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    Empathy strikes back at Iaros's mind, but again fails to break through.

    standard: mind thrust on iaros: 10 vs. will (yet another 5.... /sigh)

    move: none

    minor: none

    ministats: the same

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    Raijin keeps his distance, throwing out precise arcs of lightning in a seemingly futile effort to stop Iaros's crazed rambling. This one reaches the necromancer, striking him in the arm. We will stop you, give up and drop the crystal.

    We suck, but at least we aren't dying
    Standard: Stormwalk 1d20+4=21 (vs Iaros Reflex) for 1d8+8=10 lightning damage

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnmeier1 View Post
    at least we aren't dying
    No, but they are. That drops Iaros.

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    With Iaros down, K'atzn'ii has a disappointed look on her face, but she whispers to the genasi, "Nice work" as the githyanki rushes along the battlefield, her sword held in front of her. The swordswoman slashes her blade, drawing a small wound on the injured zombie. "C'mon brother, finish this abomination off" K'atzn'ii encourages.


    Minor: Curse Risen 54
    Move+ standard: Charge - vs ac; dmg (1d20+8=20, 1d8+4=6)
    curse (1d6=5)

    Hits AC 20 for 7 damage, no slide

    Mini Stats
    Katznii - Githyanki Warlock|Swordmage 1
    Initiative +2 Passive perception 9 Passive Insight 9
    AC 19 For 14 Ref 14 Will 14
    HP 25/31 Bloodied 15 Surge value 7 Surges/day 11/11
    Speed 6 squares
    Languages Common, Deep Speech AP 0
    Magic Items Uses 1
    Powers: Eldritch Strike
    Sword Burst
    Vampiric Embrace
    Telekinetic Leap
    Second Wind
    Armor of Agathys

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    Block garyh

    Zhen flies through the air, coming down next to the last enemy with a burst of thunder that slams into the undead.

    Move action - Rising Storm movement technique to fly to G13.

    Standard action - Rising Storm against Risen 54, applying Furious Assault.

    Rising Storm Risen 54 (1d20+4=18, 2d8+4=15) / Furious Assault (1d8=5)

    Hits Fort 18 for 20 thunder damage, and on a hit apply Flurry of Blows for another 7 damage.

    Zhen's Info
    Li "Zhen" Zhenyu - Male Half-Orc Monk 1
    Initiative: +4, Passive Perception: 17, Passive Insight: 17, Low-Light Vision
    AC: 18, Fort: 15, Reflex: 15, Will: 14 - Speed: 6
    HP: 19/24, Bloodied: 12, Surge Value: 6, Surges left: 8/8
    Action Points: 1
    Resists: None

    Crane's Wings
    Five Storms
    Stone Fist Flurry of Blows

    Furious Assault
    Half-Orc Resilience
    Rising Storm
    Second Wind

    Spinning Leopard Maneuver
    Potion of Healing x1

    Full character sheet

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    The zombie literally falls apart under the force of the thunder.

    You win!
    D'keth (11/29
    , bloodied)
    Empathy (24/24)
    K'atzn'ii (23/31)
    Lily (34/36)
    Zhen (19/24)
    Raijin (15/22)

    Also, there may have been some confusion, but the large red thing in the center is a unfortunately colored rug, not a pool of blood.

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    Empathy closely examines the so-called "rug" that had disguised itself as a pool of blood. It seemed squishy enough earlier...

    And why are her feet stained red?

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    Raijin sheaths his dagger and settles his robes and hat back down into place. The purple lines on his hands and face are more visible, through what is now obviously makeup. He walks over to Lith. A spirit of nature? Though it appears menacing it is no Oni.

    I couldn't help the Oni/Oni tie!
    Raijin will spend 1 healing surge, if Lily wants to use her healing with someone else Raijin will take the additional 1d6 since he is at 20/22 hp.

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    I will be out of the country starting tomorrow! I may have spotty access here and there but I wouldn't count on it. This battle's over anyway (Empathy will have used no resources after 5 mins is up - she didn't even take damage), but I'm sorry I'll miss the RP stuff in between. THB, please feel free to NPC me. I should be back around June 13!

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    Lily considers Raijin's question. Hmm...all spirits are natural, right? Well...unless they aren't, haha. She clapped Raijin on the back, but her laugh wasn't terribly convincing. So, what's an oni?


    OK, here's what I'll do.

    Healing spirit on D'keth, that's a surge+1. Extra healing to Raijin, can't roll lower than 2 so he's at full.

    If everyone wants to take an extra rest, then I'll Use Healing Spirit on K'atzn'ii for surge +1 (bring her to full I believe) and heal D'keth for (1d6+1=6). Then use Healing Spirit on D'keth to bring him to full and heal Zhen for (1d6+1=6)

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