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    Upon hearing the commotion Thiera looks up from where she is cooing at her new bow. She takes inventory of the situation and considers getting up and heading to where the action is and seeing if she can't introduce herself. She makes as if to rise out of her seat, then sits back down, apparently pondering how to approach this dreadfully confusing social interaction business.


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    The barbarian suddenly stops, fascinated by the intricate patterns of wood grain in the planks of the floor. Seeing his captor's distraction, the toad manages to struggle out of his captors grip and makes a desperate bid for freedom. In the few seconds it takes Daylily to realize that his hands are empty, the toad slips through the crack under the door and out into the sunlight.

    "What is the...?" he starts to say, then charges outside after it, almost knocking the door off its hinges. A minute passes in silence, but he doesn't seem to be returning. A few of the customers breathe sighs of relief.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Systole View Post
    "What is the...?" he starts to say, then charges outside after it, almost knocking the door off its hinges. A minute passes in silence, but he doesn't seem to be returning. A few of the customers breathe sighs of relief.
    A human with hair the color offlames watches with relief at the now missing toad sucker

    "Ist goot fur fresh air finally."
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    Recruiting for Guard Duty

    Amid the bustle of the common room, a couple of well dressed men in naval uniforms enter the Inn, look around, nod at each other, walk up to the bar where they talk with Grog for a minute, and after handing him a flyer to post, head back to one of the back rooms. When things in the room seem to reach a quiet point, Grog yells out, "Oye, got a potential job for all you greenhorns in room 3. Check the posted notice for details." Those who go over to read the notice discover the following, "The Venzan Navy is looking for volunteers to aid them in securing the coastline from the scourge of pirates. Officers are standing by to interview interested parties."

    Guard Duty recruitment
    Now recruiting 4-5 1st level characters. New players and 0 xp characters get first crack. PM me if interested so I can keep track of it without having easier.

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    Maui pushes his way back in the door as the toad gallops past his legs towards freedom. His face splits into a smile and he strides towards Daylily. Slapping him vigorously on the back he coos: "Ahh, Demon Hunter! You have listened to te whisper of your quiet voice! You have set te poison toad free! And so you set yourself free! Te spirits smile upon you!"

    Edit: (Having read Daylily's post properly): But Maui's congratulations seem lost and premature as the barbarian bolts out after the toad.

    "Ahgh! Never minding."
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    Cythera e'Kiernan, Bronze Dragon Disciple

    Cythera spent a pleasant morning shopping and eating at a cafe for lunch. After returning to pick up her final items, she returns to her apartment to stow most of her arsenal. Beneath a gray tabard, trimmed with crimson, there is the shining glint of mithral of her finely crafted breastplate as is her custom. On her head is the jaunty felt hat of crimson with a white feather.

    The bronze dragon disciple is a tall woman, appearing to be slender due to her height. She enters the favorite adventurer's hangout in Venza. She has a martial look about her, accentuated by her muscular build and few finely crafted weapons about her.

    A exceptionally well-crafted glaive is in her hands, carried, but not brandished in a threatening manner. The weapon appears to be quite natural in her hands and she deftly navigates through the crowd. There is also her dueling greatsword across her back, the hilt within easy reach over her right shoulder.

    She is an attractive woman, with red hair tied in a pony tail with a white lace ribbon, about halfway down her back. Her blue-gray eyes are cold and hard, a lot like the reality of the world. By looking at her, one can see she is not playing at being an adventurer. Her muscles are very toned from rigorous martial training and exercise, yet she retains a decently curved figure.

    At the bar she nods a greeting to the half-orc and asks, "A bottle of fine wine, if you please."

    Grog grunts and pockets the extra gold she gave him for a tip. He brings her a dusty bottle from the back, properly aged to perfection.

    His gravel sounding grumble of a voice is deep, "Ya look like ya bin doin' gud. I hard ya had a fookin' gud pahty last nite."

    Cythera pours herself a goblet full and chills it with a minor cantrip.

    "Indeed. There was some decent enough dancing."

    His guffaw is loud, "Har Har! I har ya. Dat poofda was trippin' all ova da place. Gud on ya, lass."

    As Grog moves along to attend other customers, she leans casually against the bar and surveys the crowd, with her glaive leaning beside her. Cythera sees one or two lesser experienced people that she has seen before and takes note that they appear to have gained some seasoning recently.

    Mini Stats
    Initiative: +8
    AC: 24 (21 flat-footed, 15 Touch)
    HP: 65 Current: 65
    CMB: +10 CMD: 25 (26 vs. Sundering) Fort: +7 Reflex: +9 Will: +7
    Conditions in Effect: Arcane Strike (+1 dmg), Power Attack (-2 Att/+6 dmg), Furious Focus (no penalty for 1st PA), Overhand Chop

    Current Weapon in Hand: Wine goblet
    Chakram: 8/8 Claws: 5/5 rounds remaining

    Battle Dance: 14/14 Rounds Remaining
    Spells Remaining: Cantrips: (Read Magic, Detect Magic, Resistance, Light, Prestidigitation, Mending)
    1st Level 4/4 (Cure Light Wounds, Timely Inspiration, Grease(DC13), Vanish)

    Cythera e'Kiernan
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    The entrance of the naval men distracts Thiera from the commotion surrounding the rancid elf and his departure. She sees them post a notice and head off to a back room. Upon hearing Grog's announcement, she gets up out of her chair and moves to read the flyer.

    Thiera's eyes light as she scans the page. This is just the opportunity she was looking for to break up the boredom following the excitement (and stench) of her last job and now that the novelty of sleeping in the same place has started to wear off. She strides toward the room that the officers claimed, but hesitates just outside the door before taking a deep breath and stepping in.

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    Marcus - Half Elf Ranger (2)

    As the discussion about the Toad carries on and gets louder, Marcus looks up from the journal he has. He sets it down and grabs his bowl of stew, taking a bite and watching. He gives a silent cheer when the toad slips through the door and out into the Venzan air. So it is he is smiling and his eyes are on the door when the two naval officers enter. He watches them with casual interest and watches as they head to the back and people make their way toward the board to look over whatever was just posted. He scans the room again, his eyes returning to the door expecting the Toad-abuser to return. However as the seconds tick by, the smile on his face broadens.

    Sweet freedom.

    He mumbles under his breath before taking another bite of stew and leaning back, smiling.
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    "Oh, thank whichever god managed to get me out of that one," he whispers, watching as Daylily bolts out the door. Rhydius sighs audibly, and his relief is plainly visible on his face.

    When the uniformed men enter the room he watches them as they approach and speak with Grog. After Grog makes the announcement Rhydius turns to Fae'shiel. "Excuse me for a moment," he says before going over to look at the notice.

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    Nodding to Rhydius fully aware of his desire for a job, she says "I will accompany you as I too am in need of some work." she says as the two of them make their way over to the notice.
    Fae'shiel Aeros, Level 5 || Tonris, Level 6

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