H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth
Session 6.
Encounter #25 Shrine to Baphomet
Note this is Encounter #49 for this group of PCs

Round #2

Winstanley- Sly Flourish Combat Adantage GDS; Hit 23 damage- DEAD. Move into corridor. B AoO Slam Winstanley; Miss. Action Point with Phrenic's Tactical Presence. Bait & Switch B; Hit 11 damage (97 HP) and Switch places and Shift away.

Grey- Shift. Magic Missile B; Hit 11 Force damage (86 HP). Action Point with Phrenic's Tactical Presence & Action Surge. Magic Missile B; Hit 13 Force damage (73 HP).

Dirty & DB- Move into corridor, inadvertently trampling TD2 for 7 damage (39 HP). Charge B- Dirty Charge B; Miss and Marked & DB Charge Gore B; Hit 12 damage (61 HP) and Pushed 2 squares and knocked Prone.


TD1- Recharge Cloak of Lurking- Success. Cloak of Lurking- teleport further down corridor & Invisible. Ready Action.

The Tieflings want out- this is not a fight they want to be in.

TD2- Move. Infernal Wrath & Poisoned Short Sword DB; Hit 11 damage (61 HP) & 5 Ongoing Poison damage.

Kaspard- Shift back. Divine Glow B; Hit 6 Radiant damage (55 HP). Healing Word +12 HP Self (Full).

Phrenic- Move. Leaf on the Wind Combat Advantage B; Hit 8 damage (47 HP bloodied). Action Point. Steel Monsoon Combat Advantage B; Hit 9 damage (38 HP bloodied) & PCs Shift 1 square. Inspiring Word +6 HP Self (49 HP).

B- Stand. Savage Howl- all allies +2 To Hit. Charge Slam Dirty; Hit 14 damage (53 HP).

End of Turn-

Time to play 20 minutes.

Good Guys
Dirty Biskit, Male Dwarven Fighter 6 (HP67/53)
Dire Boar, Level 6 Brute [DB] [HP85/61]
Kaspard, Female Half-Elf Cleric of Bahamut 6 (HP51/51)
Winstanley Portico, Male Halfling Rogue 6 (HP51/51)
Grey Morlock, Male Human Wizard 6 (HP44/30)
Phrenic, Male Tiefling Warlord 6 (HP54/49)

Bad Guys 1300 XP Level 6 Encounter.
Tiefling, Darkblade Level 7 Lurker (x2) [TD] [HP 64/64 64/39]
Gnoll, Demonic Scourge Level 8 Brute [GDS] [HP 106] DEAD
Demon, Barlgura Level 8 Brute [B] [HP 108/38]

Action Points 3 Total 3
Daily Powers 0 Total 0
Healing Surges 2 Total 2
2nd Winds 0 Total 0
Crits 0 Total 1
PCs Ko'd 0 Total 0

Comment: And this time its the Barlgura who gets the concentrated fire- the PCs are tactically sound as ever, although the invisible Tiefling is making them nervous.