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    Raijin turns from the collapsed hallway through the door. The spark from the crystal catches his eye. This talisman is still active, it will animate the dead and draw them here. He looks up ominously.

    Arcana 1d20+5=23

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    Lily nodded in knowing agreement with Raijin, then suddenly she seemed to remember something that might be important. Um....so how many bodies did we pass coming in? Oh and this is a temple right? I wonder if they buried people here. She poked the crystal with the end of her boot. What do you think the range is on this thing? Maybe we should break it... Of course that would release all the energy at one time. I'm not sure what that would do. Maybe we better start burning bodies, until we figure out how to turn this thing off.

    Lily glanced toward the mural, looking first at the end then quickly working her way back to where Iaros had been studying when they first came into the chamber, looking for some clue as to how it might have been deactivated last time.

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    From both the murals and Iaros's comments, you surmise that the necromantic energies of the crystal will recede at dawn. You would just need to survive until then.

    You hear a loud crash from upstairs, followed by a weird, unnatural cry.

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    Let us stick together. Come with me and we will strike down these abominations. Raijin moves to the stairs...

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    Nothing jumps out at you as you approach the stairs.

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    Lily glanced upward at the sound from overhead. Hmm...maybe we should get going.

    I think we should leave the crystal here, if they're attracted to it, no sense carrying it around with us. Besides this place is deserted, if the dead come here at least there is no one for the dead to hurt. She paused thoughtfully. Well except us...

    On that thought Lily started toward the stairway, Lith moving silently ahead of he. Reaching the base of the stairs something seemed to occur to her. Someone better watch out behind us, she gestured toward Iaros' body, he's liable to get up again.


    When we go up the stairs, she'll let Lith lead the way if no one objects.

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    ooc: Large post coming later today. If there's anything you want to do to Iaros's body or whatever before heading up the stairs, post it soon.

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    Upon reaching the top of the stairs, you hear a repetition of the strange cry. You turn towards the doors and thanks to the pale moonlight you can see a horrific vision: the forest is alive with rotting corpses. Some are the bandits outside, slowly pulling themselves to their feet. Some are much older, little more than skeletons. Some are animals, wolves and deer mostly, although there might be a bear or two. There are hundreds, maybe thousands. And they are shambling towards your position. Not particularly quickly, mind you, but they are coming.

    Skill Challenge: The Siege Begins
    You need to "zombie-proof" the temple as quickly as possible. So far the undead are sluggish and slow to react, an opportunity you should take as much advantage of as you can.

    The DC is 15, and you need 8 successes to pass. On any turn none of you attempt a primary skill check, you will receive one automatic failure.

    Primary Skills: Athletics, Dungeoneering, Religion, Thievery.
    Secondary Skills: Perception, anything else you can justify (but you better have a good reason for how Streetwise is going to help).

    You need to be adjacent to an entrance to fortify it. So if Zhen wants to use a box to barricade a door, he has to be next to the door, but he can assume that there is a willing box nearby.

    The rocks are difficult terrain. The bookcases block movement and line of sight, but you can move between them. The braziers can be lit.

    To represent you showing some hustle, on the first round you get an additional move action.
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