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    "Wonderful. The temple is a few days away by horse. I have already procured the necessary animals, so if you would follow me."

    Barring interruption, Iaros leads you out of the Hanged Man and to the city's gates, where he leaves you to yourselves for a few minutes as he goes to get the horses.

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    "Horses?" Empathy asks curiously.

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    Btw, is everyone cool with Empathy and D'keth's font color choices? I can change if they are too similar for anyone.

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    "Horses!" Empathy says with an excited jingle in her voice. Walking up to one of the horses, she looks directly at it in the eye. Suddenly the horse becomes quite agitated and bucks a few times, surprising many around it. "It does not speak with us," Empathy chimes curiously, cocking her head to the side slightly.

    Nature check on horse
    I figure she's unfamiliar with this type of natural creature so she'd make a nature check first off.

    Total of 14! No idea what that means but I'll take it as a good sign.

    Empathy walks around the beast several times, looking at it from all sides. The horse quiets down after a moment, and goes back to waiting passively. She turns and observes others mounting their horses, using the saddles and quickly jumping up on their backs. The entire idea seems completely strange to her. She looks back at the horse, looks at the others, and then attempts to mount up.

    The next few minutes are best described as comic hilarity, as a 6-foot crystalline creature attempts and fails no less than three times to get into the saddle, and often ending up on the ground for her efforts. Refusing assistance, her body begins to glow a slightly deeper red with each try. Finally, on the fourth attempt, she manages to get onto the beast's back, albeit with some difficulty and no small discomfort to the horse. It nearly throws her immediately, but she somehow manages to stay on it - probably due to her weight alone - but is clearly not happy with the situation, and neither is the horse. After finally getting it to calm down again, she turns to the others and in low, spiteful tone says, "Horses."

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    Good thing we haven't gotten underway yet. You can use any Raiden (from Mortal Kombat) images for Raijin

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    "Hmmm, you have never seen a beast of burden Empathy? Ah, so I take it you are a recent creation. Were you formed from an arcanist? I have heard that there are gifted ones called artificers who can create very unique magical constructs, like the warforged. Ah, I digress from our task however. I have never ridden myself, however after seeing your display, I hope to complete my task with far more ease." D'keth says as he focuses for a moment and then flies into the air and lands on the horse. It spooks it a bit at first, but somehow the gith stays on.


    Use of telekinetic leap
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    Oh brother, you always were good with animals, I despise the smelly beasts " K'atzn'ii complains as she looks askew at the horse and hoists herself up.

    "I am certainly glad that I am not that horse" the githyanki complains as she sees the horses discomfort with Empathy on it.


    I'm fine with your color evilbob, although Farce seems to have changed...to my color

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    Zhen easily hops on the horse and looks to be a natural, though he's had no experience with the creatures.

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    ooc: Farce, mind changing your "voice" color?

    Iaros returns and leads you down the road away from Daunton. You ride for a day, rest, and then ride for another. On the second day Iaros takes your group off the road and through a sparse forest. The going for the next few hours is slower, but not difficult. Towards the end of the day you pass through the trees and find yourselves in a large clearing dominated by a weed-covered temple. It is mostly intact, although it's clear the years have not been kind to it. The walls are cracked and crumbling and the roof has partially caved in. The doors, mammoth and iron, are partially open, but you can see only darkness within. The structure exudes an aura of unease which is heighten by both the setting sun and the number of humanoid corpses lying in the clearing.

    "What on earth?"

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    Happy to be off the horse, Empathy examines the corpses curiously.
    heal check
    Heal check to determine cause of death, how long they've been dead, etc. Got a 16 (totally blowing all my good rolls now, I know it)

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