4E [Adventure] The Predicament of Mr. Gimo Tine [Judge:?]
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    [Adventure] The Predicament of Mr. Gimo Tine [Judge:?]

    You stand there at the exit of the tavern, uncertain of were you should go. There is always the chance of entering the tavern again and asking more questions.

    You have 36 hours before execution.

    Places to go you actually know of

    -Mr Tine House[2 hours walking, 2 hours returning]
    -The Clay pits [3 hours walking, 3 hours returning]
    -Mr. Simpletown establishment[1 hours walking, 1 hours returning]
    -Addressless door[1 hours walking, 1 hours returning]

    Important NPCs

    Mr. Simpletown
    Mrs Tine
    Mr Tine

    Current Evidence

    -A bag with 100gp used to bribe Mr Raspyhand.

    Current clues

    -Gimo appeared to know nothing of what happened
    -Several witnesses recognized him
    -Mr Simpletown and Mrs Tine are certain Gimo is innocent
    -Gimo's memory gape happened in the backstore of Mr Raspyhand
    -Mr Raspyhand was bribed by someone to send Gimo to the addressless door next to his pottery.
    -There is a password that the group needs in order to enter the addressless door. They could also attempt to bash in.

    Game Info

    DM: Voda Vosa
    Start date: 20th June 2010
    -EvolutionKB playing Cliff level 6 shifter seeker|ranger
    -Velmont playing Jarel-karn level 6 genasi swordmage
    -ScorpiusRisk playing Bell level 4 human bard
    -RedBeardJim playing Morvannon level 4 half-elf warlock
    -dimsdale playing Grakk level 4 goliath barbarian
    -Ozymandias79 playing Soldier level 6 warforged fighte
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