Raiko, Ashir, Haruka and Max suddenly find themselves hurtled on a forest floor. Everyone is stunned and recover slowly. Haruka looks particularly drained and pale, unable to get back on her feet. The others are barely stronger.

They look around in a daze, Sheng and Patrin being nowhere to be seen. They are surrounded by tall deciduous trees of bizarre appearances; they are so tall and yet branches hang too low, the leaves are too thick and despite how little light makes it to the ground, everything is too vividly green with bright spots of red and blues from countless flowers that appears to be in perpetual bloom.
By the color of the circle just before they landed, Ashir and Haruka believe they should be in Arcadia. The intense feeling of magic that assails their sense everywhere they look certainly confirms that they are in the land of the fey, most likely very deep, deeper than mortals are meant to see.

They seem safe for the moment and are completely exhausted, both by their struggles and by the bizarre hijacking of their teleportation. It is as if their mysterious saviours dug in their vital energy to power this feat of magic. But they hear no more from that entity and without even realizing they all collapse in exhausted slumber.

It is several hours later before some of our heroes, feeling refreshed, awaken suddenly with enough mental energy to be alarmed at their predicament.