4E IL/WI Border 4E Campaigns have space for 1 new player
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    IL/WI Border 4E Campaigns have space for 1 new player

    We currently play every Friday night from 7pm-midnight in Antioch, IL. We have 3 rotating 4E D&D campaigns.

    1. The WotC HPE series - currently at P3.
    2. War of the Burning Sky 4E, my character's Story Hour diary can be found here.
    3. Rise of the Runelords converted to 4E, story hour can be found here.

    Let me know if you are interested and we can meet at Friends' Hobby in Antioch to discuss joining the group. And ask away here, I'm never sure what's important to tell, so any questions about our group are welcome.

    Kelly J.
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