Game Night, Chapter Twenty Five (The Assault Begins)

The final chapter of Jonny Nexus' hilarious novel, Game Night! The decision has been taken. The group have embarked on a mission. They shall seize the Central Pumping Plant and restore the flow of nutrients stopped so many thousands of years before. Will they succeed? Read on!

While that may be the last chapter of the ENnie-nominated novel, the whole book is available right here at EN World for you to read! You can start right here with Chapter One (The Gate).

"Well that was Game Night. I hope you enjoyed reading it, and thank you for staying with me to this final chapter.

If you want to keep track of what I'm currently working on and getting up to, you can follow me (Jonny Nexus) on either
Facebook or Twitter.

And if you fancy getting the book in paper form, perhaps as a present for someone else, it's available from Amazon and all good games shops.

Buy Game Night on for $9.99

Buy Game Night on for £7.99

In the UK and Ireland, your games shop can order it from Esdevium, with a stock code of MOP001. Elsewhere, they can order it from Indie Press Revolution.

Alternatively, if you'd like to get a copy of Game Night straight away,
there's a PDF version available from the EN World PDF store for $5.99. We hope to have an ePub version available shortly."
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