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    [icons] Unconventional Heroes. [OOC]


    WARNING: This game is not for the easily offended. It will contain bizarre situations, crude attempts at humor/satire/parody, super-hero/comic-book tropes, internet memes, and will be BadWrongFun.

    * * * * *

    ISSUE I: All New, All Different.

    Quote Originally Posted by USHA Press Release

    The United Super Hero Alliance is currently looking for a group of heroes (4 or 5 max) to form the backbone of their newly announced West Coast Expansion team. If you interested in joining America's premiere crime fighting organization, send your audition tape to [REDACTED].

    The top contenders will be given tickets to attend this years 10th Annual Powers-Xpo, at the LA Staple Center, where the finalized team will be announced during the USHA diner and reception.
    After sending it audition videos to the USHA website, a group of would be super heroes found themselves invited to a the 10th Annual Powers-Xpo's reception and dinner. Unknown to our heroes, a group of eco-terrorists led by the Cluster Duck and his partner, the "Zoo-Keeper" raided the convention and turned the assembled heroes into ducks using Duck-ification Carbines...

    After a lengthy investigation, and several battles, our heroes defeated the Zoo Keeper and the Cluster Duck's minions at the Los Angeles Coliseum where they planned to assassinate the Mayor of Los Angeles.

    With the assassination plat thwarted, our Heroes then headed towards Watts Towers and prevented the Cluster Duck from enacting his scheme to turn the populace of South-East into poultry....

    * * * * *

    * * * * *

    Here is some basic info about the game:

    The game takes place in an alternate universe where the supernatural/paranormal is known to exist.

    There are several well known subspecies of humans that exist on earth including Therians (humanoid felines, canines, etc who are the decedents of lycanthropes), Atlantians, and Morlocks . Traditional fantasy races routinely access earth through magical means.

    The setting uses a standard comic-book styled cosmology. This of course means that all pantheons exist, there are multiple dimensions and planes of existence, angels exist, and demons exist, and old ones, "oh my!"

    House Rules and information for Volume Two (MM3e)

    House Rules
    Character Creation
    --- Power Level 8, 120 pp with the lowest Modified effect cost being 1pp:2 ranks.
    --- Ability Scores: All ability scores above 7 must be enhanced.
    --- Powers: Max Regeneration 5. Max Immortality 10.
    --- Characters can not be "villains" although "anti-heroes" are ok.

    Sample Character

    “Now serving one steaming hot cup of justice!”

    NAME: Christina Morrison aka Crème Latte OCCUPATION: Barista, Crime fighter
    AFFILIATION: Imperial Valley Vanguard BASE: Salton City, California

    Christina Morrison is a young, petite, Caucasian woman with long blond hair, emerald green eyes, and a light tan. Christina is confident, energetic woman who is known for her upbeat, overtly optimistic personality, and her love of finely brewed coffee. As Crème Latte, Christina fights crime in a pink and light brown leather outfit styled after French culinary uniform.

    Christina Morrison was an average 19 year old Southern Californian girl who constantly dreams of earning enough money to leave the Imperial Valley and relocate to a more prosperous, coastal region, of the Golden State. Christina works as a full time Barista for Café-A-Latte, an upscale coffee house located in Salton City California. Christina’s life would have been completely bland and uneventful if it wasn’t for her deciding to visit he coworkers one eventful day.

    While Christina was visiting her coworkers, Café-A-Latte was robbed by members of the local mafia. Finding themselves trapped due to the arrival of a Salton City Police officer who was on break, the mafia members decided to take hostages. Among the hostages taken was Christina Morrison, who was kidnapped by the mafia as they fed, and was to be released to police authority only if the police allowed her kidnappers. However fearing that Christina would id them when released, her kidnappers decided to pour a deadly dose of radioactive chemicals into her latte-café-mocha-explosion as they approached the boarder. Unexpectedly, instead of quickly killing Christina, the chemicals fused with coffee’s caffeine molecules, giving Christina minor super powers.

