This pdf consists of 65 pages.
1 page Front cover, 1 page back cover, 1 page OGL, 1 page table of contents and 16 pages of ads, leaving 45 pages of content.

There is one page of editorial, which was a nice read about being a 3pp and the chance to influence "mainstream" PFRPG.

Then you get 2 pages of new magic items, including nice fluff and bardic lore/Knowledge (Arcane) checks. The first is an instrument that can be used very swiftly, the second a gem to help with bardic lore and the third is an amulet helping you with your domain. The highlight here, is the prose, though. Captivating and concise.

After that we get a 7-page interview of 50 questions with Robert N. Emerson, mostly on the "Litorians"-book by Rite.

Following up, we get a gorgeous full-page illustration of the "Pasha of swirling Ashes" by Jason Rainville (taken from the Coliseum Morpheuon patronage project by Clinton Boomer) as well as his 1-page statblock. Got curious? Check it out! I haven't regretted being a patron for CM for one second!

Following up, you get the statblock of Venn "The Vulture" as well as a sneak-peak at the poison upgrades and feats from Rite's "Evocative City Sites: Rogue's Gallery Tavern", a highly recommended location that costs a measly $1.99.
I've written a review, so, if you're interested, go check it out.

After that, it's crunch-time: 7 new magical weapon properties is a preview for the Rite-book containing 101 of them. They are clever and neat.

Then comes the crown-jewel of the issue, at least for me: The 3 pages strong "Army of Darkness"-article helps the fledgling, world-conquering necromancer with new feats, a new rule for spontaneous undead creation, a new undead archer and 2 deadly and cool new arrows that put the fear of undead back into the hearts of those sun-worshiping radicals.

"Ghouls stalk the Night" is a cool 3 pages sidetrek with nice fluff that, thanks to 3 different statblocks can be used for different levels. And I can't see any group guessing what the creature is. Creative idea, for sure.

After that, we get a short, 1-page introduction to Questhaven that doubles as a preview for what to expect of the City of Spells series. Cool! we get more on Questhaven with the 1-page article "Rise of a Merchant Prince", plus the useful "Stone of silent alarm".
"Changing Fashions" deals with fashions in a high-fantasy town and the issues and is a nice supplement to the "Evocative City Sites - Intimate Shape Festhall".

The Aku-Boma is a new, intelligent plant monster of the creepiest sort. Spellcasters trying to bypass it will have a lot of fun... Hehehe.

Then there is "Jolunga", a suped-up, earth-infused, advanced bulette. Cute Critter, 2 pages.

The final new monster (again 2 pages) is the "Asanbosam", a predator-like aberration that can put the fear of the woods back into your PCs.

After that, we get 1 page of advice on using "Evocative City Sites", to be precise, "Kavit M. Tor's Emporium of Collectible Curiosities", followed by a page of 5 new first level spells from the upcoming "101 1st level spells" book, due on June 1st.

Then one can read a 2-page interview with Hugo Solis.

After that, we get the review section:
"Liber Vampyr: Secrets of the Blood" (2 pages), "Ashton Sperry's Paper Minis: Litorians" (1 page),
"Incantations from the Other Side: Spirit Magic" (2 pages),
"Darkness without Form: Secrets of the Mimic" (1 page),
"Adventuring Classes: A Fistful of Denarii" (2 pages) all written by Shane O' Conner,
"Heroes of the Jade Oath" (2 pages) by Dark Mistress,
"Kavit M. Tor's Emporium of Collectible Curiosities" (1 page) by Mairkurion {tm}
and Rituals of Choice 1: A Witch's Choice (1 page) by Megan Robertson.

All the reviews had in common that they were actually helpful and informative and were about interesting products one may have missed.

5 Stars, come on! You get all that for FREE.

Download it NOW and, if you like the style, be sure to check out some of RiP's products. I have yet to be disappointed by any of them.