D&D 4th Edition KenHood: Resignation

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    KenHood: Resignation

    Howdy Folks,

    It's time for me to say goodbye to L4E. My apologies to my players and DM's. Thanks for all the fun times.



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    Sorry to see you go Ken. Good Luck with things

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    I knew you scarcely at all, but it's certainly a disappointment that Kasha won't get to freak Tonk out in the tavern ever again.

    So long and good luck.

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    Someday, your kid or or the kid if someone you know will ask you, "What's Dungeons & Dragons?" and it'll start all over again. You just watch.

    For now though, let me just say that it's been an honor to have played the game with you. Few of us here have the creative imagination you've displayed.

    You've been an inspiration to us all.
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    It is indeed a huge loss to L4W. Dextyr will miss his punch-brother. All the best and hopefully one day we'll see you back.

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    I'll never forget the time when Hacker punched the unsuspecting nobel in the groin. It still cracks me up.

    I don't have time now but I'll find it. It is a must read.

    The creative posts will be missed. Good luck to you KenHood.
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    Yeah, he wasn't even in that adventure but he still made his mark.

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    Wish you all the best, Ken. It's been fun.
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    Could we... could we get at least a victory paragraph for sticking with TURTLEDOME! through the various battles and shinanigans (as devised by you)?

    (insert sad hobbit child face crying a single tear)
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    Good luck, Ken, and thanks for all the fun.
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