D&D 4th Edition 24th-Level Monster Conversions

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    24th-Level Monster Conversions

    This thread is a continuation of the Monster Project. This thread is for converting old-skool monsters that I feel sit at 24th level. I welcome suggestions on these beasties (or other monster suggestions).

    Here is the list of monsters to be converted, along with what I am using as a "primary source":

    24th Level Monsters on the List
    Crawling Head (3e Fiend Folio)
    Dao (1e Monster Manual 2, 2e Monstrous Manual, 3e MotP)
    Megalodon (various)
    Plasm (Spelljammer iirc? No- Mystara MC Appendix)
    Ruin Chanter (3.5 MM5)
    Scyllan (Stormwrack)
    Ungulosin (Planescape MC Appendix 3)

    24th Level Variants I've Already Done
    Cunning elder behir (level 24 artillery)
    Dragon turtle (level 24 artillery) Updated in this thread at the link
    Abyssal morkoth (level 24 solo controller)
    Living wall shrouder (level 24 controller)
    Energized copper horror swarm (level 24 minion skirmisher)
    Cloud titan (level 24 elite soldier) giant
    Spell eater weaponcharged (level 24 soldier)
    Sperm whale ascetic (level 24 soldier)

    Higher Level Monsters to be Converted
    Beholderkin, Hive Mother [29th level]
    Blackball [30th level]
    Corpse Gatherer [25th level]
    Corrupture [30th level]
    Deepspawn [27th level]
    Elder Brain [30th level]
    Elemental, Omnimental [26th level]
    Elemental, Tempest [25th level]
    Fiendwurm [27th level]
    Flesh Jelly [26th level]
    Froghemoth [25th level]
    Gargantuan, Devastation Spider [27th level]
    Genius Loci [30th level]
    Golem, Adamantine [30th level]
    Golem, Mithril [26th level]
    Hellwasp Swarm [26th level]
    Infernal [30th level]
    Juggernaut [28th level]
    Ki-Rin [26th level]
    Kraken [30th level]
    Living Holocaust [27th level]
    Marid [25th level]
    Nuckalavee [27th level]
    Plague Spewer [25th level]
    Planetar [28th level]
    Plasm, Giant [26th level]
    Siege Beetle [27th level]
    Sirrush [25th level]
    Solar [30th level]
    Uvudauum [25th level]
    Zaratan [27th level]
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