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    Arcana Evolved: The Tale of the Crystal Princess

    It is a balmy summer evening at the end of July*, and the village of Waybeloved is gathered to celebrate the wedding of Gilda and Fernando, two young locals. Already the festivities have been going on for some time, and as the sky deepens to dusk, the village green beside the Waybeloved Inn is lit by coloured lanterns hungs from the ancient oak, and by the glowflies that seem to want to join in with the dancing.

    As luck would have it, a couple of viajetes boats are moored by the ferry crossing, and the viajetes musicians are more than happy to play lively jigs and reels in exchange for food and drink. Most of the spit-roasted pig has been eaten by now, but there is still plenty of Waybeloved Ale and Rosenblume wine to go around.

    Waybeloved is a mere crossroads, where a ferry takes the road from Rosenhof (largest town in the County of Rosen) over the river to Gildenspyre (an airship port), and where traffic taking this branch of the White River travel between Candlespire Keep and Mournharbour. Over the years, it has grown around the ferry and the Inn, and it is always welcoming to travellers. Many of the "guests" at the wedding are strangers who are just passing through and have been inexorably drawn into the festivities.


    It's a predominantly role-playing opening. Your characters are all at the wedding party. Some of them might know Gilda and Ferdinand, others might just be passing through. You might know some of the other PCs already. Further details of Waybeloved (such as there are) can be found in the OOC thread. For now, just have fun describing what your character is up to.

    *Although I usually like to create worlds with their own calendars etc. to give a sense of a different place, this setting uses real world months, and possibly a few references to real places (like Ancient Aegypt) to give the fairy tale sense of somewhere real and yet unreal.
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