This product is 10 pages long. 1 OGL the rest is about the class.

There is 1 page with how the class can fit in your campaign world with 2 new feats to make existing class abilities slightly better(more uses).

This class has a d10, 4 skills, full BaB, all weapons and light/medium armor. This class is tightly focused on killing witches and it does it extremely well. My first reaction was the class might be a bit over powered but since many of it's best abilities only work against certain things balances it out a bit. This is a class that at time will really shine and feel I think a bit OP but at other times will feel a bit weak.

The best thing I can think of as a example that it plays like a paladin in how effective of a class it is. All and all i think the class makes a great NPC and a good PC. It has a fairly broad list of what fits though some things I didn't expect was on the list and some things I did expect wasn't on the list. While Witch Hunter isn't a bad name it can be a little misleading. It is more focused on hunting evil supernatural creatures or evil spell casters.

All and all for the price it is a good pickup if the class interest you in the slightest.