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    Borric Hawkins, Male Human Fighter

    << In the Main Tavern Room >>

    Borric is feeling exceptionally arrogant in his new finely crafted field plate. The dwarf had something in his size, but it was colored black on purpose and the armorer worked in two molded, grotesque skulls to adorn the spaulders. The armor is almost hideous or intimidating depending on how you look at such things.

    Clanking in through the doorway of the tavern, he stows his new matching shield and the walking arsenal approaches the table Zelena has sat herself down at. However with only a few steps remaining, two obnoxious looking pot-bellied halflings with hair feet rudely step in front looking to cut him off and take the empty chairs.

    Borric grabs them both by the back of their collars, one in each hand, and yanks them backwards.

    "Just what do you two fooks think you are doing? This table is for real heroes."

    They both reply at once, in annoyingly squeaky voices, creating a stereo effect, "Hey ugly, mind your own business. We are heroes too, Morry and Poppin we be."

    Their grating voices do nothing to win over the brash fighter's demeanor and gives them both a good shake to shut them up. "More like thieving pick pockets. Looking at your stomachs, the only foes you can tackle are dishes of turkey pot pie."

    Borric glares at each in turn, unable to decide which one to drop kick first.

    Mini Stats
    Initiative: +4
    AC: 23 (21 without shield, 19 flat-footed, 13 Touch)
    HP: 33 Current: 33
    CMB: +6 CMD: 18 Fort: +5 Reflex: +3 Will: +2 (+3 vs. Fear)

    Current Weapon in Hand: Two halflings

    Borric Hawkins
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    Audra has a moment of imagining the side of her head shaved bare in one spot, considering her hair isn't exactly long to begin with. This thought is shoved aside for a moment as she watches the Gnome produce a number of things from various folds, pockets and such in his robe. Finally, the bowl catches a burn and the sweet aroma rises. Audra's eyes water a little, but she keeps her eyes focused on the deck of cards once the shuffling is done. She nods to the Gnome and watches as the card comes up. Her eyes go wide as she takes in the scene played out before her, her hair loss momentarily forgotten as the Gnome translates. Her eyes, however, begin to water, be it from the smoke from the bowl or another source it is difficult to tell, though one might could guess. She pauses a moment, leaning back in her chair and considering what she has seen and heard. Her reply is softly spoken, though her two companions at the table have little trouble hearing her.

    "No, good Gnome. It is not entirely what I wanted. But it is what I needed. The cards have at least confirmed he is alive. Once I return I will have to return to the Order and tell them what you have shown me. I can only hope he remains alive until then. Ten years lost is a long time."

    She lifts the mug and drains it, having left it about half full. She sets it back to the table slowly, softly. She turns her head to Megan.

    "I'm not bald on that side now, am I?"

    She turns her head to show the spot the Gnome had cut the hair from. Rather she is truly concerned about it or merely seeking to change the subject is up for discussion.

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    As the discussion turns to riding, Mr. Savi laughs, "You shall all be in good company with each other and my brother then. He doesn't much care for horses, always prefers to walk. Which suggests he expects this trip to be long enough and important enough to justify the extra speed that horses provide."

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    As the women chat, the Gnome rests silently in his chair. After a bit of time, he sits up, gathers his things on the table, and hops up out of the chair. Nodding to the pair, he bids them farewell: "It'sbeenfun, women." As he turns to go, he catches Audra's eyes one last time. With a rare steadiness and clarity, he adds, "I'm unsure of what you saw in the cards - they can show different things to different people - but one thing was clear: your brother lives in Venza."

    With that potential bombshell dropped, he turns to leave.

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    Zelena sighs she turns and stands, hands on her hips and looks at the warrior and says with a bit of anger in her voice, "Borrick. Put... them... down! You will not hurt them for wanting a chair or two. One day, your actions are going to get arrested or worse."

    She waits for the man to put the halflings down before she will take her seat again.

    ((Sounds like a good idea for a Mod... Borric gets arrested for something he did not do... or maybe he did! ))

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    Megan watches as the gnome leaves. What a strange little fellow. I wonder if I'll see him again.

    To Audra, taking her hand, "Hair will grow back, my friend, but adventure will not wait for us! Let's go to the backroom to see what is happening."

    OOC: A lot sure has happened over the weekend. I hate being unsubscribed from this thread randomly and come back to find 2 pages of new posts. Sunshadow, hope I didn't lose my spot in your adventure.

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    OOC: Megan still has her spot. I've found another adventure that is simply awaiting approval for the latest comers.

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    <<In the Back Room>>

    "I see we have gotten a few extra comrades. Name's Megan," says the half elf, extending her hand to the newcomer, "I'll watch your back if ya watch mine..."

    "And this here's Audra Frost. She was getting a reading from the most particular gnome. The gnome's gone, but I invited her to come along. I have her up to date with what Mr. Savi has told me when I left. Is there anything new?"

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    After the usual look over of the new comer, "And what skills do you bring to the table, Miss Frost? And speaking of tables, help yourself to whatever food and drinks are left."

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    Audra takes a deep breath after watching the Gnome go.

    "I have the feeling that I will indeed see him again. If he knows where Alecks is, I will find him if I have to search all of Bayanmaliit on my hands an knees."

    This she shakes off as Megan draws her back to the matter that brought her here in the first place. She stands, pulling her cloak about her as if taken by a sudden chill.

    "Let us see what the Savi Brothers have in store."

    Was that a joke? She doesn't crack a smile, but crooks an eyebrow and nods to Megan that she will follow. Which she does, into a back room with an assortment of...well...an assortment. She is relieved to hear herself introduced, so she can take in the assembly before her. She gives a curt, polite bow and otherwise seems content to listen and watch, trying to figure out who all of these strangers are.

    <<In A Back Room>>

    She eyes the man who speaks, motioning to the remnants of a feast that must have been similar to the one that marched past her headed this way earlier. Then the food had smelled so good. After what she has just been through, she shakes her head slowly, twice.

    "Thank you for the kind offer, but at the moment I am not very hungry. My name is Audra Frost. I am a student to Master Hallaran the Hearer of the Order of the Silverfish. I have trained with him and the Order for a full ten years now and must seek adventure to prove myself worthy of full membership to the Order. I am trained in a variety of methods of unarmed combat, armed combat and rudimentary healing. I am to hone my skills, prove myself trained and ready and conduct myself in a manner appropriate to the Order of the Silverfish. I assume, sir, that you are Mr. Savi?"

    OOC: I am working on a couple of Monk orders, have them in the hands of good people to look over and give feedback. Currently the most available details are in Audra's bio on the Wiki.

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