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    Ok, so Empathy's skills are all horrible for this challenge and she's better at crowd control anyway, so she'll focus on dishing damage if other folks can keep up the checks. I'll post her attack in a little bit.

    THB: Do these look like zombies similar to what we fought before, or are they particularly weak and feeble-looking (i.e. minions)? I notice one is a "risen" and the others are "rotters" - perhaps the distinction is there? If that's not something you'd care to divulge, that's totally cool - or we can make a check if you'd rather.

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    Zombies with the same names have the same stats. So this Risen is the same as the ones you found in the basement, and you also now know that all Rotters are minions with Reflex of 10 or lower, as Raijin does in fact kill Rotter 66 with that attack.

    In the future, if there's something particularly special about a zombie, I'll let you make a check to notice it. I would have done that to show the Rotters were minions, but I forgot.

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    Empathy, having seen the zombies coming, is prepared. She moves back toward Lily's spirit companion and then blasts two of them with psychic energy. She misses her main target but the force of the blast tears one of the weaker zombies apart.

    move to F12

    standard: dishearten centered on risen 61: 7 vs. will on risen 61 (a miss but if somehow not, 11 damage) and 24 vs. will on rotter 77

    THB: Can I use perception as a minor action as part of the skill challenge, or do our skill challenge actions need to be standard actions?

    Empathy ministats
    Empathy Shardmind Psion 1
    Initiative: +1, Passive Perception: 16, Passive Insight: 20, Senses: Normal
    AC:14, Fort:11, Reflex:14, Will:16
    HP:24/24, Bloodied:12, Surge Value:6, Surges left:7/7
    Resist: 5 psychic
    Action Points/Daily Item Uses/Milestones: 1/1/0
    Power Points: 2
    Mind Thrust

    Shard Swarm
    Far Hand
    Forceful Push
    Second Wind

    Ravening Thoughts

    Important Stuff:


    Full sheet: PC:Empathy (evilbob) - L4W Wiki

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    ooc: Standard action to contribute to the skill challenge.

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    Gah, zombies!

    Lily raised the skull she carried, a look of concentration passed over her face and her shadowy companion vanished and then reappeared like smoke between the two remaining undead. The skulls eye sockets flashed and Lith reached for the larger of the two with a dozen grasping appendages. They flickered and scissored like mantis claws, flaying strips of putrid flesh. Lily ran behind a row of bookcases and emerged on the other side.


    minor: Call Spirit Companion, place Lith in I4

    standard: Watcher's Strike: vs Ref [Target: Risen61] (1d20+7=22)
    Damage (1d8+5=13). Until the end of Lily's next turn, she and her allies gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls and a +5 bonus to Perception checks while adjacent to her spirit companion.

    move: Lily moves to Q5

    Lily- Female Human Shaman 3
    Initiative: +2, Passive Perception: 20, Passive Insight: 20, Senses: Normal
    AC:16, Fort:16, Reflex:16, Will:18 -- Speed:6
    HP:34/36, Bloodied:18, Surge Value:9, Surges left:9/9
    Action Points: 1
    Powers -
    Call Spirit Companion
    Spirit's Fangs
    Haunting Spirits
    Stalker's Strike
    Watcher's Strike

    Healing Spirit
    Healing Spirit
    Speak with Spirits
    Bonds of the Clan
    Twin Panthers
    Sly Fox Spirit
    Second Wind

    Spirit of the Healing Flood
    Hungry Spirits Totem


    Lily's Spirit Primer (Please Read!)

    Spirit companions are complex critters, so this is to remind everyone, myself included, of the important points. The first three items are probably the most relevant to the other players.
    • Any of Lily's allies who start their turn adjacent to her spirit companion can shift 1 square as a free action, as the first action during their turn.
    • Any of Lily's allies adjacent to her spirit companion gain a +3 bonus to their damage rolls against bloodied enemies.
    • Lily's spirit companion occupies 1 square, Lily's allies may move through its space, but her enemies may not.
    • Lily's spirit companion may be targeted by melee and ranged attacks. If a single attack deals 11 or more damage to Lily's spirit companion it disappears and Lily takes 6 damage. Otherwise her spirit companion is unaffected by the attack.
    • Lily's spirit companion uses Lily's defenses.
    • Any enemy that leaves a square adjacent to Lily's spirit companion without shifting is subject its Spirit Fang attack. (This is an opportunity action and so may used once per turn, rather than once per round. Since there is no reason not to take this attack DM please feel free to roll them as necessary.)
    • Lily's spirit companion is unaffected by terrain and environmental phenomena.

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    Sorry garyh but I think we've left Zhen to make a skill check, if that's ok with you. The good news is that since no one else took it, you get the +2 bonus Empathy got us from last round!

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    yeah, sorry about that, the door that I had originally planned on going to seems to have developed a small zombie infestation.

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    ooc: Bumping for Zhen's turn.

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    Been 4 days - should we NPC and move on?

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    Zhen continues to stack crates in front of the main door.

    The larger zombie grabs at Lith. Pieces of shadow come away it its claws, but they quickly flow back to their source. However, this does allow the other zombie to move past the mass of tendrils and lurch towards Raijin. The corpse closes the gap with a surprising burst of speed, catching the sorcerer off guard.

    Skill Challenge:
    Successes: 3/8

    Zhen gets a 29 Athletics with Empathy's bonus.

    Empathy (24/24)
    Lily (34/36)
    Raijin (17/22)
    Zhen (24/24)
    Risen 61 (-13)
    Rotter 58

    Risen 61 attacks Lith, hitting for less than 11 damage.

    Rotter 58 shifts away from Lith and charges Zhen, critting for 5. Oh minion crits. Wonderful.
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