What Condition Colors do You Use?
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    What Condition Colors do You Use?

    I've collected a bunch of bottle cap rings to mark conditions for my debut as a convention DM. (Yay!) I just want to get a sense of the common color-condition associations that people use. For example, I'm sure that most people use red for bloodied, but what colors do you use for a striker mark? A defender mark?

    And for the love of all that's sweet and holy, are there any non-diet drinks that have black caps?

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    Block Prestidigitalis

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I bloodied your buddy
    and now I marked you.
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    Block Wormwood

    Hunter's Mark: Blue

    Fey Pact Curse: Green
    Infernal Pact Curse: Black
    Star Pact Curse: Purple

    Divine Challenge: Yellow
    Divine Sanction: Orange

    Oath of Enmity: White

    Combat Challenge: Grey
    (Dwarf Option: Beer Bottle Cap)

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    Block Hellzon

    Mind, this was in MapTools, for a PbP game.

    Bloodied: Red
    Marked: Blue
    Oath of Enmity: Green, because the Avenger was an elf
    Yellow: Other, se explanatory text (or "track it yer darn self" in FtF)

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    I've notice a lot of people use the following colors. Note that this is across local LFR groups as well as conventions, so there seems to be some deep-seated associations here.

    Yellow = paladin's Divine Challenge or Divine Sanction. I have seen yellow used for other things, but whenever someone is playing a paladin his DC/DS is always yellow. Probably mentally connected to sunlight, which fits in with the whole paladin / radiant thingy.

    Blue = fighter's marks. Not as universal as yellow, but pretty common. I'd say 75% of the fighter marks I see are blue (light or dark). I'm not sure what blue has to do with fighters, though.

    Black = something bad that the monsters put on the PCs (or rarely, vice versa) -- save ends conditions and the like. Whether by universal tacit agreement or what, black is always bad. This is a longstanding color connotation, of course.

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    Block kerbarian

    Some of the common colors we use are:

    Bloodied: Red
    Marked (fighter): Blue
    Hunter's Quarry: Light grey
    Astral Seal: Light blue
    Immobilized: White
    Slowed: Yellow
    Dazed: Purple
    Ongoing damage: Dark grey (or sometimes orange for fire, green for acid, etc.)
    Blinded: Black
    Grabbed or restrained: Green

    This is with the Alea Tools markers, so it's easy to distinguish, for example, their blue from their light blue.

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    Block fba827

    the only condition that our group maintains as a single color is red=bloodied.

    for character imposed marks/quarry/curses, we tend to stick to one color for the life of the character (so if that PC uses blue to divine challenge one session, we try and keep that for whenever that PC is there).

    beyond that, it is ad hoc but remains consistent for the session (i.e. getting slowed might be yellow one session and pink the next).

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    Block keterys

    Yeah, mostly each person gets a couple colors and we go with that.

    Off the top of my head, I'd probably do:
    Bloodied = Red
    Movement Problem = Blue
    Restricted action / penalty = Yellow
    Ongoing Damage = Green
    Marked* = Each player gets their own color, as long as it's distinguishable from the others. Silver, frex, is pretty good.

    * Actually marked, not hunter quarried or oathed or any of those

    I wouldn't track oath, quarry, doom, etc.

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    Block AbdulAlhazred

    Most of the games I've run have been on maptool. There is a pretty standardized set of condition graphics that most everyone uses.

    We use cross shaped icons for marks, each marking character picks a color, which they generally stay pretty consistent with, so the fighter might use blue, etc.

    HQ uses a little burst icon, again same thing, most characters stay consistent.

    Our usual warlock has always used a purple halo to signify a curse. I guess if there were multiple warlocks we'd use more than one color.

    The general rule is any given character consistently uses the same color for these effects, so the warlock's HQ (he's MCed into ranger) is purple too, etc.

    For tabletop use I've also used consistent color codes (pipecleaner rings with colored tags attached). Routine stuff just get tags of a specific color, so the standard conditions each have a color. Ones that represent more specific things get a symbol and if needed a number. Colors there generally represent termination conditions.

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    We use the full set of Alea markers so we have a lot of colors:


    Hunters Quarry=Medium green

    Paladins Mark= Yellow

    Starpact Curse= Dk Purple

    Slowed= Lt Blue

    Immobilized= Med Blue

    Restrained= Dk Blue

    Poisoned= Lt Green

    Dazed= Lt Grey

    Stunned= Dk Grey

    Dragonborn fighters mark= Orange

    We usually assign the other colors on a per encounter basis as needed.

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