Homebrew Top Secret/SI Conversion
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    Top Secret/SI Conversion

    Hello to all fellow gamers,

    I have a very special question regarding the TOP Secret/SI RPG (from TSR). It's an old one and not longer in print, as far as I know. Hopefully there are some Gamers out there who will remember this one.

    As I mostly run DND 3rd campaigns I were always fond of the (IMO) 'realistic' and 'deadly' combat rules of the TOP Secret/SI (and of the system in general) I know this is controversal as many other gamers I have spoken to dislike this RPG.

    I would love to adopt this system to fantasy based roleplay.

    I already done the most of the conversion (I invented some classes and spells based on that system). I have access to all the mayor books and supplements of that System (TOP Secret/SI is the second edition of this RPG)

    Before I do more and more work, in particular adopt fantasy creatures to the Top Secret/SI System I would like to know
    whether there were some gamers which acutally had the same idea and had doing work on this already.

    I would love to get some material on that... We can share our and stuff...

    I already searched the internet but couldn't find anything useful regarding fantasy TOP Secret/SI.

    With my group I will play in the middle ages in the Walachei (Eastern Europe Rumania today) at the time Vlad Tepes (the figure Bram Stroker based his novell 'Dracula' upon) ruled this princedom.

    This part of Earth-History will be an exellent place to set fantasy creatures like Werwolfs, Vampires, Ghost and so on... (something like Ravenloft, which, in fact, is nothing more than a Rumania-Horror based setting, but I like to do the 'Real-Dance')

    I can imagine there will be not so many answers to my post due to the relativ unknown status of TOP Secret/SI as a RPG nowadays and maybe because the most of you will not be interested in the Thread anyway (And I can understand that very well. finally the Thread will do nothing to improve the development of the DND System or other heavily supported RPGs)

    but, well... I have to try...

    Thank you all for help

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    I don't have any Top Secret or Top Secret/SI materials but a store that I know of has some old stuff used. So, no, unfortunately I don't have any experience to relate on converting it yet, especially to a fantasy game.

    However, I was thinking of picking some stuff up to convert to Spycraft. Does anyone have any opinions on this? Are the missions any good? Would it be worth while?

    Eric, my apologies if I'm sliding you off track at all here.
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    Top Secret / SI Conversion

    I doubt that this post will even matter since I am YEARS after the initial post, but I have been a loyal Top Secret player/ Admin for almost 2 decades. Yes, I did convert my TSSI to a DnD setting and I really have to tell you...characters die...fast!! Goblins are no longer laughed at and even kobolds are taken deadly seriously. Spells had to be toned down to a very large degree. Now armor and shields were a god send to fighters who all of a sudden no longer minded the weight after being able to take a shot that would have killed them in leather.

    Do I still have all of the rules and conversions that I had worked out. Probably not. It was more than likely with my college stuff that got ruined with flood damage. I do still have a lot of it stuck in my head, so giving ideas and walking thru aspects should be pretty simple. I still run...actually, I'm the only person to run TSSI at Origins, so I'm REAL easy to find there.

    Like I said...I know this is an old post, so I'm not holding my breath on anything, but that is what I got.

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    Old post, indeed. 5 years later to the day! Do you still have the conversion notes? I'd like to take a look if I could (as I'm currently on a TS/SI and d% kick). Thank you.

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    I don't think I'd play D&D using it, but TS/SI has one of the best task resolution systems ever devised.

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