    As a result of her ordeal, Christina decided that she had enough of the Russian Mob’s control over Salton City and that someone had to help protect the City’s cafés, coffee houses, and eating establishments from the mob’s rule.

    character Sheet
    ABILITIES: [28pp]
    STR: 0, STA: 1, AGL: 4, DEX: 2, FGT: 1, INT: 0, AWE: 2, PRE: 4

    Initiative + 8
    Espresso-matic Cannon +6 (Ranged [Diminished] Damage [Coffee] 6, other effects), Unarmed 3 (Close damage 0)

    DEFENSE: [16pp]
    Dodge 6, Parry 6, Fort 5, Tough 6 / 2 (Flatfooted, 1 without armor), Will 5

    SKILLS: [10pp]
    Acrobatics 1(+5), Close Combat: Melee 2 (+3), Expertise: Barista 5 (+5), Expertise: Popular Culture 2 (+2), Insight 2 (+4), Perception 3 (+5), Persuasion 1 (+5/10), Ranged Combat: Espresso-matic Cannon 2 (+6), Sleight of Hand 1 (+3), Vehicles 1 (+3)

    ADVANTAGES: [18pp]
    Agile Bluff, Attractive 2, Benefit: Wealth 1, Daze (Bluff), Defensive Roll 4, Equipment 3, Fascinate (Persuasion), Inspire 2, Move-by-Action, Quick Draw, Skill Mastery (Expertise: Barista)

    POWERS [18pp]
    Caffeinated Blood: Enhanced Trait 1 (Improved Initiative 1), Immunity 6 (Fatigue Effects, Need for Sleep), Quickness 5, Speed 1 [13pp]
    Espresso-matic Cannon: Array (4 points), Removable (-1 points)
    • Instant Brew: Create 4 (Coffee, Water; Extras: Innate, Permanent, Precise; Flaws: Proportional) [4pp]
    • Caffeinated Blast: Ranged Blast 6 (Coffee; Flaws: Diminished Range 2, Fades) [1pp]
    • Coffee Slick: Ranged Affliction 2 (Coffee; Resisted by Reflexes; Hindered, Prone, Incapacitated; Flaws: Instant Recovery) [1pp]

    EQUIPMENT 15 / 15 points
    Camera, Smart Phone, Restraints, Leather Coat
    SIZE: Medium; STR 1, SPD 6 (50 mph); DEF 0, TOUGH 6
    Features: Alarm, Navigation System

    Addiction: Crème Latte is addicted to coffee.
    Enemies: Salton City’s Russian Mafia.
    Motivation: Crème Latte is motivated by the desire for recognition and fame.
    Power Loss: Crème Latte must drink at least one 10oz caffeinated drink every 8 hours to gain access to her Caffeinated Blood Powers.
    TOTALS: Abilities 28 + Advantages 18 + Skills 10 + Powers 18 + Defenses 16 = 90pp

    House Rules for Volume One (ICONS)

    House Rules
    -Bonus effects/powers as "alternate power uses."
    ---example: Blast (Exploding)[Shooting] 5 can be used to create an exploding blast and a non explosive blast.
    -Hero Advancement.
    ---Levels: 1 pt. Starting Determination to increase Ability/Powers Levels.
    ---New Powers: 1pt. to gain a new level 1 power.
    ---Specialties: 1pt. Starting Determination to gain a new specialty or increase a specialty level.
    ---Stunts: 1 pt. Starting Determination to gain a stunt that was successfully attempted 10 times.
    -Possession merges by default (RAW as challenge)

    Character Creation Rules
    -Method 1: 45 pts. budget
    ---Additional power effects cost 1 pt. but still count as a power (for calculating determination)
    ---Character must start with at least 2 Qualities, 1 Challenge
    -Method II: Random Generation
    ---You may reroll the level on bonus powers ONLY if the level REALLY sucks
    -All characters must have at least 2 Qualities, 1 Challenge

    Rules Related Links:
    -ICONS random character generation. (Within this thread).
    -Determination (in this thread)

    Other Links:
    -The write up of eveyrone's powers (Within this thread)
    -ICONS Combat Crib sheet

    Game Related Threads.
    - Unconventional Heroes: Volume 1
    --- Guide to Earth.NRK.Zeta: Unconventional Heroes Vol.1 (Rogues Gallery 1)
    --- Unconventional Heroes. Issue 1: All-New, All-Different.
    --- Guide to Earth.NRK.Zeta: Unconventional Heroes Volume 2 (Rogues Gallery 2)
    --- Unconventional Heroes. Issue 2: ????
    --- Unconventional Heroes. Volume 2 [OOC]

    Other Links
    - Invisible Castle (If you do not want to use the ENWorld die roller)
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