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    Block Neurotic

    "Bah, city-official talk. You could have asked for help holding out before your wizard comes. We already told you we are going as search party, you could have used us better then this. Your loss. Let's go people."

    Rocco runs and vaults over the fence in two strides showing remarkable agility for a dwarf.

    OOC: imaging old high jumpers scisoring their legs except rocco helps himself with hands.

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    Make a climb check and an initiative check. There is no DC for the skill check, everyone will make it to the otherside. But some will be more graceful than others which will impact the start of the hostilities.

    IC Rolls rules

    I want all IC rolls to be made while you are logged. Always use your character name instead of player's name. Always use the exact same name, never use a variation!

    Preferably, add your bonus to attack transparently in the IC rolls; i.e. if you have combat advantage, use 1d20+10+2 instead of 1d20+12.

    I also appreciate it if you include the target and power in the text description.


    Sly Flourish vs Fey Panther1 (1d20+11+2=22, 1d10+8+2d6=17)

    If you click on the link, you'll see that the character's name is Charina. I'd expect the rolls for this character to always use Charina. I would not be happy to see some rolls come up as Charina while others come up as Charina Dexter, Charina's AP, Charina's ambush, Carina, Carina Dexter etc.

    If I see that sort of things, I will assume the player is cheating, pure and simple. AFAIC, There is no reason whatsoever to regularly swap the character name beyond making it harder for me to track down the rolls through IC's search feature.

    If I see that, I will disregard the roll that uses the non-standard character name and treat it as a 1. If it happens a few times, I'll simply kick you out.
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    Dante's Athletics: 1d20+9=17.
    Virgil's Athletics: 1d20+9=11.
    Dante's Initiative: 1d20+5=13.

    Wik, I was updating the Character Status page for Dante and saw that Abigail hadn't been updated, so I did that for you.
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    Man, miss a day and it seems like half an adventure! Great to meet everyone! I am very new at this, both 4th edition and online gaming, so if you have any advice, I am happy to hear it. I'm playing Renquist as an ardent Paladin, so very offensive based, but I'm happy to play the main defender with marks. He has the HP and healing surges. Also, his Lay on Hands should help with Dante and Abigail if they need it. Funnel them to me and slice em down as they come!

    Renquist walks slowly, steadily along with the two humans, wilden, dwarf and the new addition of the half elf.

    "Quite the group we have here..." Renquest thinks to himself.

    He can't help but be a little... bothered... by the half elf. Renquist has become used to the fact that most humanoids don't look directly at him. Even the bold adventures whom he usually finds himself in company often are dismissive of his person. The reaction of the female human as a case in point. Long ago did Renquist decide that the touch of a diety upon a soul was a difficult to recognize and process. That it was easier to ignore that which one wasn't comfortable.

    And now this half elf was looking right at him. It was a little unsettling.

    Renquist listens to the exchange with the gnome, quietly. After the party starts to cross the barricades, Renquist looks down at the heavy platemail armor and exhales disgustedly. He attempts to aim for a sturdy aspect and climb over.



    Init: +1 Speed: 5 Perception:13 Insight: 18
    AC: 18 NAD: F: 15 R:13 W:15
    HP: 31/31 Surges: 13/13 Surge Value: 7 AP: 1
    Languages: Allerian, Old Allerian
    Str:16 Dex:12 Wis:16 Con:16 Int:8 Cha:12

    At-Will: Ardent Strike, Holy Strike, Divine Challenge, Lay on Hands
    Encounter: Channel Divinity: Divine Mettle, Channel Divinity: Divine Strength, Second Wind, Divine Pursuit, Dark Reaping
    Daily: Blood of the Mighty
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    Block Wik

    Invis castle won't let me log in (again). +2 Init, +Athletics.

    And IS, you miss my point. If Abby marks the fighter's target and runs, a neat thing happens. If it attacks the fighter, it does so at -2, AND it'll get whacked by Abby (who teleports into a flank, natch) if it hits. If it moves and chases Abby, the fighter's OA will trigger, with the fighter's ability keeping the guy locked in base to base.

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    I got your point, was just making sure you weren't talking about both of you marking the same dude (which you weren't I see). I forgot about Combat Superiority. Want me to roll Abigail's Athletics/Init?


    Dante, Male Human Ranger 2
    Passive Perception: 18, Passive Insight: 13
    AC:18, Fort:17, Reflex:16, Will:14 -- Speed:6
    HP:27/27, Bloodied:13, Surge Value:6, Surges left:6/6
    Initiative +5, Action Points:1
    Powers: Twin Strike, Predator Strike, Careful Attack, Off-Hand Strike, Invigorating Stride, Second Wind, Jaws of the Wolf

    Opportunity Attack: +8 vs. AC, 2d4+5 damage.
    Note: Dante makes an OA on any enemy that makes a melee attack on Virgil as long as the enemy is within reach 2 of Dante or Virgil is adjacent to Dante.

    Virgil, Beast Companion(Lizard) 2
    Passive Perception:12, Passive Insight:12
    AC:17, Fort:14, Reflex:14, Will:12 -- Speed:6
    HP:30/30, Bloodied:15, Surge Value:7, Surges left:2/2

    Opportunity Attack: +8 vs. AC, 1d8+3 damage.
    Note: Virgil's OA uses Dante's Immediate Reaction.
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    Block Neurotic

    Athletic (climb) (1d20+8=20)
    Initiative (1d20+3=7)

    OOC: the description stays the same


    I was thinking the same thing. Rocco can mark multiple targets and having paladin divine challenge on one adjacent is just great. Same for Abi's mark since she can teleport to flanking position.

    We may take it slow, but we'll win at the end.

    I'm not sure if shaman spirit can flank if it can we can make a square with enemies inside flanked wherever they move and our artillery outside - with Dante and his lizard near the spirit

    To Mal regarding IC
    sometimes I post from cell phone. It's hassle enough having to make the rolls - I don't bother with signing in or if I do I don't fill all the fields. Since you're strict about it, I'll make a notice - it happens about 2/month when I'm in client support and not at all when I'm not. If you don't like that, say it now and I'll let MetaVoid roll (with my account) or will simply state the stats and let you roll

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    Block MetaVoid

    Climb (with Speak with spirits); Init (1d20+0+4=6, 1d20+2=15)

    Nementah communes with the spirits of nature to aid her in climbing, but the fence has nothing to do with nature and everything to do with limiting it. It refuses to help and Nementah climbs slowly and eventually she gets over it.

    OOC: I was thinking on attacking the fence and using Voyage of the Ancients, but this is just a fence and even as DM announces there are hostiles on the other side, PCs don't know that...

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    Block modest

    Ibram takes his time and climbs the fence slowly and carefully, almost like he's taking unnecessary precautions. The fullblade on his back clatters and swashes against his chain.

    Athletics - +0. Everyone else used athletics so I assume acrobatics is out? Roll Lookup hehe..

    And..Initiative- +1. Roll Lookup.

    -Journal of Ibram Gaunt
    Day 1: Left the library after cataloging for nearly a month, still no closer to the source. Spirits down after lack of social engagement. Mind and fingers are itching to perform, headed to tavern. Ale was stale and a little musty, drank three. Found old ally, and some new ones. Allies seem confident. Enthusiastic. One doesn't speak though his lack of words say more than enough. He intrigues me. Inability to read him unsettles me.

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    1d20+1 → [19,1] = (20) Roll Lookup

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