'' says Charina, amused.

    Yes. I went there. A Care Bear reference!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mal Malenkirk View Post
    -''Well met and thank you. You probably shouldn't be calling me lass though; I suspect I am almost ten year older than you are.'' she winks.
    The druid looks over the drow's slim figure. "If you say so," she says skeptically. "Sorry ahead of time if I still let slip with a stray 'lass' or two - you sure look the part."


    -''Looks like that shipment you are looking for has been intercepted. Almost certainly by any number of slimy things whose ears are worth a bounty to me. Mind if I tag along? Sniping is all well and good, but it's slow picking. I have had to leave large group move unhindered and focus on picking up stragglers. I wouldn't mind some large scale ear production, if you see what I mean!''[/QUOTE]

    "It's fine with me - and we could probably use the help," Hergunna says. "I've got no problem with you taking all the ears you like, as long as they're not attached to my own head."

    She turns to the rest. "Any more business here in this place? If not, let's be on our way then."
    L4W characters: Ingot, Hergunna
    LEB characters: Lady Roswyn d'Sivis, Harressh

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    The Adventure continues here...
    L4E Character: Jin | Pic | Token

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    Just in case you missed it, there is a new game thread.
    L4E Character: Jin | Pic | Token

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    DM Credits submitted for Approval

    4/18 - 6/26 (including tavern chat) More in Depth Documentation

    Requesting 2 DM credits (4/18 - 6/18). I'll roll up the 8 days with the next set of credits.
    L4E Character: Jin | Pic | Token

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenchuu View Post

    DM Credits submitted for Approval

    4/18 - 6/26 (including tavern chat) More in Depth Documentation

    Requesting 2 DM credits (4/18 - 6/18). I'll roll up the 8 days with the next set of credits.
    Approved! Sorry I missed this.
    LEB Character: Arkavas - Deva Artivicer 5
    L4W Character: Mikara Li Mesadh - Elf Ranger 7
    L4W Character: Eithal Lemindt Arehei - Goliath Warden 10
    L4W Character: Ixenvalignat - Dragonborn Warlord 3

    "Taking one's chances is like taking a bath, because sometimes, you end up feeling comfortable and warm, and sometimes, there is something terrible lurking around that you cannot see until it is too late, and you can do nothing else but scream and cling to a plastic duck." -Lemony Snicket The Slippery Slope

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