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    "Oh my Devinihm and Illarion, dearies," Auntie Mab pipes up, "If you two go out on adventure, it'll just be me and Raijin all by ourselves here. And what'll you two do without Auntie to look after you? I'd love to come with you, but um, Tristram doesn't seem to have fully recovered from his last sea voyage," she says unconvincingly, motioning toward the snoring rodent curled up on her shoulder, and rubbing the angry black scars on the side of her neck--all too recent reminders of the perils of adventuring.

    "Still, I suppose we'll make do. Won't we Raijin dearie?," she says with a saccharine smile, patting the sorcerer's arm. "Oh, and if you two do head out, keep an eye out for Earth, would you? Poor lonely scrumgrum, all by himself in a cruel and callous world. He's probably lost and frightened."

    Just putting in a reminder that Auntie Mab - Human Rogue 7 is still hanging about the tavern.

    @johnmeier1 - looks like the old team may be dissolving, and Auntie Mab's wearing Raijin's patience thin. Any room for the old lady in your upcoming addy?

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    Raijin seems very uncomfortable at Auntie Mab's suggestions and shrugs off her contact on his arm. He stands and shivers slightly before announcing to no one in particular

    I have to investigate whether my staff may be enhanced by one of the enchanters in the city.

    He stalks out of the Tavern.

    OOC: Sure, there is room for Auntie Mab. I think there are a number of other higher level characters in the room (not Raijin obviously) though I am not sure if they are spoken for on continuing adventures like renau1g's half-giant

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    Devinihm, wilden druid

    The leaves of the wilden's cloak actually appear to wilt a bit.

    "You have been a wonderful guide since I left the mangroves," Devinihm says. "I would never have learned of bazzlebaums but for you. I would miss you as I miss my kin if I travel on this quest..." the wilden is clearly conflicted about his decision.

    I thought about sticking around and waiting for a higher-level adventure, especially since Auntie Mab is one of the most entertaining characters in the various games I play. But with DM credits (which I'm likely to never have; I still feel only barely competent to keep track of the rules that specifically pertain to Devinihm, let alone generating NPCs and juggling a party) and the like, she's 3 levels ahead of him now, so I thought it might be better if he split off for a lower-level adventure.

    Then again, SR hasn't picked anyone yet, so he may be around either way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HealingAura View Post
    A young woman opens the door.

    My name is Cynthia. I have been told that this tavern is a good place to hear about the local rumors.
    OOC: Your character must by my character Phoenix's long-lost twin sister.

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    OOC: I have a level 7 Dragonborn Fighter-Tempest (multi-attacker/marker) coming into the tavern as soon as I finish his character sheet (should be soon) if anyone has any openings in an adventure

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    Watching the dialog take place between the lass and the one that stormed out of the tavern, Max smiles and states Rocco: Watch this. Motioning to the waitress for another round of ales and receiving them, he places one of them on his shield and flings it towards the the woman. The shield stops just short of hitting her, but the drink continues its forward momentum, sliding off the shield and landing harmlessly on the nearby table. The shield returns to the warlord's hand. Hey lady...have a drink, I'm buying...we're looking for work as well. Why not come over here and join us!

    ooc: Max: Level 8 Bravura Warlord


    If your recruits end up being lvl 6-8, max would love to join as well. However, I toltally understand if you'd be interested in looking for others just starting out
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    The door swings open again and... a lizard the size of a small bear shuffles in. It has mottled black skin traced with yellow runes and emitting a swirling black smoke from its back. It looks around with burning yellow eyes, then coughs out black oily smoke that splashes onto the ground. Suddenly the whole tavern smells like brimstone. So strange is the creature's appearance that it takes a moment before anyone realizes it has a boot in its mouth.

    It shuffles over towards the fireplace, bumping chairs and table legs, causing grumbling patrons to grab their drinks and look down in annoyance. When it reaches the fireplace, it snorts and plops down, chewing on its boot with blissful contentment.

    A minute later, a slender man steps in, dressed in a full gray shinobi shozoku that looks to be freshly tailored. A long chain winds around his body, ending in a strange leather sleeve on his back.

    He looks around, adjusts his mask, then begins walking around looking under tables and asking people softly if they have seen a "devil lizard" anywhere.

    OOC: Dante, level 8 Melee/Ranged Beastmaster Ranger ready to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnmeier1 View Post

    Adventure Summary

    The Earl of Jehosh and his estates are entering a desperate time in
    history of the family. Once a small yet prosperous holding north of
    Daunton, the surrounding farms have been plagued by worse and worse
    seasons as well as banditry. He has come to the city for supplies
    with his man-at-arms Randall but they need guards to escort the more
    obvious bounty through the troubled lands to their keep. If the
    bandits are confronted and defeated there would be additional

    This is a short adventure of four encounters and skill challenges for 4-6 PCs. Any level will work (but it is advantageous there is no disparity of more than 3 levels apart between any PCs)
    I can offer up my Level 7 Paladin if he fits

    Skalisss, entertained by Max's returning shield trick, moves over for a closer look.

    "Looking for work ssshield thrower? Well I'll drink to that. Although the Lady may have not been impressed..."

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    Hark! Adventurers in yon tavern! Let thy disheartened spirits be soothed! For Draglin of Draconia is here, ready to save the day! shouts a young dragonborn with icy-blue scales, waltzing through the door of the tavern.

    Fear not fair damsels! For thine savior is here. Let you not be troubled any longer by blackguards of the night. For I sayist to thee, I shall slay them, and make the land safe for thee
    he says, walking over and kissing a barmaid on the hand.

    Yon adventurers!
    he says to the room at large. I desire questing! Forsooth! Has any of thee heard of noble deeds and valiant adventures to be had in these parts?

    OOC: Draglin level 7 Tempest Fighter interested in joining your adventure johnmeier1

    He is built for multi-attacks and multi-marking,I retired Alnar to make him.

    Edit:I have two other characters in adventures, so I would gladly step aside for others with no characters in any adventures.
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    OOC: I have Rocco, tempest fighter 6, but since Illarion is active I totally understand if you don't take him. Also needs leveling up on the wiki...

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