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    Quote Originally Posted by Doploctor View Post
    alright i was thinking of giving them a 4th member but didn't know what to give them so i thought that maybe a monster turned ally would even it out
    Well, taking that monster and using the companion rules on it, you would end up with something like this ...


    Iron Defender Level 3 Companion (Defender)
    Medium natural animate (construct, homunculus)
    HP 42
    Healing Surges per day: 11
    AC 20; Fort 16; Ref 16; Will 16
    Speed 6
    Immune disease, poison
    Init +3

    * Remove the pursue and attack (this ability got damaged during the initial combat with the PCs or something)
    * Bite Attack: +7 vs AC; 1d8+4 and target is marked until end of iron defender's next turn
    * Pick one Fight encounter attack power of 3rd level or lower that makes sense for it for it to have. The attack modifier is +7 regardless, and the damage modifier is +4
    * Keep the guard creature power (it would take the place of the utility power that would otherwise be allowed for the companion - although atwill may be a bit much, at the same time it gets sort of conditional with needing to be both adjacent and adjacent to a specific creature at that)
    Trained Skills: Perception +6, Endurance +8
    Str 16 Dex 15 Wis 11
    Con 15 Int 5 Cha 8
    Alignment unaligned Languages -

    Tactics: It doesn't know how to speak or understand commands, it just understands instincts to follow along the guarded ally and in the event of combat it attacks whoever seems the more immediate threat to the guarded ally (though the guarded ally may be able to use some sort of arcana skill check to get the defender to stay or other dog-like commands)

    Every level up: HP+6; Attack Bonus +1, Defenses +1
    Power: You can retrain(replace) the fighter encounter power with any fighter encounter attack power of it's level or lower
    Every Even level up: Damage Bonus +1, Initiative +1, Skills +1

    Edit: Oh yeah, in case it needs to be said, he doesn't get feats or action points (that's just for PCs), or anything else when it levels up. and for simplicity's sake, don't give him any magic item slots since they would likely not count anyway.

    Edit 2: for giving him commands, i'd probably refer to how Nature does handle animal and apply that to Arcana for controlling the thing beyond it's natural instincts.
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    wow that looks great, thanks for all the help guys i hope i'm not bothering anyone

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