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    My new character is Scarmiglione, kenku opera singer extraordinaire! (No, he's not a bard. Sheet is very nearly done. I'll be introducing him with an article in the Screamer when I've finished writing it.)
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    OOC: Kaz, level 3 avenger. Sheet is almost finished.
    My PBP characters: http://tinyurl.com/yy9skz2

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    OOC: Fredrock, level 3 battlemind. Sheet is updated and waiting for approval
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    Eithal's eyes open, as the others begin to say their good-byes, "Ah s'pose Ah'll be leevin' too. I was a playsure hayelpin' yew owt. Hollah if yew need ayny mowah hayelp."

    As she takes her leave toward the shore and the awaiting ship, she can't help but hope that she's not abandoning Cale to a grim death, Ah'm gonna come bayack heah an' help befoah too long.

    OOC: IS: I'm game with whatever you come up with.

    Eithal Lemindt Arehei (Female Goliath Warden Level 4)
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    Yim heads back into town, following Kaz to see about reinforcements. But, on the first night's camp, a familiar voice calls to him in a dream:

    "Yimayngurr my son! We needing your help! Come back to your people. Him what sent you away is no more! Come djambatj and lead the Rripangu to victory!"

    The next morning, Yim briefly toys with the idea of staying to help his newfound friends bring down the council of raven's. But he could tell in his dream that Botj's need is just as great. And for Yimayngurr his tribe will always come first.

    Arriving back in Daunton he parts ways with the others saying, "Well mates, it's been real. But I been called to help me own people. You mob're plenty strong enough to wipe out a bunch of smelly birds. But, I best be on my way. Look me up if you're ever in Kythira, eh?"

    The half-orc then turns away, heading down to the lower docks and his trusty canoe, a spring in his step and a glow in his eye.

    OOC: The character I'm bringing in is: Salgyn Khovalyg, level 4 Half-elf Bard (shaman)
    Singer of Urtyn-do, caller of the Wind Horse, and wielder of the Khat-uzutkaar
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    The ship turns out to be a tradeship blown off course by a storm and unfamiliar with the local landmarks. They give you passage in exchange for guiding them back to Daunton and a day later, you are waving to the crew as you stride up the pier.

    GM: I'll work on the adventure and probably start the new thread this weekend some time, so you guys have a bit to head to tinker with your characters, shop, and visit the tavern if you want, maybe link up with the new characters there.

    If you'd rather have your new characters meet up in another fashion, just PM me and we'll talk about working you in along the way instead of in the tavern.

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    OOC: Scarmiglione is done, approval request sent in, Screamer interview published.

    His main motivation at the moment is to get the hell out of Daunton, so I'd prefer it if he skips the tavern entirely and joins the group as they're leaving the city.
    Papolstaanas (babbling kobold); Pharodeys (living statue); Scarmiglione (singing kenku)

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    GM: I just read it and it's awesome. I'd have given you an xp, but it wouldn't let me. We can have him join up in the new thread.

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    The new thread is up here.

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