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    [Tavern Thread] The Dunn Wright Inn

    This is the official Living Pathfinder Tavern Thread, for the Social Group "Living Pathfinder". This is the RP area while we get the actual setting going, so interactions aplenty if you please. OOC comments in Sblocks, and questions or anything else should be posted to the social group.

    All posters should go joing the Living Pathfinder Social Group. Please join us there, make up a character according to the rules, and help us form the setting so everyone can enjoy it. There is where we'll take adventure proposals, setting proposals, and we'll list approved characters as well. (stay tuned)

    We are currently looking for GMs to propose and run adventures, so post on the board if you've got an adventure to run, and we'll direct you where to go to show us the actual adventure. Same thing with characters.

    Otherwise, let's get underway with some RP!

    Communal NPCs

    If you wish to RP in the tavern and your characters are out adventuring, you may do so with an NPC. Generally this should be to welcome new characters and provide someone to interact with during slow periods, etc. You may create your own NPC, generally either a patron or a staff member or use one of the communal NPCs provided below.


    Role: Barmaid
    Personality: Marla is friendly, but assertive, she does not take rudeness lightly and gives as good as she gets. She is very guarded, and self conscious about her fiendish heritage with a habit of unconsciously pulling her hair up to cover her small horns.
    Speech Color: Red unless a PC is currently using it.

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