Proposal: I would like to discontinue the usage of the L4W: prefix and remove it from all existing pages. I would also like to make "PC:" a custom namespace.

Here's why:

The L4W: prefix in page titles that we have been using is redundant and unnecessary now that we have our own dedicated wiki ( Originally it helped separate content from other stuff in the enworld wiki (and may well have been a custom namespace in that wiki). There is no need to do that in the new wiki.

The motivation for doing so is that we can use the next level of prefixes as true namespaces. I would like to implement a custom namespace for "PC:" for any player character page. We could do others too, but I'd like to go with "PC:" at first.

The prefix "PC:" would become a custom namespace. Any page that begins with "PC:" would belong to the namespace for player characters. We can do some conditional formatting on pages and some reporting based on this namespace to improve things like the Character Table report I put together.

One of the limitations of the current character table is that it pulls pages that belong to "approved characters" or "requesting approval" but will miss any page that doesn't have those category tags. If we implement the "PC:" namespace, it will be easier to make sure that I am grabbing all the characters.

Besides that, it just makes sense.