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    Still facing Alkas, Castile turns her head to Tlacamatli and beams a smile. "Great games, a royal wedding, and honor to be won? How can I say no to that?" She then turns back to Alkas. "Well then cousin! I'm coming with you, so it looks like we'll be famous together."

    Good point, mewness. Castile will speak Magari since it's the language spoken at home.
    "I'll be glad to have you at my side, ain't, I mean nothing like a dwarf in a scrap. The chance for fame and honor could be a boon for me, perhaps if we win these games I can see my dear Lily again..." he says with a far off look in his eyes and a faint smile on his lips.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Neurotic View Post

    "Rocco Shadowlost, slayer of devils, looking for some more fun! Ah, Max, you're already here. I thought I'd be the first back."
    Hey hey Rocco! The warlord shouts to the waitress again. Two more ales lass and some...err...tree sap?...no that's not right...uh...get Nementah whatever she wants! She's had my back many times already. I can tell you that.
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    OOC: wow, getting crowded. Renau1g time for a tavern census? What adventures are pending
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    The bartender looks up from wiping down the counter and his eyes are wide at the sight of all the patrons, apparently he was so preoccupied with his cleaning he missed them all come in. He begins tallying up their numbers...


    Well, twilsemail does a great job here: http://www.enworld.org/forum/living-...n-patrons.html

    Center of Attention (about to head out on Mewness' adventure)
    Alkas Glanrak (Cleverusername) - Dwarf Warden 1
    Castile (Dekana) - Dwarf Fighter 1
    H L (BenBrown) - Fox Spirit Bard 1
    Noriaki (Pentius)* - Human Barbarian 1
    Takahaan(Gromkill) - Dragonborn Warlord 1
    The Dartmoor Irregulars (twilsemail) - Piskie Swarm (druid) 1

    Just taken for BenBrown's adventure:
    Tyris (VanderLegion)* - Shade Assassin 1

    That leaves:

    Corvus Raine (cleverusername)* - Human Warlord 2
    Johnathan Granville (nerdytenor) - Human Seeker 5
    Maroohk (jsb420)* - Half-Orc Assassin|Monk 1
    Myrodis Epsion (Eternal54) - Human Wizard 1
    Zaemar (the truthseeker)* - Shadar Kai Swordmage 1 <- last post was May 15th
    Devinihm (jkason) - Wilden Druid 4

    Just a Table:
    Auntie Mab (pacdidj) - Human Rogue 6
    Illarion Meriele (neurotic) - Changeling Sorcerer 3
    Raijin (johnmeier1) - "Human" Sorcerer 6

    Sitting by himself:
    Sigarr, son of Sigdan (renau1g) - Half-Giant (Goliath) Barbarian 10 (destined for the Path of Light sequel)

    Just entered:
    Max (dimsdale) - Human Warlord 8
    Rocco (Neurotic) - Dwarf Fighter 6 (@Neurotic - just a note either Rocco or Illarion has to wait outside, one can only have one PC in the tavern at a time, @Cleverusername - same for you, although I see you're leaving shortly)
    Nementah (MetaVoid) - Wilden Shaman 6 (I think?)

    Likely soon to enter:
    Dante (Iron Sky) - Human Ranger 7
    Haruka (TwoHeadsBarking) - Human Warlock 9 (I think?)

    So, yeah a full house. A whole mess of mid-high heroic PC's available...

    After the PCs leaving for adventure we have:

    Controller: 3 (Devinihm, Jonathan, Myrodis)
    Defender: 2 (Zaemar, Rocco)
    Leader: 3 (Corvus, Max, Nementah)
    Striker: 7 (Auntie Mab, Illarion, Maroohk, Raijin, Dante, Haruka, Sigarr)

    Total PC's 15. Uh, any DM's want to run adventures? There are currently no other pending adventures...
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    OOC: Sound of Stone, my Level 3 thri kreen monk is here too.

    The thri-kreen realizes that he has not introduced himself to the newer patrons. "My name is Sound of Stone. I hunt for my lost clutchmates."
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    OOC: Kamotz entered recently as well, level 4 longtooth shifter, Cleric|Paladin.

    Dismounting with a clatter, shield falling to the floor, Kamotz looks at the dire wolf sternly, Sit. and with that the beast lays down. Good enough... Kamotz sits close to the wolf, fidgeting with the new riding boots he'd bought from the caravan.

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    Tlacamatli rises and nods politely to the bartender and other occupants of the tavern. Slinging his macuahuitl over his shoulder again, he leads his recruits outside.

    Character list: Alkas, Castile, the Dartmoor Irregulars, H L, Noriaki, and Takahaan.

    The adventure thread is here.
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    H L follows Tlacamatli to the door, turns around to face the tavern, taps once on her drum, bows deeply, and backs out, before turning to follow again.
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    Captain Dartmoor smiles and bows to the dwarf when asked about keeping his men in line. "Of course we know how to behave in polite society. They may need a few reminders between here and there, but rest assured. They'll get them."

    As the others begin to filter out, so too do the Irregulars. "Onward! To adventure!" the Captain cries and his men let out a loud, if high-pitched, cheer and charge out the door and down to the docks. Their table is ashambles and thoroughly saturated with gravy from their roast.

    Johnathan Michael William Fred Fitzpatrick hops onto the table and bows to his new acquaintences. "It looks like I must go. It has been a pleasure meeting you all." He takes Mab's Hand and kisses it lightly, "Especially you, madam." With that he runs off to join his fellows.

    OOC: The Tavern Patrons thread should be up to date now. I apologise for missing Sound-of-Stone. I swear I remember adding him on Friday.
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    Devinihm, wilden druid

    Quote Originally Posted by BenBrown View Post
    Suddenly, there is a flare of residual magical energy, and before he can react, what seems to be a hole in the air opens up, and sucks Tyris in. The hole then closes, leaving no evidence that it was there.
    Devinihm's eyes widen and he touches the talisman that re-summons his armor as a bar patron is sucked through a portal, but as no one else seems to find this odd, he allows the armor to return to its extra-dimensional space for his own comfort as he notices some of his recent companions. He quickly crosses to them.

    "Auntiemab, did you see?" he whispers with an edge of worry. "Another man dragged out of the tavern. And by a portal. Are we certain we stopped the bazzlebaums? Could one still be stalking the city?"

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