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    LEB - Tavern Patrons

    This post has been around for a bit and is getting a bit of an overhaul. The original (or what remains of it) is left for posterity below. If you want something noted about your PC (or someone elses) feel free to reply to the thread:

    Adventurers are regularly found sitting in the Tower's Shard. Here are those that stand out to others entering the establishment.

    At the Bar:
    Alador (TheWalrus) - Human Wizard 4
    Alexia Madgearu (TwoHeadsBarking) - Human Bard 8
    Czern Belog (stonegod) - Revenant Knight 9
    Experiment 354b (hornedturtle) - Warforged Psion 5
    Malehan (Velmont) - Half-Elf Avenger 8
    Moses Blackhand (jbear) - Human Invoker 4

    Tondrek (stonegod) - Half-Orc Artificer/Self-Forged 11

    Just a Table:

    Table in a Shadowy Corner:

    Table by the Fire:

    Table in a Shadowy Corner by the Fire:

    PCs Destined for Adventure:

    Role Call:
    Controller: 3 (Alador, Experiment 354b, Moses)
    Defender: 1 (Czern)
    Leader: 2 (Alexia, Tondrek)
    Striker: 1 (Malehan)
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