This product is 10 pages long with 1 page for OGL.

d6, 4 skills, low BaB, very few weapons and light armor. They can wear light armor and cast all spells with no failure chance. The Magus cast spells like a Sorc, they learn a certain number of spells. First they choose a primary spell list Cleric, Druid or Sorc/Wiz list. At least half of their spells known must be part of that list, the rest can be from any spell list.

1 page with 5 new feats and 1 page with advice on how to use a Magus in your world.

Closing thoughts, if you like combined divine/arcane casters then i think you will like this. This is one of the better and likely best balanced one I have seen. My one big worry is that it in a way kinda replaces the Sorcerer. Since one of the class options allows the Magus to get a Sorc Bloodline with most but not all the benefits of the bloodline. I would need to see it in play to be sure but after a read it is a minor worry, I don't think it would. For the price it is a good buy for those looking for a divine/arcane caster or something new and different.