D&D 4th Edition Even Newer(er) Tavern Thread: The Hanged Man

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    Even Newer(er) Tavern Thread: The Hanged Man

    The Hanged Man Inn is notorious for attracting adventurers from all over the world, and many a tale told starts with an anxious employer entering the rowdy common room of that establishment. The best known inn in town it has not one but two "authentic Old Vic skins" decorating its walls.

    The Hanged Man Inn contains a portal to the Drowned Man, a tavern on Bacarte. It functions much the same way save that the Hanged Man charges significantly more for the three drinks required to get through the portal reliably.

    It is common practice for those that visit the Hanged Man to introduce themselves, even if it is not their true name. The bouncers like to know the name of who they may have to rough up later.

    The debauchery, gluttony, camaraderie, butchery, reverie, litany, continues....

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    I think we should included in the description all the trophies the PCs have hung here in the description, me thinks. Here or on the wiki.
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    That would be good. I don't have time to look back over the threads, but I believe that the Crimelord crew brought back a Black Dragon Wyrmling's head

    If anyone wants to post with what they've killed/hung up, I can update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voda Vosa View Post
    Either the warforged didn't wanted to pay for an un-requested service, or didn't know what were crowns. "Of those I have none." he states, his head looks down at the woman's hand, making a "griiiik" noise as it went, and stayed there, staring at it blankly.
    Auntie Mab frowns momentarily withdrawing her expectant hand, but then re-plasters her saccharine smile back on. "Well, that's alright dearie. This one's on the house. But be sure to come back and see Auntie Mab for all your fortune-telling, soothsaying, and prestidigatory needs!," she says in her best business-bolstering tone of voice. Then, somewhat more glumly, "Sure could use the money what with my poor neffy Yenros and all his hospital bills."

    She sips her tea disconsolately, and absent-mindedly pets the rat, who graciously and stoically puts up with this unsolicited, nervous affection.
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    "Aye, I've asked t'earth 'bout the symbol. It kin only tell me so much. It got me this far, but it canna help me go no further. I be thinkin' if I get close on somet'in' maybe it be able to give more uf a nudge. This symbol was branded on the orcs that kill'd m'family," she answered the warforged.

    At the last sentence you can see a deep sadness cross over her face and tears almost begin to flow as she continues. "They kill'd my man and my boy. They kill'd many fine warriors and other childr'n."

    Now her voice and her face change. A hard rage sets in to replace the sadness. "I'll make 'em pay fer it. Pay fer it hard. I just gots t'find 'em first and then they'll wish they niv'r saw m'mountain ner heard of it."

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    there are a young red dragon head/skull that the crew from the god forge had killed and stuffed, hanging high on the wall behind the bar disk

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    The warforged looks at the woman. A few times has he saw any lliving creature in such state. His eyeless face tilts to one side. "Orcs are strong creatures. I've faced them more than once. But they are as well superstitious, most of them flee when I terminated the first one. But they act with a purpose. They destroyed your making for a reason. Why?" the rock creature asks, there is no condescending in his words, no feelings, nor empathy. There's just his voice, plain like the stone.
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    "That I don' know," she answers grimly. "Why do any creature slaughter childr'n? They came from a ways away t'do it, so I 'spect ther's sometin' or somum else b'hind it."

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    Seeing the sadness etched on the dwarf's face, Auntie Mab puts an arm around her shoulders bracingly. "There, there dearie. My, what a ghastly story!," she says after listening sympathetically to Rysethynn's tale. Tristram also shows his sympathy, patting one of the dwarf's fingers with his tiny forepaw.

    "You know, we have something in common, you and I. My sister's family fell victim to that dreadful undead attack on East Daunton a few months back. Poor Therella! Such a good sister. Always looked out for poor Old Mabbeth, she did. Had me over for dinner nearly every Sunday. A good cook she was too," says Auntie Mab her voice full of nostalgia.

    "Not sure what stirred the fell things up to attack the city, but they took Therella, her husband, and her poor little baby daughter. I can't go out looking for revenge though see, because I've got bigger fish to fry. The beasts left my nephew Yenros alive, but he's gone into a coma. Now my poor neffy's down at the magical afflictions ward at St. Jeronel's, and it's all I can do to keep up with his hospital bills."

    "That's why I've taken up adventuring you see!,"
    Auntie Mab declares with a touch of bravado, though the shaking of her hand holding her teacup betrays an edge of nervousness as well, "I've got to find a cure for little Yenros."

    "You know dearie,"
    she says after a pause, "I detect the hand of fate in all of this. For Auntie Mab is very wise in the ways of destiny! I'm sure we were meant to go adventuring together, what with you trying to avenge your family and me trying to help what's left of mine. What do you think Tristram? Shall we lend this brave dwarf a hand with our great arcane and divinatory powers?"

    *Meep,* says the rat, nodding in hesitant affirmation, noting the dwarf's stout and muscular build and thinking that she could certainly provide himself and his elderly mistress with some much needed protection in their incipient adventuring career.
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    Rysethynn bestows a kind smile on Mab and Tristram. "Thank ye both. I'm very sorry to hear 'bout yer famly an' nephew. I didna know 'bout undead attacks 'round 'ere. Foul beasts undead. If'n we kin hunt revenge and cure at t'same time, then that be as noble a cause as I know."

    She raises her mug in salute, drains it dry, and motions to the barkeep that she'd like another.

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