D&D 4th Edition Even Newer(er) Tavern Thread: The Hanged Man - Page 160

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    Quote Originally Posted by Son of Meepo View Post
    I think he was looking at the tavern patrons thread, and only saw the two level 1 paladins. Our team keeps losing its defender. We're a pretty balanced party otherwise (1 controller, 1.5 strikers, 1.5 leaders).
    Ironheart's on that page too, though...


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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeNotCharles View Post
    Ironheart's on that page too, though...
    This is what I see. No mention of Ironheart.

    At the Bar:
    Artemis Harks (FourMonos) - Human Hexblade 4
    Brenwar (Rapida) - Human Paladin 7
    Corragan (Medina) - Elf Druid 1
    Dina (Son of Meepo) - Deva Artificer|Warlord 1
    Dirge(Don Incognito) - Revenant Assassin|Battlemind 1
    Earth (Voda Vosa) - Warforged Warden 8
    Gil (CaBaNa) - Human Artificer|Wizard 4
    Joy (pathfinderq1) - Human Ardent|Bard 5
    Maroohk (jsb420) - Half-Orc Assassin|Monk 1
    Martelai (Neurotic) - Half-Elf Warlock 6
    Nikolai (TardiS) - Human Paladin 1
    Runt (twilsemail) - Human Fighter 3
    Shale (Someone) - Shardmind Psion 5
    Silver Starling (covaithe) - Human Sorcerer 6
    Zerin Kolus (DalkonCledwin) - Longtooth Shifter Paladin 1

    Just a Table:
    Haruka Sato(TwoHeadsBarking) - Human Warlock 10

    Table in a Shadowy Corner:

    Table by the Fire:

    Table in a Shadowy Corner by the Fire:

    Waiting in the Wings:

    Garnuk(garnuk) - Half-Orc Binder 1

    Role Call:
    Controller: 4 (Corragan, Gil, Runt, Shale)
    Defender: 3 (Brenwar, Earth, Zerin)
    Leader: 2 (Dina, Joy)
    Striker: 5 (Artemis, Dirge, Haruka, Maroohk, Silver Starling)

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    OOC: Earth have vanished with many of the other who were there a few moments earlier.
    Jarel-karn - Genasi Swordmage 12 [L4W]
    Gloom - Longtooth Shifter Paladin 11 [L4W]
    Eloan - Eladrin Warlord 7 [L4W]
    River - Longtooth Shifter Cleric 11 [LEB]
    Malehan - Elf Avenger 8 [LEB]
    Valeria - Human Witch 1

    "Experience is that great thing that allow you to see a mistake when you do it again."

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    OOC: also missing: Gil, Artemis, Brenwar, Joy, Martelai and Shale.

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    OOC: And Corragan and Dina.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faraque View Post
    OOC: And Corragan and Dina.
    OOC: Lilli is sat at a table too.
    Last edited by Neil1889; Sunday, 23rd October, 2011 at 07:27 PM. Reason: Not quite so drunk...

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    That post hasn't been edited since Sept 12. Way out of date. Check the last few pages of the thread and you'll see people posting their availability that haven't been added to the first page.

    That's the problem with one-stop registries of who's available. They always go out of date. We used to have a couple of different wiki pages, organized in different ways, now a thread that a single person was updating the first page of. Can't trust any of 'em. Even if somebody is really diligent at curating them, you'll get people who post that their available and then are never heard from again - how long do you wait before removing them from the summary page? The only real way to tell who's available is to ask.

    (Which you did, so that's good. I was just confused by the way you phrased it.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeNotCharles View Post
    That's the problem with one-stop registries of who's available.
    OOC: Especially when the person running the registry went AWOL a month ago.

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    A tired looking dwarf wonders into the hanged man, looks around for friendly faces, Barkeep! I think I need an ale after that messy trip. Put it on my, Fredrock's, Tab he says as he wonders over to a table



    - Male Dwarf Battlemind, level 7
    Passive Perception: +17, Passive Insight: +22 Senses: Low-Light
    Init +2, Speed:5
    AC:23, Fort:19, Reflex:19, Will:23
    HP 70/70, Bloodied:35, Surge Value:18, Surges left:13/13
    Action Points: 1/1, Power points 6/6
    Blurred Step link
    Battlemind Demand link
    Mind Spike link
    Lightning Rush link
    Iron Fist link
    Mist Weapon link
    Second Wind link
    Battle Resilience link
    Telepathic Challenge link
    Psionic Ambush link
    Aspect of Elevated Harmony link
    Beckoning Strike link
    Beckoning Strike attack

    Item powers
    Dwarven Scale armor link
    Manifestor Weapon link

    MBA +12 vs AC, 1d10+8 (brutal 2)
    RBA +2 vs AC, 1d4-1 (improvised..would have to pick up a rock or something)
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeNotCharles View Post
    A broad grin cracks Ironheart's bark as he recognizes Haruka. "The fiery one! I remember you! It is a pleasure to see you again. It feels to me like it's been an age - but time here passes differently. Maybe it was only a day? I've been to distant lands and back in that time, so it must have been an age since we last met."
    Ironheart continues... "In that time I have been to the far side of the world and back. I heard rumours that a new island had replaced the plant realm of Kythira, and so I found 'passage' on a 'ship' to find out what had happened. It was a most strange experience, to be conveyed by a platform of dead wood over a living sea. But I reached the new land with no great hardships.

    I didn't find the answers that I sought there, so I decided to return here. The ship that bore me back must have angered the sea spirits somehow, for it was attacked by a storm. I found myself adrift in one of the ship's boats. After that... the adventures I had before I got back here are quite a tale."


    Ironheart is now in Desolation Island and not available to adventure. Rather than have him leave again, I'm retconning in that it happened before he last came into the tavern. It's not like time is consistent at all here anyway.

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