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    Those creatures seem to only show themselves during the night; however the town does not seem like it could keep them away. It is better that we continue on and stay weary of our surroundings.

    A wise man once said "A fool wants to die in his bed. The wise do not want to die at all."
    says Kaz.

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    "Well, it seems we have a majority for pressing on. I guess we'll skip the village this time, see how far we can get tonight," Mason says.

    The wagon heads down the overgrown road, the going slowing appreciably. Things get even worse when the skies cloud up and the rain begins to fall an hour later.

    Before long, it seems as though everyone is spending more time pulling the wagon out of the mud than is spent heading down the path. After a couple hours of dirty, back-breaking work, Mason has the group pull the wagon off the path in the partial protection of a slightly overhanging cliff-face. It's still chilly, damp, and exposed to occasional gusts of wind, but at least with a couple fires going the group is spared the worst of the storm.

    "We'll be at the bridge sometime tomorrow morning," Mason says everyone huddles close around the fires and eats some partially-warm stew. "Even if it rains hard and the roads are as bad as they were earlier, we'll still get there before noon."

    Soon the craftsmen are settling down to bed, huddled close to the fires in their damp blankets to get some sleep.

    "Time for me to go to bed as well, wake me up if you see any ghosts or stinky crows or whatever,"
    she says. "If there's something like that around, I'd prefer to see it with my own two eyes.

    Same order as before?

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    Same watch order is fine with me

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    same as before works for me

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    Same order is good.

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    The night is dark, the only like coming from the fires that the party struggles to keep burning with damp wood, sudden gusts, and the water running down the cliff face.

    Standing on watch is miserable. To get a good view of the surrounds, those on watch have to leave even the marginal shelter of the cliff, exposed to the rain and winds directly.

    Required Check
    Everyone on watch makes an Endurance or Nature 15(rolled) check or loses a healing surge at the start of the next day from chills and exhaustion. For every watch where the fire goes out, the DC increases by 2. Roll it either way and I'll let you know the final DC once everyone has finished their watches.

    First Watch
    You are cold and wet, huddled in blankets as the storm tears into you. Even the most stalwart of you look back at those shivering by the fire with longing.
    Perception 18(Darkvision), 20(Low-light), 22(Normal)
    You see and hear something moving around in the storm just at the edge of vision at random intervals throughout your watch, but it has always vanishes like a figment of your imagination when you point it out or examine it more closely...
    Insight 20
    There is something out there in the night, something dangerous and malevolent. You can sense it watching you and even your dreams are nightmares full of figures chasing you, always behind you, just out your vision. By the time your watch is over, you almost wish something would attack, if only you could have something tangible to fight.
    Nature 16
    You keep the fire going.
    Nature 25
    This storm isn't natural, not for this time of year, especially this cold. Your teeth are chattering and the summer clothing and bedding everyone brought is barely adequate.

    Second Watch
    The storm intensifies while you are on watch and it's a struggle to keep the fire going. Mason wakes up briefly and gives you a small flask of something highly alcoholic to ward of the chill, but even with it the cold cuts to the bone.
    Nature 18
    You keep the fire going despite the intensity of the storm.
    Nature 25
    This storm isn't natural, not for this time of year, especially this cold. Your teeth are chattering and the summer clothing and bedding everyone brought is barely adequate.
    Arcana 20
    You sense a hint of dark magics in the night, perhaps the storm, perhaps something else...
    Arcana 25
    You detect a web of magic around the camp, a subtle, black curse that you manage to dispel with fragments of a half-forgotten ritual. Mechanical benefit: You gain an extra action point at the start of the next day.

    Third Watch
    You're awakened from your fitful, chilled sleep into a wet hell. It's a struggle to keep the fire going, especially since most of the nearby wood has already been burned, require stumbling treks into the wet dark for wood.
    Nature 20
    You keep the fire from going out, despite the intensity of the storm and the dwindling wood supply.
    Nature 25
    This storm isn't natural, not for this time of year, especially this cold. Your teeth are chattering and the summer clothing and bedding everyone brought is barely adequate.
    Dungeoneering 20
    Towards the end of watch, as it begins to get light, you see that the rain has weakened the cliff face. It could collapse at any moment on those just stirring from their blankets...

    At dawn the rain still falls as everyone awakens, soaked, groggy, coughing, and chilled from a night of fitful sleep and dark dreams...
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    Kaz takes the second watch. The rain makes it impossible to see and soaks his robes. Though he does not complain in the morning, it has been a difficult night for him.

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    Eithal stokes the fire to keep it going as she stares out into the darkness. Suddenly, her face goes ashen. Her eyes dart from one nondescript location in the night to another. She draws her axe and, standing up, she runs to the edge of the firelight still straining to see into the darkness, "Yimmy!" She whispers over her shoulder, "Somethin' aint riyaht. It's lahk somethin' owt thayah wants tah keell us."

    Try as she might, she is unable to see anything. She wants to warn the others, but she knows it would be silly to wake the group on only a suspicion.
    Insight = 1d20+1=20
    Perception = 1d20+6 = 18
    Nature = Passive = 16

    Edit: Didn't see the required Nature check (rolled) 1d20+6=9 Fail. Down to 11/12.

    Eithal Lemindt Arehei Female Goliath Warden Level 2
    Initiative: +1
    Speed 6
    Passive Perception: 16; Passive Insight: 11; Senses: Normal
    Powerful Athlete: Roll twice for Jump/Climb Athletics checks
    AC: 19; Fort: 17; Reflex: 11; Will: 13
    HP: 42/42; Bloodied: 21; Surge Value: 10; Surges left: 11/12
    Action Points: 1
    Strength of Stone
    Thorn Strike
    Warden's Fury
    Warden's Grasp

    Grasping Winds
    Strength of Stone
    Relentless Panther Attack

    Warden’s Tempest
    Form of the Relentless Panther
    Sudden Roots: Whenever Eithal hits an enemy with an Opportunity Attack, that enemy is slowed until the end of its next turn.

    Crushing Earthstrength: When Eithal uses her second wind, she gains a +4 bonus to her weapon damage rolls until the end of her next turn.
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    The chill rain does not seem to bother Fredrock on the 2nd shift as it seems to do with Kaz, but the shift drags on, as nothing interesting happens.

    I am still getting used to IC..rolled three checks 3 times ...only the 1st 3 are valid..passed the Endurance with flying colors (unless the fire goes out more than 4 times!), but failed the nature and arcana checks.
    Endurance (1d20+10=23), Nature (1d20+4=8), Arcana (1d20+2=18)

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    Corvus does his best to keep warm in the storm, grumbling the whole time, "You see, this is exactly what I was talking about, guess what? Tomorrow, we'll all be miserable, exhausted, and even more vulnerable. Gods!" he complains, throwing up his hands. He spends about five minutes looking for wood, throwing the soaked timber to the ground in frustration.


    endurance; nature; dungeonering (1d20+7=11, 1d20=14, 1d20=6) yup... he fails

    That'll bring him down to 9/10 surges

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