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    ooc: Whose court is the ball in?

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    Court? What court?

    You rejected the proposal, now you steady your never for the show down.

    Tevense looks at the heroes with an inscrutable expression and nods in respect. Neva has tears in her eyes but smile bravely while holding a child. The entire village is subdued and pensive.

    Soundtrack! With Lyrics:
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfz69hpRUtQ"]YouTube- DeVotchka How it Ends lyrics[/ame]

    Listen if you have the time. First verse is exceptionnally suited to Raiko. Second is pretty awesome for Haruka. The whole song is pretty great for the whole party in the current situation, IMO. Oh, and it's a terrific song.

    Skill Challenge: Boost Morale!

    A short skill challenge to see in what frame of mind the Village will enter the last stretch.

    Try not to shoot each other down! If someone goes for the 'Hope never dies!' angle and someone else goes 'Bushido (Die like a man!)' route on the same audience, it's counter productive!

    For that reason, you may want to focus different tactics on different groups (Soldiers, civilians, children) that way you can use different tricks on different audience.

    DC 17

    6 success before 3 failures

    Aid another is DC 12 (13 for Haruka).

    A maximum of 4 rounds with everyone contributing once (so don't go over board with aid but do use it!)

    I am open to the use of many skills as long as the justification is good. I reserve the right to inflict -2, -5 or an automatic failure if the justification is lacking. Don't intimidate, though. They are not going anywhere and intimidated is precisely how you don't want them to feel when Severus' troops come back.
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    Haruka looks around and sees that she's the only person who looks happy. She rolls her eyes in exasperation and walks over to the godstone. She gives the rock a reassuring pat before climbing up onto it, placing herself in an excellent position to address the entire camp.

    "Look, I know that seeing Severus has you scared. But you have to understand what his visitation means. If he really had the power to wipe you out, he wouldn't waste time with bargains and deadlines. He'd just sweep in and raze this place to the ground. In fact, he would have done that long ago, well before we arrived. So then why hasn't he? Why did he wait so long to attack your village? Why did he offer thralldom to me and my friends?"

    Haruka waits, allowing the question to linger unanswered for a second. Then suddenly her expression turns savage as she shouts, "Because he's weak! He knows he can't beat us all, so he's trying to fragment us. He wants to trick us into running and hiding like rabbits, because then he can send out his hounds after us one by one. If he succeeds, then yes, we'll all be killed. But he and his cronies won't stand a chance if we stand together!" Haruka punctuates the last word by thrusting her first into the air, a gesture that is itself punctuated by the red flames blossoming into life around her hand. "Severus and his dandies will be fighting for sport. We will be fighting for what's right. I know which side I'd bet on."

    What a great speech. Surely Haruka believes everything she just said...
    Bluff 28, or 30 depending on the nationality of the listeners. Probably enough Jadites in the crowd to make it just 28. You know, like it matters.
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    Obviously that song was written for this encounter.

    Max nods his head in approval to Haruka speech. Nicely done! To continue with the moral effort, Max spots a group of three strong lads talking to each other in the back of the crowd. It is clear from their body language that more encouragement is needed than just words. He walks up to them.

    When I'm a little nervous before a big brawl I like to do something to psych myself up. You guys want to try it too? The boys nod. Follow me over to that wall over there. When they get there Max continues. Now...if I can climb that wall, I know i've done something tough to do. The way I see it. If I can do that, then I feel I can do anything. Whose with me! I'll go first.

    Max moves back and then puts his shield and sword down. He then runs and leaps against the wall and begins to climb...

    ooc: athletics check 1d20+8= 21

    Max climbs it with ease and screams YEAH! while the young ones stare in disbelief and awe for a moment or two. Not to outdone, they do the same. Once reaching the top of the wall they scream in triumph with self confidence radiating from their bodies. Max gives them all a punch of affection. If you guys can do that, just think what you can do those who face us tomorrow. The three roar in approval. Max smiles. Let's kick some ass tomorrow!
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    Ashir was not like the others, he was far more contemplative and he was far less effective with his words, however the young genasi had an idea, spurred by Haruka's words. He thought back to his education on the nature of their present location and about the limitations of a fey's power in the area. Ashir was sure that Severus was not nearly as omnipotent as he claimed to be.


    arcana (1d20+11=26) to add more information about the Feywild, especially about how someone like Severus doesn't have ultimate control over an area, to further Haruka's comments

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    Well, Raiko is going to observe the crowd and give you the benefits of his insight.

    Insight +11, can't fail a aid another check.

    Next person who makes a check where interpreting the mood of the crowd is in any way useful get a +2.

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    Haruka appears to be examining the nails on her flaming hand, but her eyes dart over the crowd, and then to Raiko for confirmation. "You know..." she slowly drawls, "if Severus has done his research, then he knows enough to be scared of me. Do you know why? Because I've killed a fey lord before." She nods, "It's true. The lord- well, lady, was terrorizing innocent townsfolk. But some friends and I weren't about to stand for that. So we tracked her down to her realm, expecting the fight of our lives. And you know what? It wasn't that hard at all. Even with her multitudes of guards and traps, we didn't even break a sweat. A lot of talk on her part, but not much else. I doubt Severus will be any different." Her story done, Haruka gracefully slides off the stone. She looks rather pleased with herself.

    A completely accurate recap of Ring of the Fey Lord, I assure you
    Only Bluff 22 this time. That's using Raiko's bonus, by the way.

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    ooc: You know, it would be super cool if someone would do something!

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    Seeing Haruka talking to the adults, Ashir moves towards the children, knowing they'd likely be frightened by the appearance of their tormentor. He does his best to put on a tiny magic show, showing an image of Severus falling down, the adventurer's standing with a smile, and then the children playing in fields of gold, singing and laughing.


    I think it may be Arcana...arcana? (1d20+11=29) if not, the roll should be good enough for almost any check

    Sorry, work's been ridicky-donkey as I'm off next week and trying to get a bunch of month stuff done.

    Oh, and that surely is a 100% accurate telling of the Fey Lord adventure

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    4 success! 0 Failures.

    Good storytelling from Haruka.

    Ashir, as a side effect of rolling such high arcana check is thinking he might be able to lessen the curse that affect the villagers somehow.

    Scorp? Dims?

    Everything seems to be on slow motion these days on L4W, my other game is also crawling.

    The kids are clapping and laughing at Ashir's show. The villager are taking heart at Haruka's pronuncement.

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